Friday, November 11, 2011

(...Then Comes Unplanned Pregnancy...)

In First Comes Love, I told you how I got this sweet bling in October of 2008 (the ring, not the amazingly awesome Kaleidoscope nail polish):

Now I get to the part you requested - scandal time!

Around Christmas of 2008, we were happily wearing matching jammies and planning a picture perfect wedding:

We set the date for September 19, 2009, sent out save the date cards, hired a photographer and a DJ, and rented a hall. Early January, I took my future bridesmaids dress shopping. I should mention (lest you think I have no taste whatsoever) that the dresses below were the style I liked, but not those colors. For the record, I was planning on black dresses with super bright multicolored bouquets.

At some point during the dress shopping craziness, I made the fatal mistake of joking about which one of the ladies below would be a pregnant bridesmaid. DO NOT EVER JOKE ABOUT FERTILITY, OR IT WILL COME BACK TO BITE YOU IN THE ASS.

The Friday before Valentine's day, I was sitting in my cube after work, reading through Swistle'sarchives while I waited for Justin to get off work so we could go to dinner. I was reading a post about morning sickness, and all of a sudden, I got really hot and dizzy, and thought I might throw up. Am I...Could I be???

I quickly brushed it off as sympathetic barfiness, and went to the restaurant. However, Justin was running a bit late and I started doing the math on my fingertips. Fuuuuuuuuuck...

This is where I would show you my positive pregnancy test, but I can't find the picture anywhere! Let's just pretend that I'm skipping it to spare you from seeing something I peed on.

Justin and I realized that we would have to tell the family right away, since some decisions would have to be made quickly regarding the wedding. Despite the fact that I was 29 years old, financially stable, and engaged to be married, this was one of the most terrifying things that I have ever had to do in my life. I felt SO STUPID. I went to a year of medical school! I have a Master of Science degree! I specialized in REPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY, FTLOG!!! I KNOW exactly how and when you get pregnant. I KNOW that antibiotics make your birth control pill less effective. But, uh. Yeah. Pregnant.

I was also SO ASHAMED. Which was weird, seeing as how my grandma and my mom both did the exact same thing. That's right, folks, three generations of pre-wedding pregnancies! We are fertile! But my mom had always tried to hide this nugget of information from us, and it's still something we've never had a lengthy conversation about.

Anyway, I sucked it up and told my parents in the most super awkward fashion I possible could have. My mom seemed briefly pissed, but my dad smiled right away and you could tell he was really happy. That quickly made my mom jump on board as well, and we got hugs and kisses and congratulations. With that massive weight off my chest, I could finally start to get excited about the pregnancy.

Funny story...We were planning on waiting to tell people outside our immediate family until I was 12 weeks along. We were at a party one night, and I was all worried that our friends were going to notice that I wasn't drinking. Somehow I managed to not get called out, but Justin got EXTREMELY drunk. Our friend decided that he would try to mess with Justin so he would lose at poker. He said "Hey, I hear Laura is pregnant." Instead of denying it, drunk Justin immediately said "How did you know that???" And that's how some of our friends found out, weeks ahead of schedule.

Justin is going to be annoyed that I included this picture - it's not my fault you throw up gang signs and stick out your tongue when you are drunk, honey! And that's what you get for spilling the beans!

Not that it really mattered - I get very pregnant looking very fast. Work people were asking me about my awesome new belly before I announced anything. Nosy bastards.
At my 20 week ultrasound, we found out that we were having a baby girl. I was SURE we were having a boy, and I immediately burst into tears. (Note: I did the exact same thing when I found out Lucia was a girl, which was what we wanted, so I have this reaction no matter what).

I instantly fell in love with the idea of having a sweet baby girl, and began planning the nursery and registering for eleventy jillion pink and purple things:
I had decided shortly after finding out I was pregnant that it made more sense to use any money that would have gone towards the wedding on mounds and mounds of baby stuff. My parents are amazing and extremely generous, so they agreed to this plan. The fancy wedding was aborted (with almost all of our deposits returned!), and the shotgun Niagara Falls wedding planning began.

I took this picture to document the size of my baby bump right before we got married:

This is post wedding, but I just wanted to show you that I also did the henna belly for Adriana:
Wedding post tomorrow!


Lacey said...

Love it! I really like your multi-colored sports bra belly pictures too!

Shalini said...

Ooh, I love the belly pics too. I think it's hilarious that the same thing happened to your mom AND grandmother. Ha! My parents would rather die than reveal details like that. No one has sex, ever.