Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rosacea Face + Full Body Melanoma Check

UPDATE: If you are here from google to learn about Sumadan wash, this post is more helpful :)

You guys came here to see if I was going to elaborate on the shotgun wedding comment, and instead I'm going to thrill you with my adventures in dermatology. Lame! No worries though, my scandalous past will be coming soon. Spoiler: I was pregnant when we got married, but I did it without a shotgun to my back (I just like to joke about it).

Another unrelated topic before we get to the point of this post: I quit 30 Day Shred (for now)(fail). I think it was a bad move to jump into it after not exercising since the pre-Adriana days - it is SO HARD on my knees and they were hurting to the point that I was worried I was going to injure them. I'll be replacing it with pilates, and revisit the Shred after I build up some strength and flexibility.

So. Adventures in dermatology. First, I have to tell you about why this was my first trip to the dermatologist since 2008, despite the fact that I have some serious rosacea. I had a dermatologist that was okay, and was covered by my insurance and all that. However, one day a coworker and I were sharing random stories over lunch, and he told me about his friend's dad who had anger management issues. Like, to the point that the kids misbehaved so he BLUDGEONED THEIR PET HAMSTER TO DEATH right in front of them. With a hockey stick. As my friend is telling the story, he was like "Really, Dr. [I wouldn't change his name but I don't want to get my coworker in trouble]? Really?" And I was like "Dr. [Seriously, I don't think mean girls or hamster killers should get a name change]? Is he a dermatologist???" And it turns out that YES, MY dermatologist was Dr. Hamster Killer.

I decided not to go back, because ew. I would have made an appointment with someone else, but then I got pregnant and couldn't take the daily doxycycline anyway. And oh, hi, I just tied into my shotgun wedding story! Daily antibiotics = ineffective birth control! But more on that later.

Would you like to see my non-makeup-ed rosacea face?

It's actually worse than this normally - a few more bumps, a little redder. I think the lighting plus the fact that I hardly wear makeup on maternity leave plus lingering pregnancy hormones (???) are working in my favor. My haggard eyes are actually bothering me more in this shot than my skin. Thanks, Lucy!

Skip this paragraph if you don't have rosacea and therefore don't care:
The new dermatologist was awesome - if you are in my area and want her name, email me. Last time, I was given a prescription for Metrogel, which I didn't fill because it was too expensive. That was replaced by clindamycin solution, which didn't do anything, and the doxycycline, which got rid of the bumps but did nothing for the redness. This time, I was given a prescription for Finacea, which was just as expensive as the Metrogel (roughly $100 for a tube that lasts a month, assuming you have better grooming habits than I do), but I can (with some budget magic) afford it now. I also got a prescription for Sumadan wash, and some samples of over the counter CeraVe wash and CeraVe AM and PM moisturizers. I will give a skin update in a month or so to let you know what works.

She also gave me two nuggets of information that I am super excited about. First, there is a new pill on the market that is supposed to be amazing. I can get a prescription for it when I go back next year (assuming I'll be done breastfeeding by then). She also said that a few sessions of laser treatment should get rid of my redness. HELLS YEAH. It's cosmetic, so not covered by insurance, but roughly $1000 to not have bright red skin (by far, the thing I am the most self conscious about)? SIGN ME UP. I'll do it in March with my bonus check.

I also had a full body check to make sure none of my moles were cancerous. I am not a mole-y person, but I have had at least two serious (to the point of blistering) sunburns in my life, so I'm at risk.

Skip this paragraph if you've already had a full body check and therefore already know what it's like:
I had to get naked, except for my underwear. They gave me three paper items: a paper mat for the floor to set my feet on, a little paper top that opened in the back, and a big paper sheet to cover my lap. She wanted to start with any moles that concerned me, so I showed her this weird one on my chest. She didn't think it was cancerous, but biopsied it anyway with a little wink wink. Bye bye, ugly chest mole! Thanks, insurance! First, she injected it with some sort of numbing solution. Then she sliced it off even with my skin, which leaves the root but makes for a smaller scar. Finally, she cauterized it, which smells like burning flesh (yum). I then pointed out any of the other moles I had that I didn't want her to miss. They all were fine. Then she lifted up the various paper sheets and checked the front of my body (peeking in my undies, which I thought was unnecessary - couldn't I have just TOLD HER if I had a vag mole?) Next, I had to stand up on the paper mat and she checked out the back of my body, again peeking in my undies for butt moles. Awkward.

Anyway, please, for the love of god, go get this done if you haven't already. Melanoma is easy to treat if you catch it early!

/end boring skin post


Heather said...

I just had a mole removed today actually, by our family doctor. I was surprised at how easy it was for him to remove it. And basically pain free too. I agree, better to check them out than be sorry!

Lacey said...

Ahh the lovely full body check. I had basal cell carcinoma on my forehead and therefore have to do the full body check dermatology appointment twice a! And I can't decide if your dermatologist's method is better or worse than mine. Mine just give me a paper robe and you lay on the table while he examines you (and does the peek under the undies too..rude!) and then has you turn over in your paper robe for him to check the back. Do you know how awkward it is to roll over in a paper robe which then gets all twisty and rips? Not fun! But good job on's important! :)

Suzanne said...

I really really need the full body check done - it's been years since I had one, I've had several suspicious moles removed before, my father & mother have BOTH had cancerous cells removed after skin checks. I am, in fact, skin cancer walking around waiting to happen. But the last doctor I went to was HORRIBLE (not hamster-killing horrible, but creepy and gross) and I need a new referral anyways and that means this will all take two separate doctor's appointments and I am SO BUSY AND IMPORTANT that I don't have time. Or really, I just don't have childcare, and I don't really need two toddlers in the room while a doctor checks out my butt for moles.

Jessica said...

I've been meaning to have a mole check for forever. When I got pregnant the first time all my moles got really dark. I know it's completely normal but they look ominous.

Wiz said...

I havent had a check yet and I am very freckly (is that a word?) I know what they do when check you (as you described!!) I know its silly and I really need to do it.

Also, to answer your question about my blog, I paid someone to do it. Munchkin Land Designs. There is a button on my blog. I so wish I knew how to do it, but as much as she charged, maybe I should learn!

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