Thursday, August 11, 2011

Would you like some cheese with that whine?

After months of ignoring the whole "the doctor made me change my due date" thing*, I am now suffering the consequences. First, there's the whole induction debacle (and the fact that when I go in on Monday, I will not be given a choice this time - I will have to be induced). I knew this would be an issue way back when they first changed the date though, so I was kind of mentally prepared for that.

What I was NOT mentally prepared for was the misery from having to prepare for the earlier due date (and hoping it was right so I could meet my kid sooner), and then being BORED OUT OF MY G-D MIND as that due date passed by. Adriana was born two days before her due date, so I didn't experience this the first time around (plus work was so stressful and busy that I needed all of the time I could get). This time, even though I explained to my boss that I wasn't sure how long I'd actually be pregnant, 100% of my work was re-assigned and everyone was trained on how to do my job last week. I haven't been assigned any new cases, so I'm just sitting around making documents that capture my knowledge in a bunch of different areas, in case anyone gets a question about it while I'm gone. Fun. Plus I kind of hate making it so easy for everyone when I had to do all of the research myself (horrible, I know).

This is all made worse by the fact that I am in nesting overdrive, and all I can think about while I'm sitting here is how much I could be getting done if I were at home. You should see my binder of to do lists. It is out of control.

I made the executive decision to not come in next week, regardless of my pregnancy status. I figure the doctor will induce me on Wednesday if I haven't gone naturally by then (booooo), so it's only two days of vacation. Totally worth it if it keeps me sane.

The only thing making this bearable is the fact that I have pretty easy third trimesters. All of you ladies who go/went a week or more past your real due date and are/were physically uncomfortable in addition to feeling like you are 100% prepared but the kid still isn't here and you just can't take it anymore? I am so, so, so sorry!!! I hope your kid is extra cute to make up for it!


*[Life of a Doctor's Wife - you said you don't understand why the doc is so rigid about the date? Basically, the early ultrasound is the "most reliable" predictor of due date. More so than humans, who can't be trusted to remember their LNMP (last normal menstrual period) or who are getting so much action that they could have conceived on any number of occasions (ha). No amount of me explaining why I was confident about my date would get her to change it - if the early ultrasound is over a week off the date based on LNMP, they go with that, period. They have to be firm about their date to protect themselves, which is annoying, but I get it. And they are so convincing about how accurate the u/s is and that your belly is measuring right on track that you delude yourself into thinking they might be right after all, since who WOULDN'T want to be 11 days further along? So it's sucky when you realize that you were probably right all along.]


Heather said...

You have all the reason to whine! I'd be frustrated too, especially b/c you're positive your due date isn't for a few more days. Sending you good vibes ... hopefully Kid B comes before Wednesday so you don't have to be induced!. Add some "ways to make labor happen" to-do's to your binder!

Jessica said...

Can you convince the doctor to schedule the induction for when you're 42 weeks (by her calculations) instead of 41w2d? I don't understand why she's pushing to do it so early. Hopefully that would give you time to go into labor on your own.

My OB told me second-time mothers tend to go 5 days earlier than their first time, so hopefully this one will come a week early!

ssm said...

Ugh ugh ugh that is SO frustrating. 11 days! 11 days is huge. I get why they have to protect themselves, but honestly. Trust the mothers to have SOME sense. (hey, I think this comment might just WORK! Hooray!)

lifeofadoctorswife said...

Ooooh! Thank you for the explanation! Annoying, but I know well how careful docs have to be to protect themselves. (SIGH.)

Thinking of you and hoping that Kid B makes an appearance this weekend.

Mama Bub said...

It's so hard at the end, and so frustrating with all of the rules a doctor has to follow. Soon you'll have a baby head to sniff, one way or another!