Friday, April 29, 2011

Call the Fashion Police

I had to document this outfit, so I could mock myself later. Basically, I have sunk to a new pregnancy low and totally broken my number one fashion rule (and also my only fashion rule, since I generally get dressed in the dark). The rule goes something like this: "Leggings Are Not Pants", and has the following corollary: "Especially Not At Work, Skank".

Today, I modified my rule to read "Leggings Are Not Pants, Unless You Are At Least 25 Weeks Pregnant, It's Friday (Jeans Day) At Work, And All Maternity Jeans Were Handcrafted By Satan. If That's The Case, Totally Wear Leggings With An Inappropriate Tank Top And Unironed Cardigan To Work, Skank."

In other unprofessional preggo news, I actually sent this line at the end of an email this morning:
"Sorry I didn't reply - I have separately answered this exact question for 2 others in your group over the past week so I had thought you had the answer."

So I am both a skank AND a total bitchface. Nice.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Adriana - 18 Month Pictures

We went to Portrait Innovations for Adriana's 18-month pictures. I am so glad we went, because we got the CD with ALL of the pictures and TONS of prints for the same price we paid for a CD of 20 pictures and not much else at Picture People. The PI stuff was a little lower quality than PP, but I am happy overall.

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot:

Kid B's Name

As you probably gathered based on the redacted parts of my letter to Adriana, Kid B does, in fact, have a name.

I learned during my last pregnancy that I do not like to name babies in advance, so this kind of scares me. I hate committing by nature, and choosing a name just seems so final. What if I had the baby, and she looked NOTHING LIKE the name I picked out? For Adriana, I had a list of about 5 names to choose from. Most were Italian names ending in "a", because those are the names I like. All were names that Justin did not veto (my list started out significantly longer, but he had a few he hated. He is one of those guys who WILL NOT volunteer a name of his own, but is more than happy to veto beautiful names like Gemma with a shrug and a "I just don't like it.") If you had asked me to bet on what Adriana's name would be at any point through my last pregnancy, I would have been 92% sure it was Giana. If we had committed to a name this early last time, it would have been the WRONG NAME!

We also learned last time around that we HATE naming boys. We went round and round with boy names before we found out that Adriana was a girl, and the only name we could agree on was Ethan, which I still didn't love thanks to the popularity. For this reason, Justin wouldn't even let me mention any names whatsoever this time until after the ultrasound.

Shortly after we found out Kid B is also a girl, we revisited the names from Adriana's list. I'm not going to tell you what the name is because I really don't want any opinions. It's amazing how one person's SLIGHT negative reaction totally sours me to a name I otherwise loved. However, I will say that the name is mentioned in the
post for Adriana over at Swistle's baby name blog. Could be by me, could be by Swistle, could be a commenter. At least this way you get a hint at my preferred style and won't be totally shocked when I announce it this August. Also, it's not Giana - it's one that will feel less like "discarded Adriana name" and more like "perfect sister name".

Anyway, we were looking at all of the names on the Swistle post, and said "hey Adriana, is your sister's name [Kid B]?" She instantly smiled and repeated back her version of the name. It was pretty much the CUTEST PRONUNCIATION EVER, and we were stuck. How could we even think about any other names after that?

Would you use a name for a second kid that had been considered for the first (no matter how briefly)?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adriana: 18 Months

It seems like this was just yesterday...

And now you are 18 months old!


What’s up, Nanny McGoo? You, my little friend, are getting to be quite a handful! Over the past 3 months, you have definitely turned into a full-fledged toddler. Sometimes I look at you and wonder where my baby went. You are such a big girl now, and so full of energy.

