Friday, March 18, 2011

Public Service Announcement: 2010 CRV Headrest Removal

I bought a 2010 Honda CRV last March. When I mentioned to the sales person that I had a kid, he went on and on about what a great car it is for moms. At that point, Adriana was still in her Chicco KeyFit 30 infant seat (in Cubes), and there weren't any issues with getting it properly installed, so I bought the car. What I completely failed to do was check to see if her next car seat (the Britax Roundabout 50 (in Cowmooflage), which I had also received at the baby shower because I am a registry genius) would work.

When I could no longer squeeze my freakishly tall child (97th percentile) in the infant seat, I sent Justin out to install the Roundabout in the CRV. After much swearing, he came back in and said it couldn't be done because the headrests wouldn't move and the Roundabout curves backward. I told him I preferred her to be in the middle anyway, and to figure it out. He got it in, but to be totally honest, I have never really been happy with the installation since it seems like it gives a little too much. Not, uh, unhappy enough to do anything about it though. Mom fail.

Anyway, now that we have a second kiddo on the way, I will obviously need to have the good old infant carrier on one side and the Roundabout on the other side. I had Justin confirm once again that the rear headrests aren't meant to come out. I consulted Google, and found the same thing - people complaining about not being able to get the headrests out so they can install their car seats.

So this "mom-friendly" CRV is apparently only friendly if you have one kid, and even then, is more like a coworker who you'd never actually want to hang out with outside work, but will make small talk with while waiting for your piece of birthday cake. What kind of mom car doesn't recognize that moms have babies who need special seats? Anyway.

I called the dealer and explained the situation to the peeps in the service department. They told me that they CAN get the headrests out, but that it would take at least 5 hours because they had to take the seats apart. They were going to charge $94/hr in labor. I did some quick math, and told them to screw off. I can just buy 2 new car seats with a straighter back, and save the Roundabout as the second carseat for Justin's car once Kid B outgrows the infant seat.

So here's where the story gets a little embarrassing. I was ranting about this to my dad, and he was basically like "That's BS, let me call them." I get a text like 64 seconds later saying to bring the car in on Wednesday, and they will do it FOR FREE.

I do not know what sort of magical bargaining skillz my dad possesses, but this kind of stuff happens ALL OF THE TIME. I feel like I made it perfectly clear to the people on the phone that this car was sold to be under the guise of being perfect for moms, and that I wasn't happy that they never mentioned that it may not work with certain car seats due to the GLARING DESIGN FLAW of having immobile rear headrests. I also made it perfectly clear that I felt that Honda should foot the bill for said headrest removal. But I was still going to have to pay like $500, and my dad got this moved to $0 with very little effort. Must be nice to have a penis.

So. If you have a 2010 Honda CRV, find someone with a penis, and have them make the nice service people agree to get the headrests out for free. They do not have to take the seats apart to do this, that is a lie. Just tell them that you don't care about getting the poles out. Also, they said that if I ever need to get the headrests back in, nothing they did was irreversible.

The End.


Lacey said...

VERY good to know! I was so going to buy a CRV pretty soon, and I probably still will since my brother in law is the service manager at a Honda dealership, but I wonder if he even knew that.

Men do so much better with stuff like that. Totally not fair!

matchtank said...

Dad is a wizard.

Nowheymama said...

Here from Swistle. Do we have the same dad?

lifeofadoctorswife said...

Visiting from Swistle and I loved this post! I am a CR-V owner (2003, though) and I too had problems with the headrests. You couldn't get a clear view from the rear-view mirror with the stupid headrests installed! Honda clearly has serious head-rest issues.

Glad your father was able to get this taken care of for free... how infuriating, though, that the Honda peeps were trying to screw you.

Kathy said...

Also here from Swistle. I hate to have to do it, but I have my father and husband take care of things like this for me all the time, because it works! Wish I could just be taken seriously by mechanics, etc. now and again...

claire said...

Since your child is older they do not need to be at a 45 degree recline, it can be at about 30 so there should be no need to take the head rest off. Since I am going to assume she is still rear facing!
Also I would not personally take the head rest off because your neck could be damaged in an accident if it is off.
I would highly recommend taking the seats to a car seat check, they would know how to make the seats fit. Besides the checks are free. has great ways to work with seats in cars and you can probably find some photos of how people installed the seats in CR Vs! They are also very friendly and love to help people out.

Swistle said...
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