Friday, December 2, 2011

Wanna Hang Out?

Yes, I am officially going to The Blathering 2012, and most likely PJs @ TJs as well. Am I crazy? Quite possibly.

My pregnancies are pretty tough, what with the 9 months straight of vomiting and the falling asleep on the couch by 7 pm. Then I'm the primary food source until I start supplementing. We already ask SO MUCH of my parents, since they babysit the girls while I work, FIL and SMIL have their own kid, and MIL is not an option. So we pretty much have no babysitters whatsoever (I'm not comfortable with hiring a random stranger or a teenager - it BLOWS MY MIND that people used to trust me to babysit their newborns when I was TEN YEARS OLD).

Any time Justin and I get invited somewhere, I usually let him go out while I stay home. It works out splendidly when I'm pregnant, since I'm too tired to do anything anyway, but it kind of sucks beyond that. Not that I don't love spending time with the girls, I just miss adult conversation.

Add in the fact that most of my high school friends live out of state, I am only friends with my college friends via facebook, and I don't have much in common with my grad school friends anymore (they still party all night, every night) social life is pretty lame. Not too many people stick around after you have blown them off for a year to have a kid and raise a newborn.

So, I am branching out. I'm tired of not doing anything for myself, so I'm going to change it. Although I'm definitely nervous about going to both events, I'm not super shy or bad at making friends. But I would SO MUCH RATHER do this with people who know who I am. So here I am, begging you to come hang out! It will be so much fun! Doooooooooo itttt......


Suzanne said...

I reallyreallyreallyreally want to go to The Blathering. I think I will think about thinking about going for the next 6 months and just when I decide I WILL go it will sell out.

Lacey said...

Ooh. I would like to go to it too, but I am just starting to read the majority of those people's blogs. You were the only one I'd ever heard about The Blathering from until recently! If I do go...we'll be roomies! How long until I have to decide?

lifeofadoctorswife said...

SO JEALOUS. You are SO BRAVE! I mean, all the Blathering ladies and TJ ladies are wonderful, I'm SURE. But I am way too scared to meet anyone in real life.

So you will have to break me of that. We need to get together for a drink!!

Jessica said...

I get to see you TWICE next year! Woo-hoo! (Are you bringing Lucy to TJs? I'm still on the fence about Paul.)

StephLove said...

Have fun at the gatherings. It will be good to get out and socialize.

We went out to a friend's birthday party this weekend and left the kids with a sitter. It was fun, but so expensive. It really makes you think twice every time you go out.