You have definite opinions about what you want to eat, when you want to sleep, and what you want to play with. You are CRAZY independent, and hate when mama helps you brush your teeth, dada tries to feed you, or either of us tries to help you put your pants on. You love routines, and tell me when it’s time to brush your teeth or take a shower (you also insist that I do these things in the right order). You walk up the stairs all by yourself, holding onto the railing. You scootch down the stairs on your butt, saying “gooch gooch gooch” the whole way down. You can find your own shoes and coat before walking outside to the car. You also love to clean, picking up your cheese stick wrappers and walking them to the trash, or getting wipes to wipe off the coffee table. Let’s hope you keep these good habits when you are older J

Your hair is getting really long and has a bunch of curls in the back. Your bangs are still growing out, so we usually put them up in little hair band on top of your head. You still refuse to keep a hair bow in for any extended amount of time. Almost time for your first haircut!

You still have 8 teeth, but your first year molars are just starting to come in. So far only one has broken skin (your top left). Teething is no fun, and I think it might have caused your first ear infection. You have also had your first real boo boo – you fell on Grandma and Grandpa’s driveway and scraped your hand. You still ask mama to kiss it for you on a daily basis, even though the scab is gone. You get a little irritable at times, but are usually a pretty happy girl, even when you are in pain.

You now know that mama’s belly has a baby in it, and you frequently give my belly hugs or kisses, saying “awww, baby”. Sometimes you pat my belly and say “nice baby, nice [Kid B]*”. You still have a little trouble with your sister’s name – at first you called her “[Kid B]”, and now you say “[Kid B]” or “[Kid B]”. You’re getting there though. At this rate, you might be able to say [Kid B] before you can say your own name (you still call yourself “Ana”).

Don’t let the fact that you can’t say your name fool you – you know TONS and TONS of words. Mama tried to make your 18 month word list, and there were just too many to remember! You easily know over 200 words now. My favorite words you say are “raccoon” and “porcupine”, and my favorite sentence is “I love you!” There is nothing in the world better than getting one of your kisses and hearing you tell me you love me. You also love to kiss me, then kiss dada, then kiss me, then kiss dada, like a little ping pong ball. You are too cute for words.

Lately your favorite toy is your doll and her stroller. You love pretending to feed your baby bottles or cheerios, burp her, take her for walks, and change her diaper. I hope this means that you’ll be a good big sister to baby [Kid B]!

Other favorites
Favorite foods: chicken, ham, cheese, berries (specifically, blueberries), yogurt, and bagels
Favorite color: yellow
Favorite clothes: shoes and socks
Favorite accessory: bracelets
Favorite activities: dancing, blowing bubbles, driving your new car, coloring, play-doh
Favorite tv shows: sesame street, wiggles
Favorite song: itsy bitsy spider

I love you so much!

XOXO, Mama

* Sorry for not sharing the name right now - more on this later!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Fun

Since apparently a bunch of professionals have nothing better to do at work on a Friday, we made album covers this morning.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Go to
wikipedia. Click "Random Article" in the left column. Whatever comes up is your band name. Mine was "WQNQ".

Step 2: Go to the
Quotations Page. Click "Random Quotes" in the left column. The last 4-5 words from the last quote on the page is your album title. My quote ended in "and it will prosper".

Step 3:
Google Flickr. Click on "Last 7 Days" (right under the Flickr URL). The 3rd picture in the top row is your album cover.

Step 4: Put it all together in powerpoint:

Link to your results in the comments if you decide to participate!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 7: Your 5 Favorite Books and Why

This is part of my 30 Days of Blogging Series.

Narrowing this list down to five was really hard, there are so many more I wanted to include! I have been a book nerd since I was a munchkin. I remember my mom busting into my room at 1 am, yelling at me to stop reading and turn out the lights. I was in the first grade, and apparently Beverly Cleary’s Otis Spofford was simply too good to put down. I read through about 9 million dinners and family events. I even read on the playground during recess (which made me HUGELY POPULAR among my peers). What can I say, I just love to read.

I am sad to say that once I became a mom, reading is one of my pastimes that has suffered the most. My favorite book I’ve read *recently* is probably Boo Boo (parents – GET THIS for your toddler – Adriana LOVES it). The only book I’ve read since committing to read 101 in 1001 days is the first Sookie Stackhouse novel (and I’m not even finished!)

