Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WAHM! Bam! Thank you ma'am

So, after putting lots and lots of thought into what is best for me and my growing family, I decided to ask to work from home twice a week after coming back from maternity leave.

Assuming I am, in fact, due August 8, I would be coming back from 3 months of “maternity leave” (which is really just sick time, vacation time, and unpaid FMLA) either the week of November 7 or 14. The holidays around here are SO SLOW, and pumping at work is SO CRAPPY, that I just kept thinking that it would be so much easier to only have to deal with it part time. I have had a newborn before, so I know what to expect at the 3 month mark. I really think that I could effectively get my job done and take good care of Kid B. I will either have to send Adriana to grandma and grandpa’s, crate train her, or staple her to the wall for this to work.

I decided to talk to my boss about this sooner rather than later because our organization is going through some changes, and I have some inside information about changes in my group (completely unrelated to the changes in the organization). I wanted to get his approval before HE was aware of the change in my group, or before we report to someone new, because I am sneaky like that. While certain parts of the company get to enjoy flex time or special work/life balance arrangements, it really varies based on who you work for.

My boss is a new manager, and he has erred on the overly cautious side before (not letting coworkers with a long commute work from home during a snowstorm, despite the fact that we have laptops and the type of job that does not require a physical presence in The Office). I SUCK at negotiations of any sort, and only ended up asking to work from home until January. He was SO NICE about it, that I am absolutely kicking myself for not asking to do it longer (or permanently)(or for more days each week). Still, I was half expecting a no, so I am super excited!

In other exciting Kid B news, I am officially calling it – I feel movement. I have felt fleeting sensations for about 2 weeks now, but nothing steady enough or strong enough to say I was 100% sure it wasn’t gas or some other weird pregnancy sensation. This is more like the flutters or bubbles most people describe, instead of the THUNK THUNK THUNK I felt with Adriana, but it’s definitely the kiddo.


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Lacey said...

No way! I'm waiting to ask the same thing at my work. But, I doubt mine will go as easily because we have some seriously old fashioned people here. I am sneakily trying to get some stuff electronified now, and then I'm asking after that so there will be less push back.

Anyways, congrats on that! That's awesome!