Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Diniwilk Stew

I am still having a rough time existing right now, so Diniwilk Stew it is. I am hoping to feel better at some point so I can wrap up the MIL Saga, but I am trying to avoid activities that cause rapid changes in my blood pressure right now.

• Last night, I was awakened near 10 by my husband. He said that there was an animal trapped in our basement window well (which is like 5 feet deep) and that he needed my assistance. I mumbled that I’d be there so he would stop SHINING A FLASHLIGHT IN MY FACE and went right back to sleep. A few minutes later he came back in and said “Never mind, you don’t have to come outside. It’s a possum. Can you call animal control, I’m in the middle of a [video] game.” I could have freaking killed him. He still thinks that this was a legitimate reason to wake me up. I still disagree.*

• As if that wasn’t enough of a sleep interruption, Adriana woke up at 3 am. I feel like every time she isn’t sleeping well I falsely accuse teething, but she really does have about 4 teeth coming in this time. When it became clear that she wasn’t going to stop crying any time soon, I took her downstairs and we watched 90210 (my request) and ate yogurt (her request). She FINALLY asked to go “na na” around 4:45.

• I am hoping that these two factors are the only reason I feel dizzy and weird today. I have had issues with heart palpitations and related weirdness before, but never during pregnancy. My blood pressure usually runs lower than normal when I’m pregnant, so hopefully it’s nothing that a decent night’s sleep can’t fix.

• We finally did our taxes last night. It’s funny how big of a difference it makes when you like the person preparing them. We HATED the H&R block lady last year, and I left feeling extremely annoyed and like I had been massively ripped off for something I was totally capable of doing myself. This time, I LOVED the person doing them, and I left feeling like I could have done it myself, but YAY, now I don’t have to.

• In addition to sitting with my head on my desk for half the morning, I also wore my hair wet to work, flat ironed it in my cube, am wearing a shirt with a hole in it, and am sporting black shatter nail polish. PROFESSIONAL. Good thing I have to run a meeting attended by Directors and VP’s in a bit.

• Since y’all might not be similarly obsessed with nail polish, here is Scrangie’s post on the Katy Perry collection. I’m wearing it over “Not Like the Movies”.

* UPDATE: 18 purty red roses were delivered about an hour after hitting publish (card: "I love you, my preggo mama!") Flowers for no reason totally make me reconsider my position on the possum drama :)


d e v a n said...

Aw, how nice on the flowers.

Saly said...

Yay for flowers (and for me being able to comment!!) Flowers or no, I might not have been as forgiving of that wake up call.

lifeofadoctorswife said...

I hope today finds you feeling better!

And you are so right - being awakened for that reason is NOT okay. But the flowers help. :-)