Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Diniwilk Stew

  • Thrush update: After Lucy had her mouth pained with the gentian violet, I went ahead and got my prescription filled. I painted the purple stuff on my nipples once a day for three days, and fed Lucy afterwards. This helped my thrush (no more stabby booby pains) but about half of Lucy's tongue is still coated and she has started screaming and being super fussy around feedings again. I painted her mouth myself last night, but will probably have to get diflucan for both of us (which, I assume, means I have to go back to both my doctor AND her doctor, since it would be TOO EASY to be able to get the prescriptions with a phone call, or to just deal with ONE doctor).
  • Since a couple of you asked, my description of how Lucy got thrush is definitely not the only way you can get it, just the most likely way a newborn gets it. It's just like any other yeast infection - your body has a certain level of yeast at any given time, and things like antibiotics or illnesses that compromise the immune system can make it get all overgrown/gross/itchy/painful. I would assume that all newborns come in contact with candida coming down the birth canal, and it's a crapshoot as to whether or not it will progress to thrush.
  • Adriana is MUCH BETTER around Lucy than she was a few weeks ago. She still doesn't always remember that she needs to be more careful around her, but I am less worried that she is going to start mumbling "kill the new baby", Lily-style (Modern Family, anyone?)
  • In general, I am feeling more confident about my ability to handle two under two. I took the girls on a solo outing the other day and felt like a rockstar carrying Adriana, Lucia + carrier, a purse, and a diaper bag all at the same time. Howevah, I still ordered a kid leash/backpack thingie. I don't mind if you judge me - I went from "OMG that's a KID, not a DOG" (pre-moblie child) to "I kinda understand why you'd get one of those" (one mobile child) to "What, it's not eligible for amazon prime? But I need my kid leash NOW!!!" (newborn plus toddler who swings from HOLD ME HOLD ME to I WANNA WALK to I RUNNIN' CHASE ME CHASE ME in two seconds flat, all in a parking lot full of MOVING CARS).
  • In non-kid news, I got myself a shiny new MacBook Pro! This is my first new (non-work) computer since 2005, so I'm pretty excited. Hopefully the transition from PC to Mac will be relatively painless and I will be able to organize my pictures and music in an OCD-pleasing fashion. I'm still in the "how the fuck do you create a folder on this thing / why doesn't control+C work???" phase for now.


Reading (and chickens) said...

I used my kid leash daily until the little one figured out how to unclip it. BEST INVENTION EVER. (I hope the thrush goes away, eek!)

lifeofadoctorswife said...

The "kill the baby" comment made me giggle. (Unrelated: Why did they switch the Lily actress?)

So sorry you are STILL dealing with thrush. I hope you find a way to get it under control.

And kid leashes seem pretty smart to me. But there's a lot of user error. Like those people in airports who sit at the gate while their kids wander off on the leash, clotheslining an entire hallway full of rushed travelers. (You wouldn't do that OBVS.)

d e v a n said...

haha - love Modern Family and totally giggled at that reference! Have fun with your new computer.

Jessica said...

MY daddy.