Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Diniwilk Stew

  • Thrush update: After Lucy had her mouth pained with the gentian violet, I went ahead and got my prescription filled. I painted the purple stuff on my nipples once a day for three days, and fed Lucy afterwards. This helped my thrush (no more stabby booby pains) but about half of Lucy's tongue is still coated and she has started screaming and being super fussy around feedings again. I painted her mouth myself last night, but will probably have to get diflucan for both of us (which, I assume, means I have to go back to both my doctor AND her doctor, since it would be TOO EASY to be able to get the prescriptions with a phone call, or to just deal with ONE doctor).
  • Since a couple of you asked, my description of how Lucy got thrush is definitely not the only way you can get it, just the most likely way a newborn gets it. It's just like any other yeast infection - your body has a certain level of yeast at any given time, and things like antibiotics or illnesses that compromise the immune system can make it get all overgrown/gross/itchy/painful. I would assume that all newborns come in contact with candida coming down the birth canal, and it's a crapshoot as to whether or not it will progress to thrush.
  • Adriana is MUCH BETTER around Lucy than she was a few weeks ago. She still doesn't always remember that she needs to be more careful around her, but I am less worried that she is going to start mumbling "kill the new baby", Lily-style (Modern Family, anyone?)
  • In general, I am feeling more confident about my ability to handle two under two. I took the girls on a solo outing the other day and felt like a rockstar carrying Adriana, Lucia + carrier, a purse, and a diaper bag all at the same time. Howevah, I still ordered a kid leash/backpack thingie. I don't mind if you judge me - I went from "OMG that's a KID, not a DOG" (pre-moblie child) to "I kinda understand why you'd get one of those" (one mobile child) to "What, it's not eligible for amazon prime? But I need my kid leash NOW!!!" (newborn plus toddler who swings from HOLD ME HOLD ME to I WANNA WALK to I RUNNIN' CHASE ME CHASE ME in two seconds flat, all in a parking lot full of MOVING CARS).
  • In non-kid news, I got myself a shiny new MacBook Pro! This is my first new (non-work) computer since 2005, so I'm pretty excited. Hopefully the transition from PC to Mac will be relatively painless and I will be able to organize my pictures and music in an OCD-pleasing fashion. I'm still in the "how the fuck do you create a folder on this thing / why doesn't control+C work???" phase for now.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thrush Sucks

So, Lucia and I have the thrush. If you are not familiar with it, for the love of god, DO NOT do a google image search (GROSS, I am still scarred). I realized that she had it the day before we went on vacation (10 days at Surfside beach, more on that later), so I will reconstruct a conversation I had with my brother on said vacation to help educate those of you who have never heard of it.

Brother: Why are you giving Lucy medicine?
Me: She has thrush.
Bro: What's that?
Me: See that white coating on her tongue? I have to squirt this crap in her mouth four times a day to get rid of it.
Bro: Is it contagious?
Me: Not unless you suck on her binky or let me breastfeed you.
Bro: How did she get it?
Me: From the birth canal.

Bro: Huh?
Me: Vaginas have yeast. Lucy didn't close her mouth on the way out. Yummy.
Bro: Thanks for the visual.
Me: Thanks for the third degree.

Yes, my family talks to each other like that (or worse). Later that week, my dad almost peed on the beach house couch because he was laughing so hard reading entries out loud from urban dictionary. We are a twisted bunch. Even when I'm not making an effort to gross out my brother, thrush really is kind of an awkward thing to talk about, due to the cause. Or is that just me?

Here is the only pic I could find where you can kinda see the white coating on Lucy's tongue:

The doctor prescribed nystatin (swish it in her mouth 4 times a day for 2 weeks). I was also supposed to put some on my nipples at the same time. Lucy hated it and would freak out every time I tried to give it to her, and it made both of us all sticky and gross. Also, it didn't work whatsoever.

My "6 week" checkup was on Monday (at 5 weeks for some unknown reason), and I asked my doctor about gentian violet thanks to Laura at Navigating the Mothership's super informative post. I still had 2 days left on the nystatin, and Lucy's 1 month appt was today, so I waited to fill it. I asked Lucy's doctor if she was okay with me switching treatments, and she went ahead and had the nurse paint her mouth right then. She said it only had to be done once and it should work (which made me wonder why the heck she prescribed nystatin in the first place). I am going to go fill the other prescription tomorrow so I can have awesome purple nipples (and so we don't keep passing it back and forth). Good times.

