Friday, April 8, 2011

(Lame Attempt at) Food Documentation

So, I tried really hard to join Laura from Navigating the Mothership in documenting my food intake this week. I thought her post on having a pregnancy "set point" for weight gain was really interesting, and I was curious to see if my eating patterns were significantly different from hers, since we are on different ends of the pregnancy weight gain / loss spectrum. However, my fetus had other plans for me and there was a lot of extra barfing this week, which tends to make me not eat normally. These pics were from Monday or Tuesday (it's all a blur), and that was as far as I got. If I feel up to it later, I might try to do this for a whole week, but count on it (am a lazy preggo).

For reference, my recommended weight gain is 15-25 pounds since I am overweight. I am currently 22 weeks, 5 days, and weigh 6 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight. At my lowest, I was 13 under. My body is weird.
Breakfast - 8:30 am: This is a very typical breakfast for me - a bagel with cream cheese and butter (none of that lowfat business), grapefruit juice (a major pregnancy craving), yogurt, and the ever-present jug o water. I had a 9-12 meeting that day, and had to stick the yogurt back in the fridge, so this picture is a lie. Morning snack: 9-12 meetings are the freaking worst. I bought this Mocha Cappuchino deliciousness with the intent of only drinking half, but I totally downed the whole thing over the course of the meeting. Oops. Lunch - 12:30 pm: Went to Bravo! for lunch and tried the Pesto Ravioli with Chicken fra Diavolo. It was yummy. I generally only eat about half of whatever I order for "first lunch" and then eat the other half a few hours later for "second lunch". I had a piece of bread and half an iced tea. Wow, this day is kind of a caffeine fail, huh? Afternoon Snack / Second lunch - 3:00 pm: Ate the other half of my lunch and another piece of bread. By this time I was well on my way through my second 32 oz jug o water. Dinner - 7:00 pm: Continuing my caffeinated theme for the day, I had a diet coke (but only drank about half before switching to water). My mom sent home chicken breasts with broccoli / ricey goodness, and I had as many berries as I could eat before Adriana snatched them off my plate. That kid looooooooves her berries (and her parents haaaaaaate the resulting diapers).

Curious as to how this stacks up against other people's pregnancy diet. I know I am nowhere NEAR as healthy as the other Laura since I eat out a lot (a definite down side of being a working mom - I love to cook, but who has the time???)

Writing this made me super hungry.

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