Thursday, March 17, 2011


Since about 1993, black has been my color of choice when it comes to wardrobe decisions. In high school, it was probably equally due to personal preference, parental annoyance, and teenage rebellion (95% of my school was super preppy, I was not). As I grew older, I found that I still love to wear blacks and grays with just the occasional pop of color (jewel tones) to brighten things up. At this point, it's probably laziness more than anything. I COULD start to wear browns and blues, but then I have to get shoes, bags, etc. to match. I'd rather not deal with it.

Needless to say, I don't own a lot of green. Despite the fact that I am almost 100% Italian and don't have a drop of Irish blood in me (and am well past the green beer drinking days), I still try to find fun ways to show some St. Patrick's Day spirit.

I am wearing my standard uniform of black maternity pants (Motherhood Maternity, gag) and gray long sleeved ruched sweater (Target, Liz Lange). I paired that with some olive Madden Girl heels I found at TJ Maxx a couple of years ago, and (of course) green nail polish. I think I have mentioned before that I own 90 kazillion bottles, so picking which shade of green was the highlight of my day. I went with Rescue Beauty Lounge's Recycle (and brought in No More War for a coworker).

Did you wear green today?

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matchtank said...

I'm not terribly "festive." I'll go to a Browns game and be the only one not wearing brown and orange and come the holidays I'm the only one without a fuzzy reindeer sweater or Santa hat. I think if there's any one day I'd make more of an effort it's Halloween, so this year I think I'll make it happen. Digging your getup. You know I've never tried green beer?