Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nesting From My Desk

I am one of those pregnant mamas who will work right up to birthin' time. In fact, The Office was required to file a huge document on my due date with Adriana (a Friday) - 150+ pages of calculations. I was supposed to train a coworker on the filing, but it was a crazy busy time and she was bogged down with other things. The Tuesday before the filing, I decided to stay at work as long as humanly possible to get it done. I worked until 11 pm, and my water broke at 2 am Wednesday morning. By Thursday, I was making calls from my hospital room making sure that my coworker could finish it properly.

Thankfully, I am in a MUCH LESS demanding position now (same company, way way way better work/life balance). I was able to transition all of my work, and am pretty much just sitting at my desk twiddling my thumbs now. This has been very hard on my bank account.

In the last 24 hours, I have bought:

This drying rack is ridiculous - I love it (pic from Amazon):

How cute is that?

What are you buying these days?


d e v a n said...

Very cute! I LOVE Wubanubs!

Jessica said...

I work right up to the end, too. With my second, I went into labor an hour and a half after finishing my week of required training for the year.

Heather said...

I'm working right up to the end, too. More time to snuggle with my little one once she arrives! Although I think I'm starting to freak a few co-workers out with my gigantic belly and waddling ways.

Love the Wubanubs! I have a Amazon shopping cart full of baby items ready to be purchased if I don't receive them between now and my Baby's birth.

Lacey said...

I'm working til the end too, if I can of course! Gives me more time with the little love once she gets here!

I have been bad lately about shopping too. Just today I left for lunch and drove over to the Carolina Panther's stadium team store because Charley NEEDS some Carolina Panther's onesies! Very important.

I registered for that drying rack too! ;)

Wiz said...

I also work right up until the end of pregnancy and I work at a desk. I have spent WAY too much money on baby girl stuff because of it!