Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 6: Write a Bucket List (or Ignore Your Own Rules and Replace it with 101 in 1001)

This is part of my 30 Days of Blogging Series.I kept stalling on this one because a bucket list is just so morbid. I also realized that my life is such a mess in a few key areas (clutter, house maintenance, photo organization, being a more thoughtful friend / family member, and taking care of myself) that I need some shorter term goals before I go jumping out of planes or walking the Trail of Tears. Instead of a bucket list, I will present to you my 101 in 1001 list. This concept (much like the 30 Days of Blogging) was stolen from the lovely Lacey. I feel like I really needed this list to get my butt in gear - wish me luck in completing these 101 goals over the next 1001 days.

1) Complete a maternity photo shoot
2) Do not miss any (more) photo shoots for the kid(s) (newborn, 2 month, 4 month, 6 month, 9 month, 12 month, 18 month, and birthdays)
3) Write quarterly letters to the kid(s), do not miss any (more)
4) Get and keep the kid(s) baby books up to date
5) Make a photo book for each set of grandparents
6) Change the holiday door decoration every holiday for a year
7) Save up money for a cleaning service
8) Buy a new computer
9) Upgrade my iPhone
10) Purchase / download and learn how to use photo editing software
11) Buy and read a Nikon D90 book
12) Get planters for front porch
13) Make beds for a garden
14) Make a family birthday/phone number/address list
15) Make/buy a rack for the firewood; split wood

16) Get cushions for patio furniture
17) Read 101 books
18) Restart the book club or join another one
19) Watch 10 movies in a theater
20) Complete Couch to 5K Program
21) Run a 5K in an official race with a t-shirt prize

22) Complete 30 day shred
23) Take kid(s) to swimming lessons
24) Hire an electrician to look at basement light and to install living room overhead lighting
25) Replace burnt out porch lights
26) Paint the basement in moisture-proof paint
27) Install a railing on the staircase
28) Install a new thermostat
29) Replace the filter in the kitchen sink
30) Make a recipe book
31) Visit my great aunt in Wisconsin
32) Take kid(s) to the Children’s history museum
33) Take kid(s) to an aquarium
34) Take kid(s) to the zoo
35) Go to a glass blowing class
36) Go to a wine tasting
37) Go to a concert
38) Buy a wine rack / hutch deal for the dining room
39) Buy curtains and carpet for the dining room
40) Buy additional counter space / shelving unit for kitchen
41) For the love of god, get some new sheets already
42) Find a family physican; get a physical
43) Go to lupus and/or heart doctor to figure out what the deal is
44) Go to dermatologist for rosacea; check all moles
45) Take kid(s) to a water park

46) Clean out garage
47) Fix gas line to stove
48) Install outlet in downstairs bathroom
49) Take kid(s) camping
50) Go on a romantic weekend getaway with Justin
51) Go to Brazilian meat restaurant with Justin
52) Learn all of the neighbors’ names
53) Bake something for someone for no reason

54) Send a handwritten letter to my 6 closest high school friends
55) Visit 2 out of state friends
56) Donate blood 5 times
57) Cook a turkey dinner
58) Take nephew on a fun outing
59) Plan a game night at my house
60) Plan a play date at my house
61) Cut storage bins in half
62) Donate 10 bags of clothes to Goodwill (or similar organization)
63) Participate in a charity walk
64) Donate $5 per item not completed to NPR, Actor’s Summit, and/or Akron Art Museum 65) Fix old computer and laptop; back up photos on external drive
66) Organize digital pictures and upload to Flickr
67) Help mom complete her scanning project
68) Cook a meal for a new mom
69) Send 10 cards via USPS in a timely manner for birthdays, retirements, sympathy, new home, new baby, etc.
70) Send 10 handwritten thank you cards for 10 different occasions
71) Send someone a care package
72) Pay off all credit cards
73) Purchase and hang / place 10 decorative items around the house
74) Take kid(s) to Cedar Point
75) Take kid(s) to the pool 10 times
76) Find at least one couple with a similar aged kid(s) to hang out with on a semi-regular basis
77) Have mom and dad over for dinner 5 times
78) Have in laws over for dinner 5 times
79) Find a meaningful way to thank mom and dad for everything they have done for us
80) Get birth certificates, passports, and social security cards for entire family in a safe place
81) Get 5 massages and 5 pedicures
82) Bake a birthday cake for Justin
83) Make a quilt
84) Complete a knitting project
85) Get another tattoo
86) Go on a picnic
87) Take a nature hike in CVNP
88) Go canoeing / tubing
89) Fly a kite
90) Visit a national park I’ve never been to
91) Visit a state I’ve never been to
92) Paint something on a canvas and hang it up
93) Complete a 365 day photo challenge
94) Start savings accounts for the kid(s); figure out how much I owe Adriana and replace it
95) Buy wedding CD and order album
96) Use the KitchenAid to make cookies
97) Bake grandma’s bread recipe
98) Get a recycle bin for home, you lazy ass!
99) Go geocaching
100) Buy a pair of designer jeans
101) Make a set of Moo minicards

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Lacey said...

Love it! Especially #41...haha that one shouldn't take too long to complete - you sound pretty motivated! :)