Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011 Recap

I don't feel right getting into my 2012 resolutions/to do list before I've even talked about Christmas, so here we go (better late than never, right?)

First, the photos:

I got the girls bathed and dressed in their matching Christmas jammies. Then Adriana and I put out cookies and milk for Santa and reindeer food for Rudolph. Which happened to be Nilla Wafers, since that was the first thing I saw when I went into the kitchen.

Adriana got a mischievous look before we put the dish outside and popped one in her mouth.

Justin and I wrapped / assembled gifts by the fire while we drank wine and listened to Christmas music.

All Adriana wanted from Santa was "a blue present". He brought her a kitchen and a Mommy and Me set for her dolls (one of those crib/stroller/diaper bag/feeding set deals). The rest of the presents are from Mama and Dada, who may have gone overboard this year. In my defense, lots of it was stuff they needed anyway, like shoes, boots, clothes, bathing suits, sheets, etc. Most of the toys were Melissa and Doug stuff from their one day sale earlier in December. The wooden play food and sticker sets were a huge hit.

Santa left Adriana a letter! And Rudolph ate all of his Nilla Wafers, too!

I made the girls pose for some pics in front of the tree, because I am a mean mom. My thumb made a special appearance in the only one where Adriana is smiling, because I am a shitty photographer.

Adriana ran right for the kitchen.

And her blue present.

We did the stockings next, since I realized I forgot to do them first.

Lucy dug into her stocking all by herself.

Justin wore his festive Mario jammies and looked very enthused.

Santa brought Lucy a doll of her very own.

Some Adriana quotes (so glad I wrote them down):
  • [Before going downstairs, when I asked if she thought Santa ate his cookies] "I don't want Santa to eat the cookie. Can I have a cookie?"
  • [Also before we went down, I exclaimed "SANTA!" trying to get her pumped up. She cocked her head, listening to the banging downstairs, and said...] "That's not Santa, that's DADA!!!"
  • "A kitchen for me?!!!"
  • "Look out Lucia, I'm trying to open my present. Grab it, Lucia!"
  • "Look at what Santa brought for me!"
  • "That's for Lucy, the hello kitty socks." [Trying to share the stuff in her stocking. She then modeled both pairs of socks while we watched.]
  • "Can I give it to Lucia?" [Trying to share again - it was really cute!]
  • "Winnie the Pooh FOR ME!!!"
  • "Dress!" [After every article of clothing, none of which were dresses.]
  • "My matching shoes are flopping over, mama help!" [She tried on all of the shoes, too.]
  • "I'm gonna get some more sheets." [Before opening a second pack of sheets, haha.]
  • "You've gotta scissor these." [Handing me a box to open.]
  • "Extercise boots!" [Snow boots.]
  • "Whoa, can you take these tags off? I don't like boots on my tags."
  • "Frosting!" [It was fake canned tuna.]
  • [After I asked if she wanted to see what else she got...] "No, I'm making food."
  • [To Justin, after he tried to help her open a gift...] "You messed up my present!"
It was so much fun opening presents and starting traditions at our house. The past 2 years Adriana has been too little to really know what was going on, so we just did a few gifts for her at my parents'. She was so excited about everything, I just can't wait to do this every year.


Lacey said...

I can't wait for a fun Christmas like that! I LOLed at several of those Adriana quotes! So funny!

Doing My Best said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the matching jammies!!!! Such adorable girls =)!

lifeofadoctorswife said...

Your kiddos look so cute! Sounds like a wonderful Christmas!

Pickles and Dimes said...

These Adriana quotes were my favorite:

"Whoa, can you take these tags off? I don't like boots on my tags."



Your family is so adorable!

Courtney said...

Sounds like a great Christmas. Adriana's quotes were hilarious. :)

Wiz said...

Love all the quotes! This age is hard but also so much fun. You never know what will come out of their mouths!