Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fun with Pregnancy Math

I had my third prenatal appointment for Kid B yesterday. The practice I go to requires the first visit to be with a midwife, and the second was the ultrasound to confirm the due date. This was the first visit with the doctor who will deliver Kid B.

I went into my first appointment on January 14 thinking I was 9 weeks pregnant. My last period was November 12, which lined up with a conception date of November 26. I had a clear memory of Thanksgiving weekend nookie, so I was confident about the date. I joked with the midwife about if I should act less confident in order to get an early ultrasound, and she reassured me that it’s standard practice (somehow they figured out a way to make the insurance pay for it – no complaints here).

I had the ultrasound a week later, right at my 10 week mark. Imagine my surprise when Kid B measured 11 weeks 4 days. The tech explained that if it’s off by more than a week or so, they readjust the due date. I went from being due August 19 to August 8 in a matter of seconds. My first thought was “YAY, now I get my 20 week ultrasound that much sooner and can GO SHOPPING!!!” However, that quickly turned into some serious doubts…I was POSITIVE that my cycle is super regular, and that due to the…um…lack of activity in the bedroom that month (partly because Justin was out of town on an install for a week, partly because we are old and boring), my conception date was also accurate. One of my ONLY regrets around Adriana’s birth was that I was given Pitocin, so I can’t claim a 100% natural birth. If the doctor thinks I’m due August 8, and Kid B is really due August 19 and doesn’t come early, they will want to induce me!

My primary concern going into yesterday’s appointment was to get the due date straightened out. However, I was pretty much instantly smacked down. The doctor gave me the same spiel I was expecting about how the early ultrasound is the best predictor of due date and yadda yadda. Pretty funny, since, you know, you’d think DATE OF CONCEPTION is the best predictor. I tried to tell her that unless this baby was immaculately conceived, I did not ovulate and become pregnant ELEVEN DAYS early. She was having none of it, so August 8 it is.

On the plus side, I got to hear the heartbeat for the first time! I was able to make a recording for Justin too, since he wasn’t able to make it due to a major miscommunication. The Doppler didn’t tell us the heart rate, but Justin counted 164 bpm from the recording (compared to 166 at the ultrasound). How awesome is it that I got to hear the heartbeat on Valentine’s day?!


Swistle said...

I would be SO CRANKY at the OB not listening about the dates! I would go home and DO NOTHING ABOUT IT, but I would be VERY CRANKY!

lawyerish said...

I...do not understand how they could be so stubborn about the due date. It's as if they don't TRUST you to know when you conceived, which is ABSURD, since you were there and (I can only assume) they were not.