These are the books that are my all time favorites. I am also a re-reader, and have read most of them several times. Pics are from Amazon.

Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides. I read this one for the first time when I was in medical school. I had a huge exam to study for, but I just couldn’t put it down. I love books that cover multiple generations, and am a giant science nerd who wrote my thesis on reproductive endocrinology, so this was right up my alley. LOVE.

A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Hosseini. This was one of the books my (now defunct) book club read back when it was still fun (which was in May of 2008, according to the old blog). I finished reading it in the little courtyard outside the building I worked in at the time, and didn’t even try to hide my tears. It’s beautifully written, and completely heartbreaking.

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, by Haruki Murakami. Read this when I was pregnant with Adriana. This is also one of my brother’s favorites, so I knew I would love it based on his recommendation (we have very similar, if not identical, book taste). I never knew where the story was going, and I was completely enthralled the entire time.

East of Eden, by John Steinbeck. This was one of the VERY FEW summer required reading books I ever actually read in high school. Steinbeck has a real gift of taking the reader back to the time and place of the story. And, of course, this is another book that spans multiple generations.

Last but not least, every book ever written by Christopher Pike. God I love these books. They probably contributed to my later love of all things science fiction. I read my first one, Weekend, in third grade (Me: “Mom, what’s an orgy?” Mom: “What are you reading now????”). I would BEG my mom to take me to Waldenbooks so I could check to see if a new one was out. I have read every last one of them at least 5 times, and some of them probably close to a hundred. Seriously. Reading the Wikipedia page is making me want to go back and read every single one in order.

So that’s my top 5. Honorable mentions go to A Wrinkle in Time, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, On Beauty, The Millenium Series, Shopgirl, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and tons of others I’m forgetting.

I really need to get back into reading before I have ANOTHER kidlet to take up my time. Please please please leave recommendations in the comments!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The MIL Saga: Part 5 – The (Somewhat Anticlimactic) Conclusion

Yay, I am finally wrapping up my MIL Saga. Click here for Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

Okay, where the heck were we? Ah yes. Justin and MIL fought around Thanksgiving due to the unfinished floors, the good dog had tried to bite off Adriana’s face, and MIL “passed” on an overnight opportunity since it wasn’t at her house. This brings us to Christmas.

This was a rough month for the Diniwilks, as my grandmother passed away December 15 after a series of ups and downs during a five month stay in a nursing home. Let’s pause for some grandma stories and a quick photo of grandma with Adriana before she got sick (which is how I like to remember her).

My grandma was awesome – she was a real life Rosie the Riveter who worked on Corsair planes during the war. I take after her in many ways, the most notably being my outgoingness and my “unique” face shape. One time I hopped in one of those aging photo booths, and, I shit you not, it popped out a pic that could have been grandma. Crazy. Oh, and I should also mention that I found out I was pregnant with Kid B on the day she died. I pretty much knew since I get sick so early, and I wanted a little happy moment to end a shitty, sad day, so I took the test. I'm really sad that grandma never got to hear the news. Maybe Kid B will be a little pistol, just like her Gigi.

Anyway, I was not exactly in the mood for MIL monkey business with everything else that was going on. When she texted near Christmas to say that she wasn’t able to host us “for a variety of reasons”, I had Justin reply that we would have her and SFIL over January 2, to give us some time to get the house in order since I had been dealing with family / funeral / finishing my MBA / morning sickness stuff and had hardly been there to clean. Unfortunately, Adriana got the evil barfing + diarrhea sickness around that time, and Justin and I both had bad colds as well. We gave over 24 hours notice, and MIL said we could do it the following weekend. I take full responsibility for OUR cancellation, but nothing that happened afterwards.

On the day of the (rescheduled) Christmas celebration, MIL sent a cancellation text to Justin TWO HOURS before they were scheduled to arrive. He texted back “Why?”, and she replied “It’s personal, how rude to ask.”

