Thursday, February 16, 2012

PJs @ TJ's

OH, HI! It is now THURSDAY, and I am finally caught up on sleep enough to write my PJ's @ TJ'srecap. Oh my gosh, you guys, it was SO MUCH fun. If you are on the fence about attending a blogger gathering, DO IT. Internet ladies are just as awesome in real life as they are in your computer.

Last week was kind of a crazy week because Lucy caught the daycare death plague twice. As in, she had a one day recovery from barfing and diarrhea and then promptly began barfing again. So I left for Kelly's a) completely worried that Justin was going to fail at parenting a sick baby (irrational - he's a great dad), and b) even more sleep deprived than usual. I thought I could sleep on the plane, but I started getting all panicky, tipping my years long internal debate of Name That Attack from "Heart" to "Panic" for good. So I solved that mystery, but I was tired as hell when I finally made it to Arizona. Oh, and there is a 2 hour time difference, which did not help the situation.

Anyway, I made it to the airport and over to Megan's terminal (we had similar flights so we decided to split a car). We went to the hotel, but I couldn't check in because my roommate Jess was having a Planes, Trains, and Automobiles experience, and everything was in her name. We ran into Stephanie in the lobby, and decided to wander over to a local shopping area to get some grub (and laugh at the worst waitress in the history of the universe) while Kelly dealt with a sick Penny and issues with getting everyone passes to get on base. Brooke and Elise came by to pick us up, and we all piled into Brooke's car. The weekend had finally begun!!!

Once we got to Kelly's, I decided to plant myself on the couch with Noemi and Diane, because I recognized them from their accent vlogs and they are pretty much exactly the same in real life as you would expect them to be. The rest of Friday night mostly involved surreptitiously glancing at everyone's nametags while cramming sandwiches in my face and trying not to fall asleep on Kelly's couch. I was essentially a zombie, so that was seriously the best I could do. If I had known that I wouldn't get much of a chance to talk to Diane for the rest of the weekend, I would have done jumping jacks or something to stay awake and keep the conversation going. That was the biggest problem with a weekend like this - there are SO MANY awesome people, and SO LITTLE time to really connect with all of them. If you're reading this, Diane, I think you are hilarious and I really, really, really want to get to know you better!!!

Friday night just happened to be self portrait day in the #febphotoaday challenge, so this is what I wore:

Top: Converse (Target)
Jeans: Mossimo (also Target)
Shoes: Unlisted (Macy's)
Ring: Not sure of the brand, but I'm pretty sure it came from Macy's
And I have some of those Goody hair band / bracelet combo deal thingies on my wrist.

I could have totally wore sweatpants all weekend and not felt out of place though. Yay for laid back ladies!

I woke up Saturday morning at 9am Arizona time, which was 11am Ohio time. ELEVEN!!!! I haven't slept that long least 3 years. I felt like a completely new person. We carpooled over to the base and basically hung out, getting to know each other better and squeezing babies all day. The best part of the second morning was bonding with the internet babies. Penny still wasn't feeling well, but Jess's Callum, Erin's Lorelai, and Andrea's Alli were hamming it up. All of the babies are about a thousand times more adorable than you can imagine. At that point, I was kinda sad I decided to leave Lucy at home, but I ended up being glad later (foreshadowing!!)

Oh, and I DID wear sweatpants and a t-shirt the second day:

Once we were kicked out so Kelly could decorate, a group of us went to get mani/pedis:

Then, it was finally time for the PJ party!!! It was everything a PJ party should be, and more. There were cute jammies (Jess on the left, Lara on the right):

Matching jammies (Noemi on the left, Diane on the right):

Tons of pizza, pop, ice cream (including root beer floats, because Diane is a genius!), and dip that pretty much consisted of crack, rainbows, and butterflies. This picture isn't just intended to capture Phil's pizza-carrying skills though. Do you see it? THERE WAS A BED RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LIVING ROOM!!!! Kelly's vision = full of awesome.

Me, Kammah, a root beer float, and Dirty Dancing:

Okay, quick takes on everyone, since that is probably what you came here for if you are still reading:

Kelly (or TJ, if you prefer) is just as funny in real life as she is on her blog. She never once made me (or anyone else) feel like an outsider for being a newer blogger or having no blog. I would LOVE to spend more time with her, gossiping and swapping in-law and other obnoxious family member stories. Thank you for inviting us, Kelly!

My car buddy Megan was amazing and pretty much single-handedly made the entire trip worthwhile. I suspect we will be friends for a long time. She's normal and funny and interesting and I am ANXIOUSLY AWAITING the day she will stop reading our blogs and start one of her own (as you should be too).

