Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I have mentioned before that I've been focusing my maternity nesting on home improvement type planning, so I thought I'd go into the basement and check out the paint cans so I could map out an "as is" and a "to be" house color palette. I always thought my house was just three shades of boring. Turns out it's SIX. This blows my mind.

I totally get why people go to great lengths to make their house neutral when trying to sell, but this seems a little crazypants to me. Especially the front and back bedroom colors - I really had no idea that the rooms were different, and they are right next to each other. This is the kind of minor, seemingly unimportant detail that drives me nutty. No worries though, those are the kids' rooms so they will be painted or decal-ed soon enough (the front bedroom is the nursery, and the back bedroom is our junk room that will be converted to Adriana's room over the next few months).

If neutral is your thing, Gobi Desert is Behr and all of the rest are Ralph Lauren. Is your house done up in neutrals, or do you prefer bright or bold color choices? When choosing paint for a room, do you take the rest of the house's wall colors into consideration, or is each room doing it's own thing?

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Lacey said...

How funny! Who knew that one house could have so many shades of tan in it! :)

I tend to choose colors for the walls and more neutral decor in my house. But yeah, I do consider how the rest of the house's walls are colored, or at least the one's directly next to the room I'm painting.

Have fun picking paint colors...I could spend all day at Home Depot staring at all of the paint sample cards! ;)