Monday, November 7, 2011

Dehoarding: Random Crap Bin #1

The long standing joke in my family is that I am one snuggie and a pack of adult diapers away from being a hoarder (it probably only makes sense if you have seen that episode).

Part of the problem is that I hate throwing anything away if I spent money on it, whether I use it or not. A bigger part of the problem is that I moved a whole bunch of times in a row - like 8 times in 6 years. Many of these moves had to be completed in a very short time, so 65% of my stuff would get packed in an organized fashion, and the remaining 35% would be tossed into random bins. That would be fine and dandy if I then UNPACKED the bins, but that's not what actually happens. Each move I'd end up with 10 or so bins of junk that remained untouched until the next move, when they would get tossed on the truck with the new bins of junk.

One of my 101 in 1001 goals is to cut the number of these storage bins in half. I haven't counted them yet - I'm kind of scared. These bins are currently occupying the garage, the basement, and Adriana's future room. I'm tackling the ones in Adriana's room first since we need to move her into that room to free up the nursery for Lucia.

I thought it might be kinda fun to explore some of the bins together. The first bin I unpacked wasn't a random crap bin - it was full of books, which were carted down to the built in bookshelves in the basement and given a home. The organized bins are boring, so I'm not showing those here. The random crap bins might be boring or super entertaining - it's all a mystery! Like a Russell Stover Bloopers Box but with useless crap instead of deliciousness!

Mohinder is skeptical of the process.

Hmm, not too much in here. Not one, but TWO unopened packages. Let's start with those.

The fedex package mysteriously contained some paperwork from verizon and what appears to be a replacement for my old phone, sans battery. I have absolutely no idea why I never opened the box, or why I needed a new phone. The paperwork tells me that this bin is from a 2007 move. I set the phone aside to recycle.

The second unopened package contained saddle shoes. I remember ordering these for Justin's office christmas party (they didn't arrive on time, and I apparently never returned them). The party was a "50's Christmas Sock Hop". I set the shoes aside to donate or save for a future garage sale.

Who are these dorks?

The brown box in front of the packages had a chain with no charm. The chain was cheap and discolored, so I tossed it.

Hey, I remember that purse! I bought it in 2005 or so, back when I could still fit in Express clothing and therefore had a reason to set foot in the store. Old gum, bandaid, Little Miss Sunshine stub, and koosh ball thingie in the trash, pen in the pen drawer, and purse in the keep pile. The tape is probably Justin's, I never had a camcorder. How it ended up in my purse will remain an unsolved mystery (OH NOES, now the Unsolved Mysteries creepy ass theme song is in my head. GAH. Also, the phone number is still taking up brain space: 1-800-876-5353).

I remember this bag - I used it to haul my lunch, water bottle, 9 million research papers, purse, etc. back in the grad school days (the first time I went to grad school). Keep pile.

Ohhhh, so that's where my blood pressure machine went. Bought it after having weird heart palpitations and realizing my flexible spending account had a bunch of extra money that was going to go to waste. It's been in the bin ever since.

Some Estee Lauder cream (trash) and neutrogena face wash wipes (taken up to bathroom - I can't imagine that they go bad)(at least I hope not). I also put some of those ReBags and a fridge magnet away in the kitchen, and the Don't Quote me game in the basement while I was up.

An unopened Owl book light, which I clipped to my next read - how cute is Mindy Kaling?)

Trash! Leaving the house!

The keep pile.

Well...that was random. Am I the only one who likes to containerize clutter, like a true closet hoarder?


Jessica said...

We have a whole bunch of boxes downstairs in our office from when we moved three years ago. A few of them are from the move before that.

Swistle said...

Oh, MAN, am I going to love this series. It's like TREASURE-HUNT decluttering!

Navigating the Mothership said...

This is very, very fascinating to me. And it feeds the organizing freak in me. Like I want to come to your house and do all the bins with you to get second-hand thrills.

Kathy said...

Oh this is so interesting! It makes me want to go through my own bins as much as it makes me want to avoid my own bins forever. (The kids got to the bins, nuf said.)

Laura Diniwilk said...

Laura (Navigating) - PLEASE DO!!!! HALLLLLLLPPPPPPP!!!!!

StephLove said...

Fun post. Our last move was almost ten years ago and we still have unopened boxes in the basement. Every now and then I think I should really see what's in there.

Heather said...

I can't believe you know the Unsolved Mysteries phone number by heart ... too funny!

Wiz said...

Love that you have the Unsolved Mysteries number memorized. My husband calls me rainman because I remember random crap like that. (I didnt know that number though!)

And being that I just moved, I am unpacking boxes that I never unpacked from two moves ago so I totally understand this!!