Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bank Rant

As you all know, I am working away from home this month.  Our out of town offices are located in a building also occupied by a major bank.  To avoid google-ability, we will call it Chafe Bank.  If it were my previous bank (Last Merit), I wouldn't care if people found my rant, since their service sucked.  But I actually rather like Chafe Bank, other than this one particular issue.

I bought my car in March of 2010.  At that time, Adriana was a mere 5 months old, we were closing on our house, I was starting a new role at work, and I was working on my MBA.  I was freaking busy.  So busy, in fact, that when I tried to set up autopay for my car loan and realized they set up the account under the wrong social security number (after many, many, MANY minutes on the phone with many, many, MANY individuals), I didn't really do anything about it. Fixing it required Chafe sending a claim form to my house, and me copying and faxing a bunch of information to them.  I am TERRIBLE with mail, and work faxes are all used by tons of people so I'm not a big fan of using them for personal reasons.  I figured I would have Chafe automatically deduct my monthly auto loan payment from my Chafe checking account, and I'd fix the account information later, in person. 

One baby, one degree, and craploads to do for work later, and it's still not fixed.  However, my trek to the hearing room (the purpose of these work travels) takes me through the lobby of Chafe bank on a daily basis, so I decided to take care of it over lunch.  And, uh, get a new copy of our joint debit card, which has been missing for like 8 months.  

The dude was able to get me a new debit card under the same number as my previous card, which was awesome because we have tons of accounts tied to that number and the thought of fixing them all was the very thing preventing me from getting a new card for the better part of a year.  

The dude was NOT able to fix the social security card thing, despite the fact that I a) have a valid license, proving my identity, b) have several other accounts with Chafe, which have the correct social security number, c) told him my accurate social security number, and the one-digit-off number that my auto loan was under, d) verified the day of the month and the amount that is deducted from my checking account to pay for the loan, e) verified a ballpark number left on the loan (but pointed out that I can't see my statements, since I can't access the account online), f) verified the make and model of the car, and g) verified the address we lived in when I bought the car (frying a few valuable brain cells in the process).  Oh, and h) my real last name is uncommon.  

They need my actual social security card to change the account.

Bitch, please.  Do you think that if I were the kind of upstanding citizen who knows where their social security card is, I would have waited TWO YEARS to stop improving the credit of the lucky bastard with the social security number one off from mine?  

So now I get to go through the painful process of getting a replacement social security card to bring to Chafe to fix a mistake that they ACKNOWLEDGE they made, and that really makes not a lick of difference to me on a day to day basis.  

This right here is EXACTLY why I procrastinate.  I am so freaking sick of all of the minutes of my life wasted on things that COULD be an easy fix, but instead take HOURS over multiple DAYS.  I can walk into Chafe and get a new copy of a debit card with the SAME ACCOUNT NUMBER by showing nothing more than my license, but they can't use the same ID to fix my account information for a loan.  What exactly do they think I'm doing?  Going around paying for other people's car loans just for kicks?

This whole situation chafes me.  

Eco Emi Review

This month only, I will be reviewing every subscription service box I receive, just for kicks.  If this isn't your thing, hang in there, there will be a lot of them - I am totally obsessed with subscription services right now.  I blame Superfreaky1RU and beautyfoolreview for sucking me in with their entertaining YouTube reviews.  Birchbox was a gift from my awesome hubs, all other subscriptions were paid for with my own money (unfortunately).  

This is more like an unboxing than a review, because I have not had time to test any of the products, or to track down the pricing information to calculate the value of the box.  I just thought you all might want a little peek into what Eco Emi has to offer.      

I do not actually have an Eco Emi subscription, but I am on the waiting list.  I got an email saying that they had extra April 2012 boxes available for purchase ($15), so I went ahead and ordered one.  This was a nice way to see what Eco Emi was all about without having to actually subscribe.   This isn't your typical high end deluxe sample subscription service.  Eco Emi offers a wide range of organic and all natural products, and I'd call it more of a lifestyle box.  

April 2012 Eco Emi Box: India Theme

Date of arrival: May 19, 2012 (not sure what time of the month the box arrives for regular subscribers).  

Packaging: This box came in a small priority mail flat rate box.  It was jam packed with goodies, using a combination of bird nesty stuff, tissue paper, and the ever-present organza bag.  This particular organza bag was a pretty bluish purple, with nice cords and tassels - a step up from the Look Bag and Beauty Box 5 organza bags.  All breakable items were safely secured.  A

