Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dehoarding: Random Crap Bin #2

Are you ready for another random crap bin?

Mohinder isn't. He likes his new throne.

Hmm, this one looks promising.

There were a ton of papers, so I decided to tackle those first. I know from past experience that if I don't deal with paperwork first, I will end up stuffing everything back in the box when it comes time to deal with them. Avoidance!

Awww, ticket stub for New Moon. Justin and I took Adriana to Olive Garden and then New Moon when she was 6 weeks old - our first family outing. She slept the whole time and it was awesome [unlike Lucia when we went to Longhorn and Crazy Stupid Love - we had to leave halfway through. Also, I googled Bradley Cooper and Emily Blunt because I couldn't remember the name of the movie. I meant Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Do I have any functional brain cells left?]

I pulled out all of the junk mail, old bills and receipts, and assorted other crap and tossed it. I was left with a pile of paperwork related to Adriana's birth and subsequent hospital visits, and a pile of cards congratulating us on our wedding, baby shower, new baby, and new home. All of that happened in the same 9 month period. Crazy.

Niagara Falls adventure passes from the weekend we were married. I HIGHLY recommend a shotgun wedding in the falls - it was intimate and fun and perfect for us (and FutureAdriana).

A bag of BB's (Justin's). I'm pretty sure we got rid of his gun, so we will likely get rid of these too. I set it aside just to make sure.

Big score #1: All of my turbo jam and pilates DVDs. Note that there are also two pregnancy-related workout DVDs, which I enthusiastically ordered during the week between finding out I was pregnant and the onset of my debilitating "morning" sickness which lasted for 9 months. The CDs were set aside until I figure out what is on them, the game and the VHS tapes (except Empire Records, which they will have to pry out of my cold dead hands) were put in the donate/garage sale pile, and the DVDs were shelved.

Some grad school crap, which was thrown out, except for the owl notebook, because, you know. Owls.

Ugh, I need to get all of my Adriana pics in one place. Also - my bayyybeeee is growing up too fast :(

Uno put in our game drawer. Magic cards in the Justin pile. BB's, nintendo games, and magic cards, what is he, 12?

I have no idea where any of these things came from (or what the plug and that thing on the right are for). Trash, trash, Justin pile, Justin pile.

Hair stuff taken to the bathroom, earrings and night cream to my nightstand, pen and jump drive to my laptop bag, lint roller under the sink, zippo to the Justin pile, disc thing to Adriana's room (it goes to her sound spa), credit card to the shredder. Yay, earrings!

Big score #2: $185 worth of gift cards! The Dave & Buster's cards are from my FIL and SMIL, from the Christmas after Adriana was born. We moved when she was 5 months old, and never had the chance to use the cards before they went to bin hell. I hope they still work - it's a tradition to go to Red Lobster (gross) and D&B (fun) for Justin's birthday.

That was a fun haul, it feels like Christmas. If you just found a $10 iTunes card, what would you buy?


Heather said...

Shotgun wedding? Sounds like there's a story there .....

I'm loving Taylor Swift lately, so I'd buy some songs from the Speak Now record. Or maybe Jason Aldean? I'm on a country kick for some reason.

Lacey said...

Holy crap...literally! :) No but seriously the gift cards were a major find! Gift cards don't last very long around here. In fact, the one I got from you (which turned out to be the $25 btw) was spent that same evening on cute Charley clothes!

And, the shotgun wedding is a fun new factoid I didn't know about you! We need a blog post about that!

Jessica said...

Did you ever see the rest of Crazy, Stupid, Love? It was GREAT.

Swistle said...

THIS CONTINUES TO BE SO FUN. Makes me want to go root around in my basement!

I'd buy "Tonight Tonight" by Hot Chelle Rae and "Who Knew" by Pink, and save the rest until I thought of more.

Mohinder reminds me (pleasingly/sentimentally) of my late cat Oliver. He was that same gorgeous near-metallic dark grey.

StephLove said...

Whoa, $185! I hope they still work.

Shalini said...

I LOVE decluttering. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. My husband said when I was pregnant and asked him if he thought I was nesting, "HOW would I ever tell? You're always nesting!" Did I say I love this? I do.

d e v a n said...

3 things!
1- I love that your cat is in these pictures. hehe
2 - I adore that pillow in picture 1.
3 - $185! Score!!