Friday, June 10, 2011

Still Alive, Still Pregnant

...still taking dorky pictures of my pregnant belly in the bathroom at work (and then jumping 10 feet in the air when a coworker comes in).

Life has been FREAKING CRAZY lately. I miss you guys! Where have I been? Well, first this happened:

I'm okay, Kid B's okay, car's okay (after $400 of repairs). It was pretty much just a giant hassle. the guy who hit me actually works with me, so we handled it outside of insurance / the man.

I have also been working on getting my dining room makeover and other home improvements completed, which has been nothing short of a disaster. Let's just say that I am a failure with the measuring tape and that I should not be believed when I call a 9x12 rug an appropriate size.

Then this happened:

That would be Mohinder at the vet. Momo ALREADY has captured our hearts with his charming predilection to pee on any and all laundry if his litter box isn't immaculate, then he went and got himself a bladder infection on top of that. Cat pee laundry = not my idea of a good time.

And before you talk to me about having number of cats plus one litter boxes or whatever, let me assure you that we have tried EVERYTHING and what works with Momo is fully cleaning (soap and water, brand new litter) our litter box every other day on the dot. Scooping doesn't work, extra litter boxes are just that many more boxes that must be pristine on the second day. If we do not follow his rules exactly, he will pee on laundry. If there isn't laundry available, he might pee on the couch or bed. Needless to say, I leave a pile of old towels out at all times.

On top of all THAT, there has been lots of work stress since our company has been going through a reorg. Earlier this month, we were all given new job assignments. It worked out okay for me, but I'm a little nervous about having a new boss and working with some new people. Then again, I have been taking work home every night this month, so hopefully it will be a giant blessing in disguise and my workload will go back to normal.

The hubs has been a huge help around the house while all of this has been going on, and Adriana keeps me smiling since she is going through an especially adorable phase. No one ever told me how entertaining it is when your kid starts singing songs randomly - it's pretty much the best thing ever. So at least there's that.

What's keeping you sane these days? Are you all enjoying the weather, or is your life as crazy as mine?

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