SHE called US rude. That, um, did not go over well. Keep in mind, this was like the millionth cancellation on her part over the four years I had known her. I had spent something like 12 hours cleaning and cooking, which is not easy for someone who gets as sick as I do during first trimester. We shampooed the carpets, for fuck’s sake. I baked a ham and made a bunch of side dishes and desserts (and we spent $100+ on the meal and fresh flowers). I still don’t know her reason for cancelling, but I honestly think it was retaliation for us cancelling the week before.

On top of the whole inconvenience factor, we were also disappointed because one of her gifts was a picture frame with a pregnancy announcement inside. Despite all of the tension between us, we really were excited to tell her that she was going to be a grandma again.

Over the next few weeks, we made multiple calls and sent multiple texts trying to reschedule. They went unanswered, for the most part. When Justin finally did get ahold of her (late January), they had this really weird conversation in which they both acted like everything was hunky dory, and that it wasn’t AT ALL weird that it was almost February and we still hadn’t celebrated Christmas.

After chatting it up for a while, MIL suggested that, instead of getting together, she would just “drop our presents off in the breezeway, and have us leave hers out there – do a little switcheroo.” At that point, I signed for Justin to go ahead and just tell her the baby news on the phone, since that was clearly as “in person” as this was going to get. He did, and she seemed excited(ish). He mentioned that her gift included perishable items, so she should come soon since we had been worried about it ever since Christmas. She assured us that she would do the exchange the next day.

Does anyone think she showed?

MIL texted that she had a flat tire, and would pick the gifts up later. This was the second time she’s used that excuse with us - perhaps we should have gotten her a AAA membership instead?

As of today, April 20, 2011, their gift is STILL IN THE BREEZEWAY. It’s kind of like a fun game at this point, to see how long we can keep it there. We have tried calling and texting to no avail; she officially cut off all communications shortly after the flat tire text. However, a family member has kids in the school where she works, and told us that her workspace is still plastered with pics of Adriana that she stole off facebook. BEST GRANDMA EVAH.

So yeah. I think Swistle and Lawyerish were worried this was going to end in a kidnapping (and OMG Swistle, I am STILL THINKING about your creepy ass story with the doctor and the twins). I actually left some stuff out of past posts just to try to alleviate some of those suspicions. For example – MIL was trying to set up visits with a family member who babysat Adriana once a week so she could see her when we weren’t around. This family member is on Justin’s DAD’s side, not MIL’s. WEIRD!

What I’d really like is for you to tell me what YOU would do in this situation. Justin is actually pretty okay with how things are. I am the one who is a mess. My mom cut off contact with her real dad around the time I was born, and I have ALWAYS thought it was super weird. I am one of those “family is family, no matter what” kind of people. Maybe it’s a middle child thing, but I would so much rather have everyone get along and be able to discuss their problems openly than all of this weird tension and passive aggressiveness. So I mean, it’s NICE that we don’t have to deal with her anymore, but that doesn’t mean I think that it’s OKAY.

To be honest, I think what I worry about the most is that Justin and MIL will never make up, and she will get really sick or (ugh) die (I mentioned before she has an illness), and he will totally regret how he left things. I almost wrote “and he will blame me”, but I would hate it just as much if that happened and he would blame himself. So yeah, there’s that too.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Ahh, Domestic Life

I was reading through Tessie's archives all stalker-like, and saw her reference to "crockpot condoms" (heh). I sent it to Justin since I am the dinner-maker and he is the dish person, and I know he hates washing out the crockpot. I had to laugh at our genuine excitement over something so lame and domestic-like. And yes, I realize that I'm promoting a totally unnecessary product in an email with a "Think Green" tag at the bottom. I am an asshole.

