Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Justin and I are taking Adriana to Tiny Tots tonight (basically a little gym class for 12-36 month olds, kind of like Gymboree but significantly cheaper since it’s a class through our fitness center). I LOVE this class more than anything. It is so much fun to watch Adriana get super excited, running around, chasing balls, climbing on the mats, banging on pots and pans*, and interacting with the other kids.

I’m a little apprehensive, since last time Adriana started exhibiting behavior that’s going to rocket her to “class weirdo” status if it keeps up. Out of nowhere, she started licking her kickball. I said “yucky!” and took it away. She grabbed another one, shouted “yucky!” and licked it. Then she ran over to the (gross, dirty) wall, and licked that. Then the basketball hoop. And the tumbling mats. Finally, I caught up with her, picked her up, and said “Adriana! No licking! Yucky!” and she LICKED MY FACE.

Adriana is in this stage where “being bad” is HYSTERICAL. This includes hitting me, knocking stuff over, and, apparently, licking. I say it’s a stage, but I can still remember her sneaky little grin right before she’d bite my nipple as an 8 month old. Even back then, she KNEW she was about to do something bad, and it was FUNNY. I’d yell “ow!” and she’d LAUGH AT ME. Such a little stinker.

Hopefully she forgets about the licking tonight, because I’m really not sure how to handle this if it’s her new thing. The more I react, the more she’s going to want to lick stuff. And that’s just nasty.

The first offense:


* They have a station with coffee tins, wooden spoons, sponges, musical instruments, pom poms, and a whole bunch of assorted crap I can only assume has been donated or scavenged from the trash. I don’t know what the deal is either, but the kiddos love it.

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