Friday, May 6, 2011

Second Baby Checklist

Update:  I also have a regular baby registry checklist, if it's been a while since kiddo #1.


One of the ways this pregnancy is SO DIFFERENT from my first is that I am a mere three months away from birthin' time, and I haven't done jack as far as preparation goes. It's definitely time for one of Laura's famous OCD lists. I'm posting it here so that a) I can access it at any time, and b) some of my lovely readers can chime in with their thoughts. 
  Things to buy sooner
· Cosleeper???
· New nipples for bottles
· New pacifiers
· Maybe some lighter weight clothes in 0-3 months
· Count bottles and see how many more to get (at least 16, and 20 total nipples, rings, and lids)
· Size newborn diapers
· Set up amazon mom subscribe and save for bigger size pampers and for sensitive wipes
· Lighter weight swaddle-me and swaddling blankets
· 3 blankies just for Kid B
· Extra humidifier
· Extra sound spa / white noise machine
· Extra monitor (make sure it won’t interfere with Adriana’s)
· Changing pads for living room
· Stock up on diaper genie refills
· Big sister gift for Adriana
· Baby book for Kid B
· What’s Inside book for Adriana
· An assload of batteries in all sizes
· Stuff for tender mom parts

Things to buy later (keep looking for deals in the meantime!)
· Double stroller
· 2 more roundabouts

Things to wash
· All newborn and 0-3 month clothing (determine if everything is seasonally appropriate and make new clothes list for any gaps)
· Pump, nursing cover, boppy covers
· All bottles, rings, and caps, pump parts
· Car seat bases, cover, snuzzler, and toys
· Pack n play
· Stroller
· See if cloth parts of swing and bouncer can come off to be washed
· Play mat and toys
· Teethers, rings, and other 0-6 month toys (get a separate bin)
· Sleep sheep (if possible)
· Changing table covers
· Diaper pail
· Glider footstool
· Bumbo

Things to get out of storage
· Everything above that needs to be washed (duh)
· Baby bjorn
· Itzbeen timer
· Breast pump (check to see if it works) and all milk storage stuff
· Crib bumpers, blanket, pillows
· Nursing stool
· Nursing bras and tanks

Things to put into storage (for now)
· High chair
· Weed out Adriana’s toys, store anything that is appropriate for 6-18 months that she doesn’t play with)
· Adriana’s outgrown clothes

Adriana’s New Room
· Get Adriana pumped up about the big girl bed ~ make sure she doesn’t feel like she is getting kicked out of her room
· Organize bins and get them to basement or goodwill
· Paint???
· Decide if we are doing toddler bed or getting a rail for the twin
· If toddler bed, order bed and dresser; put twin bed and dresser in storage (or move dresser to dining room and maybe paint and add new hardware???)
· If twin bed, order rail and stepstool; attach mirror to dresser
· Order bedding for whatever bed we go with
· Move Adriana’s clothes to dresser and closet
· Artwork for walls

Kid B’s Room (once Adriana is out)
· Make it look just as nice and decorated as it was when we took Adriana home ~ she deserves the same love you put into the room the first time around!!!
· Raise crib and put up bumpers (repair strings)
· Hang artwork and flowers back up
· Cover back on changing table
· Hang mobile back up

· Start potty training Adriana
· All traces of cat hair removed from entire upstairs
· Figure out something to put on stair rails so cats can’t get through
· Check expiration dates (and any recall info) on unused mylicon, tylenol, etc.; throw out open stuff
· Toy storage for living room
· Devote coffee table drawer to diaper changing stuff and flip around
· Freezer meals? Or a “first week home” grocery list with easy stuff
· Have Molly Maids come out last week of July for another deep clean
· Maternity photo shoot
· Revisit hospital packing list and get bag packed
· Maternity leave paperwork for Laura
· FLMA paperwork for Justin
· Pre-register at hospital
· Finalize arrangements for Adriana during hospital stay


Navigating the Mothership said...

Your list makes me tired. And makes me remember a lot of stuff my brain was purposefully shielding from me for self-preservation purposes.


Going to crawl under a rock now, KTHANXBYE!

Kathy said...

I love the idea of a Big Sister Gift for Adriana! Only Kid B can make her a Big Sister and I love that you're acknowledging it!

I did big brother gifts for my boys when each successive kid came along. Sadly, the girl is also the baby and will never be a big sister... Well, "sad" if I wanted more kids, which, no. Four is plenty!

d e v a n said...

· All traces of cat hair removed from entire upstairs --- haha! I can never get all the cat hair out of anything!
My kids always gave the baby gift and the baby always gave each of them a gift. It was a nice little gesture, and they all seemed to enjoy it.

The Diniwilks said...

Navigating - you can do it!!! Are you having the same issues as I am with this whole second kid business? Time is FLYING and I just can't seem to get organized!

Kathy - I feel the same way about Adriana and Kid B never having a brother...just not sad enough to have another kid :)

Devan - I love the idea of having them get gifts for each other; will add "Adriana gift for Kid B" to my list!

Navigating the Mothership said...

Just cut & pasted this list to make it my own. ZOMG, help, help!!

Jessica said...

This list is AMAZING! So saving it for myself, making a few adjustments but YES to all of it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome list! Thank you!

OCD table for one said...

Thank you for the LIST!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN PANICKING