Monday, August 8, 2011

Diniwilk Stew: No Labor in Sight

  • I'm still pregnant. Is there anything worse than coming to work on your due date? Coming to work a week AFTER your due date, I suppose, but I still think there is something especially annoying about being here today. I was excited to see that so many of you are also planning on working right to the very end - I am getting tired of people acting like wanting to save my vacation to spend with my newborn is so SHOCKING. And the next person who makes a joke about my water breaking at work will be treated to me sitting in their desk chair in the unlikely event that actually happens.

  • I have my 40 week appointment this afternoon. My doctor mentioned previously that if I was still pregnant today, she might want to induce on Wednesday. I am on the fence about whether or not I will let that happen, given that I'm not convinced I'm really 40 weeks along. Also, my only regret about Adriana's birth was that I didn't argue against pitocin. I hate that despite my water breaking on its own, and that I delivered without pain meds, my "natural birth" will always have a little asterisk noting the pitocin. On the other hand, I know that I am totally capable of dealing with pitocin contractions without getting an epidural, and I'm so ready to meet Kid B. I feel like whatever mood I'm in the next time they bring it up will determine this kiddo's fate.

  • I failed to do 90% of my weekend planning, sticking with just the fun stuff (SIL's bday, Smurfs, finishing Hunger Games) and adding in lots of extra Adriana/Justin time. I figure the rest can wait.

  • Adriana has been doing AMAZING at the movies. We took her to see Winnie the Pooh last weekend and Smurfs this weekend, and she was an absolute angel both times. Why did we wait so long to test this out? Pre-baby, Justin and I used to go to movies at least once a week, and we REALLY miss it.

  • I feel like I am probably the last person in the world to read the Hunger Games trilogy, but in case I'm not, you should read them! It was entertaining in the same "I must do nothing else until I have devoured the entire series" way Twilight was, but with FAR less annoying characters.

Anyone have any good movie / TV series / book recommendations for me? I'm going to need all 3 once maternity leave starts (assuming that I will not actually be pregnant for the rest of my life).


Saly said...

SQUEE!! Almost baby time!!

Have you read Emily Giffin's books? I really enjoyed Something Borrowed and Something Blue. her others are so so, but i really liked the 1st 2.

d e v a n said...

I totally agree about The Hunger Games. Awesome!

Almost there!!!

Jessica said...

Ha, ha, that's funny - I'm sitting here reading Something Borrowed right now! I'm not finished, but I liked a couple of Emily Giffin's other books better (this one is good, too).

Do you have Netflix? Mad Men came to instant streaming a couple weeks ago and I've already watched the first two seasons. It's addicting!

Wiz said...

I havent read Hunger Games yet but just bought the first two so you are not last!

Good luck with labor. I was a wimp when they turned on the pitocin, maybe it was because I was only at 1.5 cm and I was like "no way am I doing this for who knows how much longer" so an epidural it was and it was wonderful :) Cant wait to hear about the birth!