Jesabes Jess (my roommate) was one of the people I was most excited to meet, as we read each other's blogs. We spent some quality time pumping together and had some nice moments in the room, but I feel like I didn't get to know her as well as I wanted to because we were always rushing to get ready or sleeping. Jess - we WILL fix this at the Blathering!!!

Brooke, Noemi, and Lara are all beautiful and would be the most fun people ever for a girls' night with lots of wine and gossip. Also, Lara mentioned being nervous about her age, and DUDE. If I look HALF as young and vibrant in my 40's as she does, I will consider my entire life a success. Noemi, Kelly, and Diane would be my ideal people for a girls' night with lots of bad reality tv, ice cream, and snark.

Du Wax Loolu Jess is very down to earth, warm, and friendly, just as you would expect from reading her blog. I want to go get coffee with her. Erin is fun and friendly and also has MIL stories, so she should come too.

Linnea is freaking hilarious and I could just listen to her for hours. She is the best person to have around when you need to break the ice.

Elise is so cute and entertaining, and seems a lot more mature than her age. I want to sit and offer big sisterly advice to her and Kammah while we crochet and eat bagels (or things that are not bagels).

Stephanie is laid back and on the quiet side (not in a shy way, more like in a "taking it all in" way). When she does talk, she is always super nice and very interesting. She also has lots of good blog recommendations.

I didn't get to know Andrea, Kara, or Phil's aunts as well as everyone else, but the conversations we did have were always pleasant. I wish Andrea and Kara didn't have other obligations that weekend, because they both seem like awesome people. Perhaps they will also start blogging or tweeting more? The world could use lots of cute Alli pictures :)

And we all totally missed Deja, who couldn't be there due to illness. Boooooo!


One last pic of me and a cactus, since I risked being shot down by large guns to take it:

Also of note...I had my own planes, trains, and automobiles experience trying to get back home (thank god I didn't have Lucy). I won't bore you with the details since I did enough of that on Twitter, but this totally happened when I asked for "stuck in an airport indefinitely reading material":

Thanks to everyone for a great time, and to my hubs for taking care of the girls so I could go (even if it meant the sacrifice of a onesie)(HE CUT IT OFF LUCY BECAUSE SHE POOPED AND HE DIDN'T WANT TO GET IT IN HER HAIR!!!)(Men.)


Swistle said...


Diane said...

I'm sad we didn't get to talk more, too! I swear, the video of your daughter playing daycare was the HIGHLIGHT of the weekend. She is clearly a RIOT.

A'Dell said...

HOORAY! I am so glad you guys had such a great time. Can't wait for New Orleans!

Suzanne said...

That sounds like SO MUCH FUN. And it has made my entire morning that I inadvertently made it into your recap by way of Twitter screen shot.

Megan said...

Aww you are making me blush! I had such a great time with you, too! I can't wait to hang out again.

Brooke said...

It was so much fun! And I'm so jealous that you got retweeted by Jennifer Weiner! And Lara is 40+?! I had no idea. The girl is gorgeous - you all are. Hope to see you at another gathering soon :)

Lacey said...

Loved it, and can't wait for our bloggy gathering in November!

And, my favorite part is about the sacrifice of the onesie. HAHA! That is such a man thing to do! :D

Saly said...

I'm so jealous!! It sounds like you had a fantastic time!

Jess said...

Oh, I'm so glad we got to meet! This is such a fun recap. And the travel nightmare was totally worth it for getting tweeted at by Jennifer Weiner, right?

Jessica said...

I am also SO bummed we didn't get to talk more!! We need to gChat or something until November:)

I just stole a couple of your pictures and edited my recap to add them. Hope that's OK:)

PinkieBling said...

Awesome recap! I get sadder and sadder with each one I read, but I am so glad all of you had a wonderful time!

I LOVE the blue toes!

purplelara said...

Laura Michelle, I was so glad to meet you. Really. We hadn't crossed paths before the planning started - I thought the party would be a great chance to meet people I *knew* online, but it turns out it was also great to meet new people too. I agree, Friday night was all about "who is that? what's their name on twitter? have I talked to them there?" - so I'm so glad this was a multi-day event and we got a little more time together. Hope to see you again

j wilks said...


What Laura failed to mention, was that Adriana was packed up and sitting in the car waiting to leave. I went to change Lucy before putting her in the car seat and that's what I got. I felt it was a reasonable solution to get Lucy in the car without poopy hair lol.

Wiz said...

So glad you had fun! And how awesome is it that Jennifer Weiner tweeted back (I have read Little Earthquakes and really liked it btw.) I really need to get on twitter!