Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Giveaway #1 Winner and #2 Update

First, I would like to congratulate Laura from Navigating the Mothership for winning the $15 or $25 Target gift card (I am 90% sure it's the $25 one) that is currently in my wallet and restoring my bloggy karma. I had to take a picture of the random number generator because I still don't know how to take a freaking screen shot on a Mac.

Next, I just wanted to make sure you all caught that you are allowed to submit 3 recipes in the second giveaway. I didn't update the page after the rules changed, so I'm not going to choose a winner until Monday night (plus I'm hoping for more recipes - you guys have submitted some yummy stuff so far!)

Good luck!

1 comment:

Mrs.CFH2 said...

OK. I completely forgot to enter and am bummed! Also, command + shift + 3 is a full screen shot. command shift 4 lets you select a specific area. :)