Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kid B's Name

As you probably gathered based on the redacted parts of my letter to Adriana, Kid B does, in fact, have a name.

I learned during my last pregnancy that I do not like to name babies in advance, so this kind of scares me. I hate committing by nature, and choosing a name just seems so final. What if I had the baby, and she looked NOTHING LIKE the name I picked out? For Adriana, I had a list of about 5 names to choose from. Most were Italian names ending in "a", because those are the names I like. All were names that Justin did not veto (my list started out significantly longer, but he had a few he hated. He is one of those guys who WILL NOT volunteer a name of his own, but is more than happy to veto beautiful names like Gemma with a shrug and a "I just don't like it.") If you had asked me to bet on what Adriana's name would be at any point through my last pregnancy, I would have been 92% sure it was Giana. If we had committed to a name this early last time, it would have been the WRONG NAME!

We also learned last time around that we HATE naming boys. We went round and round with boy names before we found out that Adriana was a girl, and the only name we could agree on was Ethan, which I still didn't love thanks to the popularity. For this reason, Justin wouldn't even let me mention any names whatsoever this time until after the ultrasound.

Shortly after we found out Kid B is also a girl, we revisited the names from Adriana's list. I'm not going to tell you what the name is because I really don't want any opinions. It's amazing how one person's SLIGHT negative reaction totally sours me to a name I otherwise loved. However, I will say that the name is mentioned in the
post for Adriana over at Swistle's baby name blog. Could be by me, could be by Swistle, could be a commenter. At least this way you get a hint at my preferred style and won't be totally shocked when I announce it this August. Also, it's not Giana - it's one that will feel less like "discarded Adriana name" and more like "perfect sister name".

Anyway, we were looking at all of the names on the Swistle post, and said "hey Adriana, is your sister's name [Kid B]?" She instantly smiled and repeated back her version of the name. It was pretty much the CUTEST PRONUNCIATION EVER, and we were stuck. How could we even think about any other names after that?

Would you use a name for a second kid that had been considered for the first (no matter how briefly)?


Swistle said...

DEFINITELY I would, and in fact I'd see it as consolation when choosing one name at the expense of all others: that maybe one day I could ALSO use the other names. I recently read someone say that it meant the considered-but-rejected names were INFERIOR to the chosen name, because they HAD been rejected as not-as-good, and I get what she's saying but that's not the way I see it. Some names are right for one baby, but wouldn't have been right for the previous babies. Plus, sometimes a name that seemed meh a few years before can grow on you, until now it seems like THE BEST NAME EVER, HOW DID WE NOT CHOOSE IT BEFORE?? Also, EVERY SINGLE NAME THAT EXISTS is rejected in favor of the chosen name, so...that kind of leaves us with NO names for a second baby, since they were ALL deemed not-as-good.

Opinionated much?

Anyway. Yes. I'd use a name I'd considered for a previous baby. And have done so.

Heather said...

I've known I would have a baby girl named Tory since I was about 5 years old. So when we learned we were having a girl this August - that was her name. Period. End of story. I'm not worried about the name not fitting her because I've invisioned her as a Tory all of these years.

Boy names were a different story for us all together. We still don't have one we agree on so in the rare event that our Baby Girl turns out to be Baby Boy ... we'll be scrambling!

lifeofadoctorswife said...

I agree with Swistle, although only in theory since I've never had to name even a CAT. (Well, okay, I named cats as a child. But that was different and much easier than I imagine it would be now.) I can imagine the possibility of certain names only applying to Baby #1, and then wanting to start fresh with Baby #2. I can also see that - in the passage of time between Baby #1 and Baby #2 - a whole new set of names might rise to the top of the naming pool, names that weren't considered before or weren't even on your radar for Baby #1.

Anyway, I love all the names you were considering, and all the names Swistle and crew suggested, and it's clear that Baby #2 is going to have a lovely name, whatever it is!

Brenna said...

Absolutely. We had the same boy name trouble as you guys did. We could only agree on Nicholas. So when baby #1 turned out to be an girl, we filed it away for later. Baby #2 was the same story: the only boy name we both liked was Nicholas. So a Nicholas he became. And I'm so glad baby #3 turned out to be a girl, or we would've been screwed. We would probably still be calling him "hey, Kid".