Thursday, October 20, 2011

101 in 1001: 200(ish) Day Update

October 16 marked day 200 of my 101 in 1001 challenge (see how I did the first 100 days here). I completed 11 tasks this time, which means I am still pretty much on track to get all 101 done by Christmas of 2013. I also have a bunch of tasks that are in progress or nearing completion as we speak. The fact that I am getting so much done and constantly referring to this list makes me think that I should do some sort of weekly goal setting on here going forward. The blog holds me accountable, I guess.

Here are the tasks I completed this time:

1) Complete a maternity photo shoot

8) Buy a new computer. As I mentioned previously, I now have a shiny new Macbook Pro. I lurrve it.

9) Upgrade my iPhone. This one was completed ahead of schedule. When the iPhone 4 came out, there was a traumatic incident which ended in me watching my beloved new toy bouncing down the highway during rush hour traffic. Since I didn't stop the car to pick up the pieces, I couldn't prove to the AT&T folks that my 3 month old phone was broken and not sold for profit, so they wouldn't cut me a deal on a new one. I had to go back to my crappy 3G, which was barely functional thanks to mass quantities of baby drool oozing through the cracks. Thankfully, my hubs was up for an upgrade just in time for the 4S, so he got one of those and I inherited his iPhone 4. I still plan on getting a 5 with my next discounted upgrade once it comes out, and I will also replace our iPad with an iPad 2 in the next year. I am turning into quite the little Apple whore.

16) Get cushions for the patio furniture. This one was also completed ahead of schedule, thanks to a stroke of luck. I wasn't planning on tackling my back yard until the spring, but Target had cushions that perfectly match my style on clearance for $12 a pop at the end of this season, so I grabbed them. I'll post pics in the spring when I paint the furniture, seal the patio, and otherwise pretty up my yard.

18) Restart the book club or join another one. I joined Book-It 2.0 (named after that old Pizza Hut reading program back in the day, haha). We are currently reading The Tiger's Wife by Tea Obreht or something like that (too lazy to grab the book to fact check).

27) Install a railing on the staircase. This ended up taking like 3 weeks since we had to pop off the random chair rail, patch it, sand it a million times, and completely repaint the wall. We also had staining issues (we still didn't get the stain exactly right, but whatever). Isn't it pretty?

28) Install a new thermostat. This one gets its own post later.

32) Take kid(s) to the Childrens' History Museum. Okay, so apparently I was confused. Cleveland has both a Childrens' Museum and a Museum of Natural History. I meant the Childrens' Museum when I wrote the goal, so I'm counting it. We went for Adriana's birthday last week, and now have a membership. I'll post pics next time we go, since I didn't have my Nikon with us.

42) Find a family physician, get a physical. I have gone to the same doctor since I was 6, and I hated her. The Office is offering a $20 credit each month if we complete a number of tasks, including proof of a family doctor. I found a lady I like, except she ran a lipid profile and called me saying I need to go on cholesterol meds since mine was "quite elevated". I reminded her that I had a two week old in my arms at her appointment, and that pregnancy can practically double your cholesterol. I have since had it rechecked and it is fine. I get that doctors can't be expected to know everything, but I'd think that should have been common knowledge? I remembered it without google, and I only went to 1 year of medical school. So yeah, I'll probably revisit this one if she makes any other weird mistakes.

58) Take my nephew on a fun outing. We went to Yo Gabba Gabba Live. Doesn't Colin look like he could be Adriana's brother? I think they look more alike than my brother and I do.

71) Send someone a care package. Remember a while back when I asked for suggestions for a NICU care package? I followed through and sent it. I need to do this more often (hopefully under better circumstances); it was fun coming up with a personalized basket of goodies. My friend's twins are doing great now, btw.

The next 100 days end 1/24/12...Hopefully I can get around 15-20 more done, since I am beginning to suspect I'm only tackling the fun/easy ones and a bunch of hard ones will be left at the end. Wish me luck!

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Swistle said...

One of the doctors in my practice told me to stop nursing the baby FOR TEN DAYS while I was taking augmentin, because it would harm the baby. Luckily I was pretty familiar with breastfeeding restrictions by then, so I double-checked with various resources that it was okay (it was okay), and then asked the pediatrician about it (of course it was okay). I felt shaky about this guy after that, because it seems like a doctor should at least DOUBLE-CHECK before advising a breastfeeding mother to stop breastfeeding.