Sunday, November 20, 2011

NaBlew it

Shit, I missed another day! I was just going to pretend like the first time didn't happen, since I double posted the next day, but now I have to officially place NaBloPoMo in the fail bucket, right next to 30 Day Shred, and a placeholder for painting the girls' rooms and probably getting the electrician's estimate.

However, I am SO GLAD I at least tried to participate. I wanted to tell our backstory for a long time, and I am still planning on adding both girls' birth stories and how we bought our house to complete all of our "major life events". I am still going to try to post every day for the rest of the month (and beyond?!) because I still have tons of semi-composed posts taking up brain space.

While I didn't post yesterday, I spent a ton of time giving my blog a new look, figuring out how to add tabs, and tagging old posts. I didn't really put a lot of thought into picking out a template when I first started posting, and the one I slapped up there was NOT ME and also FUGLY. I also plan to design a header myself, and I figured out exactly what I want it to look like. Between that and learning how to do those little photo collages in Photoshop Elements 10, I am pretty darn pleased with myself this month, despite my NaBloPoMo fail. Click on through to check out the new look! It's probably still FUGLY, but at least it's PURPOSEFUL FUG.

While we are talking about bloggy stuff, I want to let everyone know that when I go back to work on Monday, you might see less of me as far as commenting on your blogs, twitter, and pinterest go. It's not that I won't be reading, I just can't comment on most blogs from work (only on approved breaks, of course) and will be busy with Lucy and Adriana and dinner and housework and (hopefully) sleep at night. But please know that I'm still there, cheering you on and thinking about how cute your kids are or how funny your drawings are or how amazing your crafts and recipes are or how smart and funny and interesting you are. I promise!


Jessica said...

Even before you mentioned the new background, was going to say it looked great! I think redesigning your blog should count as NaBloPoMo:)

Also, where did you get that Twitter button? I should try to put one up again. There's one on my site now, but it doesn't work. (Just says there has been an error with this widget.)

Mama Tully said...

LOL! I just love this post's title :)
Great new look for the blog!

Saly said...

I like the new look! Have a great 1st day back!

amy b.s. said...

good luck going back to work!

Wiz said...

Hope going back to work went ok!