Friday, July 15, 2011

Adriana: 21 Months


Even though I feel like it’s happening way too fast, it has been so much fun watching you go from a baby to a little girl. Sometimes you seem so grown up that I hardly recognize you.

You are getting taller, your chubby belly and thigh rolls are thinning out, and your hair is FINALLY long enough for a ponytail or pigtails. You have 12 teeth now – your first year molars came in, but your canines are taking their time (you’ve always been a late teether). You still love to brush your teeth, but that mostly consists of playing with the water and sucking the toothpaste off your brush (good thing you are getting better about letting us help you). You routinely ask to sit on the potty, but you have yet to actually pee in it.

You love to play outside, either on your “vroom vroom car” or your new tricycle. Bubbles, balls, and sidewalk chalk are also a big hit. You love other kids, and you know the names of every kid on our street and in your daycare class. Despite your enjoyment of others, you are kind of a bully sometimes, and you HATE to share. Hopefully your baby sister will help you get along with others!

You could color for hours, and you have finally started to consistently name some colors (you almost never mix up orange, brown, green, and black). You are getting good at puzzles, and have mastered most of the kid-friendly apps on the iPhone. You have learned how to pick out circles, hearts, stars, diamonds, and ovals. You can count to ten (and are on your way to learning the numbers up to 20).

You LOVE to sing – your favorite songs are the ABC’s (you SHOCKED us by singing this just after you turned 18 months), twinkle twinkle little star, and sing a song (from Sesame Street). You crack us up with your silly, mixed up versions of wheels on the bus and baby bumblebee. You even make up your own little songs – once, you were so thrilled with your dinner that you burst into a rendition of “Ham and Cheese” (“Ham and cheese, ham and cheese, I love ham and cheese” – sung on repeat for 20 minutes).

The most amazing change has been your verbal development. You speak so clearly, and in full sentences (usually about 4-6 words long). You use the right pronoun about 75% of the time. When you incorrectly call a boy “she”, I tell you “No honey, that’s a boy so we say he”. You repeat it back to me, saying “HE a boy - HE running” with the most adorable look of concentration on your face. I love it.

It cracks me up when you ask me what dada’s doing, and I make you guess. Your answers are always either “He poopin’”, “He playin’ games”, “He golfin’” or “He mowin’ lawn”. Hilarious.

You finally can say your first name, even if it sounds like A-jonna. You have no problems with your last name though. Sometimes you call Dada “Dada Justin”, and if I ask you what my name is, you proudly exclaim “Lula!!!” Close enough J

You have also started pulling random stuff out of your memory. The other day you saw your wagon in the garage, and you shocked us both by saying “I go in wagon, I see penguins.” You obviously remembered 2 zoo trips ago, when we took the wagon instead of the stroller. Your most recent zoo trip is also burned into your memory, and you like to make me laugh by randomly acting like you are wiping off your hands and saying “sheep EWWWW, goats EWWWWWW”. We thought little miss adventure would love feeding the animals at the petting zoo, but you thought it was yucky and couldn’t wait to wash your hands. OCD much?

I love you more than anything, baby girl!

XOXO, Mama


Lacey said...

Oh my gosh that was so sweet! I can't wait to have a baby girl to share this kind of stuff with! You are a good mama! :)

d e v a n said...

How sweet :)