Lucy and I had a little photo shoot. This poor kid has to sprout a third eye or have a crazy purple mouth to get some picture love. I really need to step up my photo game, she has changed SO MUCH already (almost 11 pounds at today's checkup!)

Here are the runners up for best photo (but really, they were all pretty hilarious):

Fingers crossed that this stuff works - boiling binkies and doing even more laundry than you normally do with a newborn is the worst.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Two Under Two

I apologize for the unexpected blog vacation. I thought for sure I'd be able to keep everyone up to date while I was on maternity leave, but things are a little crazy here. Apparently parenting two under two is, like, hard or something. I am extremely fortunate that Justin is home so we can divide and conquer, but Adriana and Lucia are on opposite schedules. When Lucy sleeps, I try to give Adriana extra attention, and when Adriana sleeps, Lucy goes on a feeding frenzy. Every times I have enough spare time to boot up my laptop, I end up getting sucked into work emails (I am so lame).

The biggest challenge of having two under two has been with Adriana, not Lucia. I think I was overestimating how difficult the newborn stage is, and underestimating the evil toddler stage. Adriana has always been a pretty adaptable kid, so I didn't anticipate how much the newest member of our family was going to impact her. Basically, my sweet, funny, easygoing little girl turned into a colossal pain in the ass the second she realized she wasn't the center of the universe anymore. It's hard to say how much of this personality change is due to Lucy and how much is the terrible twos kicking in, but the timing sucks either way.

I was released from the hospital after just 24 hours, and Adriana came home with us that day. I thought that being home with us and acting like nothing had changed would help ease the transition, but I really should have taken my parents up on their offer to keep her for another night. Once she saw Lucy in my arms, she wanted to be carried everywhere too. Seeing as how she is a solid 28 pounds, that was not going to happen (at least not the first day...I found myself picking her up for short distances soon after, which, while practical, was not the smartest thing in the world). It was just a little MUCH while I was trying to recover.

By about day two, Adriana realized that Baby Lucy was not going back in Mama's belly and was here to stay. She started trying to crawl into my lap on top of the baby while I was breastfeeding, and throwing huge fits when I told her that I couldn't hold her until after I was done feeding Lucy. [Side note: I will never forget the look on A's face the first time she peeked under my nursing cape...wide eyes, and she exclaimed "She eatin' mom's boobies!" with such surprise that I about died laughing]. She also tries to pry my hands off the baby when I am feeding her ("Put it in the swing, mama, put it in the swing").

Once Adriana realized that babies get special attention, she created an alter ego for herself. I couldn't make this up - one day she crawled into my lap and asked me to rock "Baby Adrini". If I call her Adriana when she is in an attention-craving mood, she says, "No, I Baby Adrini" and giggles and snuggles with me. She know's she's being silly, but she also knows it works and I will play along.

All of this would have been pretty darn cute if it weren't for The Whining and The Violence.

The Whining...ugh. It's pretty much all day, every day. It's amplified by a million if she's the slightest bit tired or hungry. It's really hard to be patient with her and not get extremely frustrated when she would rather scream than use her words to tell me why her diapers are in a bunch.

I prefer The Whining to The Violence though. The Violence is actually the one thing that I was somewhat prepared for, since Adriana is a bit of a bully and was already being sent to time out for kicking, biting, etc. The first couple of weeks after Lucy was home, we pretty much couldn't take our eyes of Adriana for a second. She twisted Lucy's foot, pinched her cheek (hard), dug her nails as hard as she could right in the soft spot on Lucy's head, and even STABBED HER WITH A FORK (a kiddie fork, but still). I am SO SCARED that she is going to bite her one day and end up breaking a bone or something. Thankfully, she has calmed down over the last week or so (only one incident, and it was a minor one).

I really hope that all of this blows over soon and Adriana goes back to her normal self. I still have a hard time figuring out how to discipline Adriana when she acts out, and I hate hate hate when I lose my patience and yell at her. Justin and I actually decided to put her in daycare an extra day each week while we are on leave, just to have some stress-free Lucy time, which makes me feel super-guilty (she normally goes once a week, now she goes twice).

In case you are worried that it's all doom and gloom over here, Adriana just walked up to Lucia's bouncy chair, kissed her forehead, and asked if she could hold her hand. Ah, toddlers, capable of such sweetness and such meanness all in the same 10 seconds.