Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reader Question: What Made You Start Blogging?

This question is brought to you by the lovely Shauna, whose blog features the best mastheads ever, hilarious whiteboard messages from her dog, and ALLEGEDLY a disturbing number of bacon references (but none since 2009 - what's up with that???)

Okay, so I kinda talked about this a little bit over here, but you probably shouldn't click on that link, since it lists four blogging goals that I have made ZERO PROGRESS ON WHATSOEVER. Oops.

Basically, I was a big old lurker for many, many years. I stumbled onto the little blogging world when I googled makeup tips for rosacea and found a post Sundry did on the now defunct Sundry Buzz (RIP). I read that entire site, and fell in love with Sundry and Swistle, and then proceeded to read every last thing either one of them ever wrote. Which I don't think you can actually do anymore, at least for Sundry. You can go here or here, but not her current website. It's really too bad, because her oldest stuff is the best stuff. Let us pause a moment to mourn the loss of both Sundry Buzz and old Sundry.* Let's also pause a moment to thank Swistle for being consistently awesome since September of 2006, because really, that's amazing.

I probably would have been content to just lurk around Swistle and friends of Swistle forever, but then Google reader suggested I check out Saly's blog. I also stalked her archives, and what really struck me was that she had managed to find this core group of awesome readers, who were always there to cheer her on and give advice and INTERACT, which was something that was missing from my bloggy experience. Coincidentally, this is also how I found Shauna - I decided that these people were so awesome that I wanted to follow them too.

The final kicker was finding other Laura.** Every time I'd read her posts, I would think of what an amazing record of her daughter's (and now son's) childhood she was creating. Her blog is so funny and informative and beautifully written and relevant to my own experiences, that I stalked her too, even breaking out of my lurker shell and emailing her a bit. She was very nice and responsive that it gave me the confidence to branch out on my own.

So there you have it! If you are currently on the verge of making the transition from lurker to commenter or lurker to blogger, DO IT! I have so much fun interacting with people on Twitter and Instagram, and I've even made an e-BFF and gone to the best slumber party evah! It's just so much BETTER, not carrying on completely one-sided relationships with amazing women.

* In the completely, totally, absolutely, ridiculously unlikely event that Linda ever sees this, it's not that I don't like you anymore. I just feel like you are too busy to really focus on your blog, and your posts don't make me spit diet coke on my screen on a regular basis like they used to. I miss that.

** In linking this, I realize that I missed YET ANOTHER day in the life posting session. STUPID STUPID BROKEN GOOGLE READER. I am SO BEHIND on everyone's blogs! And I PROMISED myself I would participate every quarter this year. If you aren't familiar and have some time, go check Laura's out, and then stalk all of the participants too (that's what I did)(I think Laura thinks it's super creepy when Heather or Mama Tully show up here)(but I loved their day in the life posts, and every post since!)(ZOMG BABY SNOWPEA IS HERE GOD I'M SO BEHIND!!!)


Pickles and Dimes said...

Oh, the bacon! I KNOW. I hardly ever talk about it anymore, but trust me, I still EAT it a TON. :) I don't have time for the blog as much and it needs to be updated in so many ways. (For instance, I think my bio still lists me as 34 or 35 years old - HA.)

I love hearing how people started blogging - LOVE it.

Jessica said...

I haven't read the whole post yet, so I'm sure I'll be back to comment again. Just wanted to say I DID read every single post of Linda's last year. It took several months, obviously, and I couldn't ready Sundry Buzz, since it didn't exist anymore. I did most of it on her current website - I just hit the "next page" buttton, which took me to page 2, then replaced the 2 with a really high number and played around until I found the last existing page (300-some, I think) and went forward from there! It's a little tricky, since new posts bump the page count, but that's easy to keep track of.

Jessica said...

That should probably say "replaced the 2 *in the URL* with a really high number"

Jessica said...

Ok, done now.

I started pretty much the same way - I found Mighty Maggie through and moved on through friends of Maggie and then other Blathering attendees.

Swistle said...

I remember Paul sent me a link to a post by Gangsters of Love (not updated anymore) and I read a lot of her archives, and she linked to Sundry so then I read a ton of Sundry, and then I started clicking on people's blog rolls and OMG THERE IS A WHOLE WORLD HERE!! Starting a blog was kind of impulsive: I'd been kind of thinking about maybe doing it, and then I thought, "Well, why don't I just start one and see? It's not like I'm signing a contract." So I did! I remember being discouraged because my archives were so tiny---like, September and October 2006, that was it!

Navigating the Mothership said...

Glad that I played a little role in getting you to blog :) V. flattering.

(And not so weird to see Heather or Mama Tully or the rest over here - I know there's lots of connections from those DITL posts!)

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

The first blogs I read were wedding blogs, way back in ought seven when I was planning my wedding. Somehow I found Not That You Asked from one of those blogs, and I read her ENTIRE archives and I found myself thinking in blog posts all the time, so I thought, hell, I should start a blog too! It has been awesome - I love having this group of girls to "talk" with on a regular basis.

(P.S. Last summer, I think, I also read Swistle's entire archives. Sometime you just CAN'T STOP READING.)

Mama Tully said...

LOL! Oh my, I certainly didn't mean to be "creepy"! Ha!
I totally favorite part of blogging (and the reason I started as well) was having a place to document this phase in our lives and the growth/development of our kids. I have many moments a day that I want to just freeze in my head forever...but the craziness of life gets in the way and we often forget the little moments that make this stage so amazing...and not so amazing too;)
And I love reading other blogs, like yours, that I can totally relate to and they make me feel like I'm not alone and/or crazy with the good, the bad, and the ugly of Motherhood!
Looking forward to hearing the rest of your Answers!

Heather said...

Navigating The Mothership (well, actually it was Preggie Blonde back in those days) inspired me to start blogging too. I read all of her archives at work one day and realized there was so much more to my real-life friend than I even knew!

Couple that with the fact I'm an over-sharer by nature and well ... my own blog was born. Totally agree with Mama Tully - I love having a living record of my life, even the tiniest details I would otherwise forget. I'm also so thankful for the awesome e-friends (like you!) I've made which helps me feel like I'm not alone in this crazy gig called motherhood.

Wiz said...

This sounds exactly like my experience. I stalked blogs FOREVER and read several old archives. My fave was Dooce but she is just so big now. I am so glad I started one finally. Its nice to have the history since I am awful with a baby book!

M said...

See? And now you are the driving force behind MY blog, even though it has a sad 4 entries. I'm so glad I met you.

Raising Snowpeas said...

Yay, I got mentioned on your blog... wow, yes, I'm also a crazy stalker too as Laura from Navigating the Mothership got me started on blogging and now I read almost all the blogs that comment on her blog, ha! But, I love having "friends" on blogs.. you know, the people you tell your husband about - as in.. oh yeah, this girl who's blog I read.. yeah, I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm crazy that I've never met these people but know more about them than some of my real life friends.. haha!