Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 2: Write about the meaning behind your blog name

This one is easy, but not super interesting. I was so tired of TALKING about blogging instead of JUST DOING IT, that I didn’t necessarily spend a lot of time thinking of a catchy name or my blog’s “story” or whatever (shhhh, don’t tell Anna Viele). Stuff like that is what kept me from blogging for years.

Diniwilks is my name for our family. When Justin and I got married, I was a few days shy of turning 30. Thirty years with a last name you LOVE is a long time, not to mention the four years I spent making a name for myself at The Office. I kept my last name, which is Dini-something. Justin, Adriana, and Kid B are all Wilk-somethings. And, because we are dorks, it was decided that Leo, my cat since 2001, is a Dini, and Mohinder, Justin’s Valentine’s Day present to me in…2008(?) is a Wilk. I am forever referring to us collectively as the Diniwilks, and our house as la casa Diniwilk.

Oh and I pronounce it dee-knee-wilk, in case you were wondering. Dee-knee isn’t exactly how my last name sounds, but my guy friends from my 20’s called me Dini and it stuck. It *almost* doesn’t make me think of Deenie anymore, either (wiki doesn't mention creeping crud OR Deenie's special spot**, wtf).

**Updated to add that I am a lazy reader, and only read the plot summary. It's in the "reception" section. Also, I totally didn't know what a special spot was back when I read this book in like FIRST GRADE. I thought maybe somewhere on her leg? This has a lot to do with my blog name, yes?


Swistle said...

OH, dude, the "special spot." I was SO CONFUSED. I had NO IDEA what that might mean.

Also, in my memory I put that with Are You There God, It's Me Margaret. But I definitely read Deenie too. I think I just lumped all those books together.

The Diniwilks said...

Re: AYTGIMM...I remember saying to my mom, "they don't mean period like at the end of the sentence, right?" and being SUPER ANNOYED when she tried to talk birds and bees and I just wanted a yes or no so I could stick my nose back in the book. Remember the weird belts they had to wear with their pads? Am still confused, 25 years later.