My Toe-Lickin' Cat Lover (Slash Hater)

Someone turned 18 months old yesterday! She is growing up so fast, it kills me. I'll do a proper 18 month post after I take some decent pictures of her this weekend, but here are some of my favorite videos from the past few months. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: No cats were (physically) harmed in the making of these videos. Just a little humiliated.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Diniwilk Stew

I am still having a rough time existing right now, so Diniwilk Stew it is. I am hoping to feel better at some point so I can wrap up the MIL Saga, but I am trying to avoid activities that cause rapid changes in my blood pressure right now.

• Last night, I was awakened near 10 by my husband. He said that there was an animal trapped in our basement window well (which is like 5 feet deep) and that he needed my assistance. I mumbled that I’d be there so he would stop SHINING A FLASHLIGHT IN MY FACE and went right back to sleep. A few minutes later he came back in and said “Never mind, you don’t have to come outside. It’s a possum. Can you call animal control, I’m in the middle of a [video] game.” I could have freaking killed him. He still thinks that this was a legitimate reason to wake me up. I still disagree.*

• As if that wasn’t enough of a sleep interruption, Adriana woke up at 3 am. I feel like every time she isn’t sleeping well I falsely accuse teething, but she really does have about 4 teeth coming in this time. When it became clear that she wasn’t going to stop crying any time soon, I took her downstairs and we watched 90210 (my request) and ate yogurt (her request). She FINALLY asked to go “na na” around 4:45.

• I am hoping that these two factors are the only reason I feel dizzy and weird today. I have had issues with heart palpitations and related weirdness before, but never during pregnancy. My blood pressure usually runs lower than normal when I’m pregnant, so hopefully it’s nothing that a decent night’s sleep can’t fix.

• We finally did our taxes last night. It’s funny how big of a difference it makes when you like the person preparing them. We HATED the H&R block lady last year, and I left feeling extremely annoyed and like I had been massively ripped off for something I was totally capable of doing myself. This time, I LOVED the person doing them, and I left feeling like I could have done it myself, but YAY, now I don’t have to.

• In addition to sitting with my head on my desk for half the morning, I also wore my hair wet to work, flat ironed it in my cube, am wearing a shirt with a hole in it, and am sporting black shatter nail polish. PROFESSIONAL. Good thing I have to run a meeting attended by Directors and VP’s in a bit.

• Since y’all might not be similarly obsessed with nail polish, here is Scrangie’s post on the Katy Perry collection. I’m wearing it over “Not Like the Movies”.

* UPDATE: 18 purty red roses were delivered about an hour after hitting publish (card: "I love you, my preggo mama!") Flowers for no reason totally make me reconsider my position on the possum drama :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

(Lame Attempt at) Food Documentation

So, I tried really hard to join Laura from Navigating the Mothership in documenting my food intake this week. I thought her post on having a pregnancy "set point" for weight gain was really interesting, and I was curious to see if my eating patterns were significantly different from hers, since we are on different ends of the pregnancy weight gain / loss spectrum. However, my fetus had other plans for me and there was a lot of extra barfing this week, which tends to make me not eat normally. These pics were from Monday or Tuesday (it's all a blur), and that was as far as I got. If I feel up to it later, I might try to do this for a whole week, but count on it (am a lazy preggo).

For reference, my recommended weight gain is 15-25 pounds since I am overweight. I am currently 22 weeks, 5 days, and weigh 6 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight. At my lowest, I was 13 under. My body is weird.
Breakfast - 8:30 am: This is a very typical breakfast for me - a bagel with cream cheese and butter (none of that lowfat business), grapefruit juice (a major pregnancy craving), yogurt, and the ever-present jug o water. I had a 9-12 meeting that day, and had to stick the yogurt back in the fridge, so this picture is a lie. Morning snack: 9-12 meetings are the freaking worst. I bought this Mocha Cappuchino deliciousness with the intent of only drinking half, but I totally downed the whole thing over the course of the meeting. Oops. Lunch - 12:30 pm: Went to Bravo! for lunch and tried the Pesto Ravioli with Chicken fra Diavolo. It was yummy. I generally only eat about half of whatever I order for "first lunch" and then eat the other half a few hours later for "second lunch". I had a piece of bread and half an iced tea. Wow, this day is kind of a caffeine fail, huh? Afternoon Snack / Second lunch - 3:00 pm: Ate the other half of my lunch and another piece of bread. By this time I was well on my way through my second 32 oz jug o water. Dinner - 7:00 pm: Continuing my caffeinated theme for the day, I had a diet coke (but only drank about half before switching to water). My mom sent home chicken breasts with broccoli / ricey goodness, and I had as many berries as I could eat before Adriana snatched them off my plate. That kid looooooooves her berries (and her parents haaaaaaate the resulting diapers).

