Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 3: Post a picture of you as a child

Yay, I was looking forward to this one. Not just because my childhood pics crack me up, but also because I lost all of my scans when Justin's laptop was stolen on our honeymoon (screw you, Sandals Grande St. Lucian). Thankfully I have the bestest little brother ever, and he sent me these for your amusement.

1982 - This is one of my all time favorite pictures ever. I can clearly remember my dad being excited about his new camera and playing around with the settings before he set it on top of the tv (the blur at the bottom of the pic). Oddly, I don't remember that the OTHER reason for excitement was that this was John's first day home. I think we are juuuuuuust close enough in age that I don't remember life without him.

It BLOWS MY MIND that my mom is 5 years younger than me in this pic. Isn't she the prettiest mommy EVER?

1986ish. Might be 1985, that looks like our first house. Aww, Nick actually used to like us.

1988. One of about 9 zillion pics of the three of us in coordinating outfits, sitting in front of the fireplace. I love how I'm doing my best "bad seed" impersonation while John is goofy and Nick is "so cool".

1990. My super awkward years begin. Nick is actually looking a little awkward here too, a stage which lasted about 5 minutes for him and 5 years for me. John looks cute here. Oh and my mom made that dress. She was SO PROUD of it, but I hated the neck thing. It had a drop waist and bubble skirt in the same red and black material - very fashion forward, 2006 would have been excited.
I have some fun non-sibling childhood pics on facebook too, but I will save them for another trip down memory lane.

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Swistle said...

OH, man, what a good-looking family! And I love how the baby is just WAHING IT UP and everyone else is grinning.