Monday, May 2, 2011

Adriana Milestone: My Baby Can Count!!!

This was a big weekend for Adriana! First, she started saying her longest sentence on Friday ("I want a wipe" - by Sunday she was also saying "I want a drink"). My kid is kind of a weirdo in that she LOVES to carry around a baby wipe until it dries out, washing off her face, legs, arms, toys, the coffee table, the it's not suprising that she asked for wipes in full sentences all weekend.

Another interesting thing happened Sunday afternoon. I didn't feel like cooking or going grocery shopping, so we ordered sandwiches for us and chicken tenders and jojo's for Adriana. We almost never do this - it's been something like 2 months? But when Adriana saw me come in with the box, she instantly lit up and yelled "Jojo's!!!!!!!" This has only been the second time she clearly remembered something from the past (the first was when she pointed to her hand weeks after Tiny Tots ended, saying "bee?" because she used to get bee stamps after class).

But the best milestone occurred last night. Adriana and I were sitting in the living room by the window, watching all of the people go by, hoping that we'd see some doggies. She was eating a leftover chicken tender, and then she started pulling it apart in tiny bits and setting it on the windowsill (gross, but she had wiped it off like 50 times already, so I let her). She lined the pieces up in a row, and then said "one, two, three, four, five, seven" (no six, haha) as she pointed at each piece! Justin and I were shocked - we have an Eric Carle counting book, but she was usually more interested in identifying the fruit than watching me count it. We have actually been working with her a lot more on her colors, but she pretty much just calls everything either "yellow" or "purple". I love this age - she surprises me every day.