Curious as to how this stacks up against other people's pregnancy diet. I know I am nowhere NEAR as healthy as the other Laura since I eat out a lot (a definite down side of being a working mom - I love to cook, but who has the time???)

Writing this made me super hungry.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Public Service Announcement: Toddler Barfing

Much like my last PSA, this probably isn’t relevant to everyone. However, if your first child is in the process of making that lovely transition from baby-sized barfs to kid-sized barfs, PAY ATTENTION!

Let’s do this pick-a-path to adventure style…

You are enjoying a nice, lazy Friday night with your family. Your husband is sitting in a chair across the room, while you and your toddler are monopolizing the couch. Or at least, you are monopolizing the couch and your toddler is doing her best impression of your cat. You know that thing cats do, when you’re trying to sleep but the cat keeps waking you up because it somehow places at least 75 pounds of pressure right on your nipples despite only weighing 10 pounds? No? Well, your toddler is doing something to that effect as she crawls all over your 22 week pregnant belly while you are attempting to nap flat on your back.

This is fun and all, right until the toddler opens her mouth and approximately 5 gallons of vomit shoot all over your lap and baby bump in a projectile manner. After a nanosecond of barf paralysis and a slightly longer period of wanting to barf yourself (“I’m gonna do it too!”), you pull your shit together and yell out to your husband.

Do you shout…
a) “Towels! Get towels NOW before it gets on the couch!” (turn to page 23)
b) “HELP!” (turn to page 75)
c) “Get her off me NOW! Take her to the kitchen!!!” (turn to page 97)

Page 23: After a brief moment of confusion in which you realize your husband somehow missed the fact that your kid went from cat to exorcist, you manage to convey the seriousness of the situation and he runs out of the room. “What do I get??? Paper towels?” You roll your eyes and are about to tell him where to find an appropriate sized towel for the mess, but are instantly distracted by your toddler. It appears that 5 gallons of barf did not deplete her magical toddler barf reserves, and she proceeds to barf 3 more times in succession. She has now covered two couch cushions, a pillow, two blankets, and the two of you in the former contents of her stomach. You spend the rest of the weekend doing barf laundry and googling “how do I get barf smell out of couch.”

Page 75: What are you, new? Husbands do not react quickly without specific instructions. You and your entire family are eaten by trolls before he even figured out what you wanted.

Page 97: Your husband springs to action, running to the couch. Like a knight in shining armor, he rescues you from the spewing vomit beast. He sprints over to linoleum-covered pastures, where your toddler demonstrates her new vomiting skillz. You carefully sit up, without spilling any of the first round of barf onto the couch. You head into the kitchen and quickly mop up the mess, congratulating yourself for your quick thinking and your husband for his quick running. Parenting win!

Did you catch all that, new parents? PSA: Unless you happen to randomly have a barf-catching apparatus nearby, have the non-barfed on parent quickly move the kid to an easily-cleaned area. KID BARF COMES IN WAVES – DO NOT BE TRICKED INTO THINKING A KID IS DONE BARFING JUST BECAUSE OF A 15 SECOND PAUSE!!!

(I obviously went to page 23. Don’t let this happen to you.)

