Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Parenting Confession #2: Sometimes I'm Tempted to Leave my Kid in the Car

Okay, now before this post title brings out the crazies, let me first disclaim that in my two years of parenting, I have never once left either child unattended in the car. Not even for two seconds in my parents' driveway in the safest neighborhood in the universe. I am merely putting this out there in the world because I have absolutely no idea where my stance on this falls on the parenting spectrum, and I'm curious about what other normal, sane parents do. Random peeps looking to stir up some internet drama need not apply.

I never really entertained the idea of leaving Adriana in the car when she was the only kid. One of me, one of reason to not take her wherever I was going. However, I must admit, now that Justin is back to work and I'm the one taking Adriana to daycare twice a week, I have briefly considered leaving my sleeping two month old in the car while I run inside for two minutes (at the most) to drop off the two year old.

Now, remember...even if 100% of you say that you would totally leave your kid in the car, I'm not sure if I would/could ACTUALLY do it.

I just really, really want to know if this is a thing that people do, or if it's universally considered a huge no-no.

I have a feeling that it's kinda like car seats - all of our parents left us in the car and wouldn't think twice about it, but our generation would be about as likely to leave a kid in the car as they would pull a Britney and drive around with the kid on their lap.

I have distinct memories of spending what felt like HOURS in the backseat of my mom's Chrysler Horizon, my sweaty face glued to the vinyl while I tried to nap while sitting on the hump in the middle. My parents, OF COURSE, claim that I am completely fabricating this memory, but my brothers agree that, while it likely wasn't as long as we think, we definitely spent our fair share stuck in the car while my parents went furniture shopping.

So what do you say, internet? Have you ever left your kid in the car while you run inside for a minute?


Brenna said...

Okay, I'll probably be crucified for this, but... I've totally left my kids in the car before. The way I figure, the two main reason NOT to leave your kid/s in the car are temperature and kidnapping/car theft fears. Right? Where I live, it's too hot to leave them a lot of the time (other places it might get too cold). So when it's hot (or even warm), I don't. I don't leave them with the car running, ever. But if I need to do something that will take less than a few minutes and the weather is agreeable...I leave them in there with locked doors and do what I need to do.

Caveat#1: my kids are 12, 9, and 4. If I were gone for much longer than expected, my older kids are responsible enough to take care of the 4 y/o and get help. If I had a stroke while picking up my reserved library books, they're not going to be stranded for hours. Caveat #2: my 12 y/o has a cell phone, so I am just a call away.

Mama Bub said...

I have never left my kids in the car, and I probably never will, but I WANT to. I think about how much easier life would be if I could just run these three errands without having to unbuckle anyone, carry anyone, hold a hand, wrangle, etc. If I could just hire someone to ride around in the car with me, so I can pop out of the car without leaving my kids unattended.

Jessica said...

I often wanted to do the same thing at daycare dropoff when I was on maternity leave.  I didn't, though.  I've never left either kid in the car alone in public, but I have left one or both of them in the car in my driveway if I forgot something and needed to run inside to get it. Once I even changed the laundry.

My mom left my sisters and I in the car all the time when we were older (middle school-ish age).  She was a home-health nurse and sometimes she'd pick us up from school, then go to a client's house and leave us in the car while she did whatever (change dressings, give shots, nothing that would take more than 30 minutes).

Courtney said...

I love reading your blog - you are so open and honest, and funny at the same time. I will admit, I only have one kid and at times have wished I could leave him in the car. It's just such a hassle to drag them out of the car, especially if they've fallen asleep, and tote them thru the store - not to mention, there is never any room in the cart for anything when you've got a carseat. Or what about just running in and dropping of dry cleaning, or picking up stamps at the post office - can't we just pull right up to the curb and run in real quick? So much work to get them out for a 2 second run in somewhere. The things we do for our kids!

Reading (and chickens) said...

Oh yes, what mama hub said. I WANT to, all of the time. I probably would, ecept we live in the city and everyone is watching everything I'd totally have gotten arrested. But yes, it crossed my mind about a million times, and if I knew I wouldn't get in trouble and the kid would be safe? I'd do it.

Wiz said...

I havent but havent had the issue arise yet but I remember at Colt's daycare people leaving their kids in the car for dropoff all the time.

And I can still remember being left in the car too as a kid!