Monday, October 31, 2011

Adriana Milestones: Emotions, Lying, First Haircut

Lawyerish's post about the adorable Felicity's first haircut made me realize I left a few milestones out of Adriana's two year letter. I blame sleep deprivation.

Has anyone ever seen the movie Kicking and Screaming? I don't mean the Will Farrell one, I'm talking about the good one. One of my favorite quotes from the movie is "I can't wait until I'm old enough to feel ways about things." The other day, Justin told Adriana his back hurt so she would have to walk down the stairs. She started crying, and when she reached the bottom, she shouted "I'm mad at you, dada!" When he asked why, she said "because I'm cryin'!" It was too cute for words. She has also let us know when she is sad and when she is happy. My baby is old enough to feel ways about things!

She has also started lying, but she pretty much sucks at it. This picture was snapped right after I asked her if she snuck some pumpkin muffin batter, and she replied "nooooo...." We get the same response if we ask if she pooped.

Finally, about a week after Lucy was born, we took Adriana in to get her first haircut. It was LONG overdue, but I wanted to grow out her bangs as much as I could before she got the chop. She was actually really well behaved, thanks to the rocking horse, Blue's Clues, and sucker hat trick.

The sweet before mullet:



These pics were a couple of months ago now, and looking back at them is making me realize that a) Adriana is due for another trim, and b) her hair is cute short. I'm loving the little flips in the back. Perhaps I should abandon my plan to grow her hair long, and keep it short for a while?


Jessica said...

That's an ADORABLE haircut.

Mama Bub said...

OMG, she grew up INSTANTLY after that hair cut! Adorable.

Swistle said...

Oh, I LOVE that haircut! She looks cute with it longer, too. DILEMMA.

Wiz said...

LOVE her haircut! Precious!