Friday, April 29, 2011

Call the Fashion Police

I had to document this outfit, so I could mock myself later. Basically, I have sunk to a new pregnancy low and totally broken my number one fashion rule (and also my only fashion rule, since I generally get dressed in the dark). The rule goes something like this: "Leggings Are Not Pants", and has the following corollary: "Especially Not At Work, Skank".

Today, I modified my rule to read "Leggings Are Not Pants, Unless You Are At Least 25 Weeks Pregnant, It's Friday (Jeans Day) At Work, And All Maternity Jeans Were Handcrafted By Satan. If That's The Case, Totally Wear Leggings With An Inappropriate Tank Top And Unironed Cardigan To Work, Skank."

In other unprofessional preggo news, I actually sent this line at the end of an email this morning:
"Sorry I didn't reply - I have separately answered this exact question for 2 others in your group over the past week so I had thought you had the answer."

So I am both a skank AND a total bitchface. Nice.


Lacey said...

Haha you look so cute! I agree with your fashion rule but with one addendum: Leggings are not pants UNLESS worn with a shirt long enough to cover the butt. So passed my one fashion rule and looked cute doing it!

Heather said...

Haha :) I had the exact same rule (and may be guilty of making that same skank quote under my breath) until last Friday when my two pairs of maternity work pants were beyond dirty and I had no other options. And honestly, they were the most comfortable thing I've worn to work in a long time. Hopefully you feel it too!

Navigating the Mothership said...

I was about to reply with the same addendum that Lacey had. In other words, your outfit is A-OK in my book.

Today I wore some ill-fitting cords and a long white t-shirt and a purple cardigan. My belly popped out of the bottom with every other step I took. HOT.

Also, woe is me and my extra long torso for all leggings + shirt combos result in spandax-clad ass cheek exposure for me. And now is really a time for no cheek to go uncovered.

lifeofadoctorswife said...

You have won my loyal support forEVER with that email addendum. I *loathe* idiocy and laziness that drives people to make me do the same thing 35 times. BLARGH.

Also, you look very unskanklike. Cute and trendy, actually.