Friday, April 1, 2011

The MIL Saga: Part 4 – Post Drama Fallout

See Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 if you haven’t been following…

First, I feel like I should probably clarify my whole position on the spending the night thing. It’s not so much that I never ever want to let anyone take Adriana for the night. In fact, by the time of the “airing of the grievances” in the last post, Justin and I had already left her with my parents for a whole week when we took our (belated) honeymoon. However, my parents watched her all of the time, and we were 100% confident that Adriana was in excellent hands.

Here are my real issues with the MIL overnight thing:
1) It started SO EARLY – MIL was practically asking for a pajama party before the kid even owned any pajamas.
2) The subtle “I think it’s so great that you’re breastfeeding, but are you ever going to stop? Because it’s interfering with my ability to watch her overnight” comments.
3) The fact that MIL spent SO LITTLE time with Adriana that I still don’t know if I trust her as a caregiver.
4) The fact that MIL’s house is NOT SAFE with the lack of carpet or outlet covers (I don’t mean the little plastic baby-proofing thingies you stick in the outlet, I mean there are exposed areas around the socket since the covers aren’t / weren’t screwed on).
5) The psycho dogs and the lack of trust that MIL will keep them locked up 100% of the time.
6) The fact that she doesn’t want regular visits or a real relationship with Adriana, as long as she can create her “special grandma moments” (that can only happen at her house, without us, overnight).

Back to the story…

After the big blow-up with MIL, I decided that we needed to have her watch Adriana at her house, without us, as soon as possible. At least that way she was getting some alone time with her, even if it wasn’t all night. That was when I saw the outlet covers, and it took everything I had to just tell her to watch Adriana extra close around them and not freak out. There were a couple of other cringeworthy things that visit, but I was also overly sensitive since I was still pretty upset about getting bombarded the week before.

Shortly after that, we had Adriana’s bday, which went fine, and MIL’s bday, which involved several weeks of me trying to plan a visit and her ignoring my calls. Nothing else of interest happened again until the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. MIL made a big production about having to paint and do a bunch of stuff around the house so that they could get the floors put in before we brought Adriana back over, and how tired it was making her. I offered to host Thanksgiving at my house instead, which was quickly shot down.

As it got closer to the big day, Justin found out that the floors weren’t going to be done. He got a little upset with his mom on the phone, and there were a couple of days of fighting back and forth via voice mail and text, because that’s how they roll. They worked it out though, and we went over for the holiday, and it was fine. At least Adriana was walking by that point, and they had removed all of the nails. As long as she didn’t electrocute herself, it was becoming less of an issue. The only other snag was that the GOOD dog (the one we trusted, not the psycho one) snapped at her face (seriously came within about a half inch of biting her) when Adriana got too excited with the petting. Justin and I both died on the inside, but didn’t say anything since things were still awkward from the fighting the week before. At that point, we were still trying to just suck it up and let things slide so that everyone was happy.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, I decided to try to do something fun for Justin’s birthday. I wanted to plan a romantic weekend getaway, and decided that it would be the perfect time to offer MIL an overnight. However, since this required FIL to watch Adriana one night too, we decided it would be a lot easier if FIL didn’t have to drive Adriana out to MIL’s house on the second day. MIL would have to babysit at our house (which is like, 25 minutes from hers).

When I called her to arrange the trip (several weeks in advance), she was initially SUPER EXCITED about the overnight, as expected. But when I said that we were more comfortable if both grandparents watched Adriana at our house, she got really cold on me, and said “In that case, I’ll pass. I have to go, goodbye.”

It was clear from the first part of the conversation that MIL didn’t have any plans that weekend whatsoever. She was literally just saying no to prove a point. After a freaking year of begging for overnight visits, she refused to do it because it wasn’t at her house. Honestly? I could have smacked her. Not because we had to cancel the trip because of it, or even because of her attitude on the phone. I was ROYALLY PISSED that she would give up an opportunity to hang out with her granddaughter who she NEVER SEES just so she “won” and we “lost”.

I am now too freshly disgusted to continue. But – only ONE MORE installment and we will be caught up to present! Are you excited?