 Contents: The box came with a very detailed card listing the products and explaining that this month's box was inspired by India.  Many of the vendors included additional cards with promo codes for Eco Emi users and information about the companies (shown above).  The pretty purple paper with the elephant on it was produced by the company Mr. Ellie Pooh and is made out of elephant poo (go figure) in an effort to raise money to save the elephants.  I made Justin hold it before telling him what it was, because I am an awesome wife.    
The bright green tissue paper contained Organic Raw Fair Trade Honey by Wholesome Sweeteners, a Burt's Bees lip shimmer in Plum, and Bronzer in Golden by Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques.  Hanging out loose in the box was an envelope of 3 spice packets from Catalyst Grourmet's Enchanting Chai line (Gourmet Enhancers, Finishing Sugars, and Spiced Chocolates).  I think the idea is that you put it in your coffee or whatever to enhance the flavor without using sugar. 
Finally, the organza bag held shea radiance Whipped Shea Butter in Kalahari Melon, Natural Toothpaste by Dr. Collins, Seaweed Body Wash in Eucalyptus and Peppermint by The Seaweed Bath Company, Baby Me Ultra Moisturizing Goat Milk Soap by Alabu Skin Care, and Tropical Lime Tea by Mate Factor.
As I mentioned above, I haven't had a chance to try out any of these samples or to calculate the value.  I am working out of town Mondays-Fridays, and I use my weekends to see the girls (BOOOOOO).  I forgot to bring my Eco Emi box the last two weeks to cheer me up, and I am so sad about this. 

I could not have been more impressed by this box.  All of the monthly sample boxes I use range from $10-$20, so I think the $15 price tag is well worth it, especially considering how many goodies were crammed inside.  I expect to pay a premium on organic goods, so I'm actually surprised it doesn't cost a bit more.  And for a box that isn't just about beauty products, I got more makeup than some of my boxes that ARE supposedly makeup-related.  I was excited and happy when I opened each item - what more can you ask for in a box?  Plus, Eco Emi just seems so much more PERSONAL than the other services.  If you go to her website, there is a tab for fun stuff, which has a bunch of vegan and vegetarian recipes.  The whole thing almost feels like getting a CDP from your eco-friendly best friend.  My rating (based solely on this box and the website) is a solid A

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 2012 Glam Bag Review

This month only, I will be reviewing every subscription service box I receive, just for kicks.  If this isn't your thing, hang in there, there will be a lot of them - I am totally obsessed with subscription services right now.  I blame Superfreaky1RU and beautyfoolreview for sucking me in with their entertaining YouTube reviews.  Birchbox was a gift from my awesome hubs, all other subscriptions were paid for with my own money (unfortunately).  

May 2012 Glam Bag: Love is in the Air

Date of arrival: May 15, 2012

Packaging: The Glam Bag comes in an adorable pink bubble wrap mailer.  The samples always come in a little makeup bag - too small to actually be useful for housing makeup, but I'd use it to hold coupons or pencils or let Adriana play with it.  This month's bag is a blue satin bag with pink lipstick kisses.  I would give myglam an A+ on packaging if it weren't for the smell.  It's as bad as they say on YouTube - reminds me of my good old days dissecting cadavers.  Everything in the bag stinks; hopefully the makeup will go back to normal after airing out a bit.  C

Contents: This month's Glam Bag came with some Miss Beauty Nail Bling, Philosophy's love sweet love, Studio Gear Complete Color Intensely Professional Lipstick in Falling Leaves, and concealer and eyeliner myglam brushes.  According to the card (above), these are the last two brushes.  

A few other items of interest regarding the card - the descriptions are very short, with no information about how to purchase a full size or how much it costs.  The cards always have one or more of the myglam stylists on there, looking fabulous.  This month is featuring Bethany. Embarrassing fact: I am kind of obsessed with her.  She is really cute, and her YouTube videos are really well done.  To the point that I wonder if Michelle Phan kidnapped her as a child and trained her to be a superguru appealing to the younger generation.  Michelle is kind of a business genius, even if you don't agree with her methods.  I wouldn't put it past her.    

Mini Product Review: I just couldn't bring myself to try the nail bling.  These are going in a closet until Adriana's nails are big enough.  The love sweet love perfume is exactly that - super sweet.  Also not my thing - the scent and the nail bling are just way too young for me.  The lipstick, however, reads old.  I'm giving it to my mom.  It's kind of a shame, really.  The formula is great, and it hasn't wiped off after 3 hours.  It's probably a perfectly acceptable color for someone else, I just don't like it for me, especially for spring.  The brushes stink like the bag, I'm airing them out and will pitch them or give them to Adriana to paint with if they still smell.  
In addition to the too-dark lipstick, I'm wearing Urban Decay's primer potion and eyeliner (corrupt again), shadow from the Too Faced summer eye palette, benefit's bad gal lash, dandelion blush, and hello flawless foundation and powder.  

Value:  Most of the value in the bag comes from the lipstick - they are 3 for $88.69 on amazon.     But even a $30 lipstick isn't worth anything if you don't keep it.  For that matter, I'm pretty much not keeping any of this, so the value TO ME is $0.  But I'm sure there is someone out there who loved everything, so I'd still give it a B+ and keep my personal opinions out of it.  

My overall opinion of the bag: I am really struggling with this one.  Swap out the "bling" for a cute cheetah print and the lipstick for a soft nude or pink, and I'd be pleased with the bag.  Adriana and my mom are going to love the stuff I'm giving them. I don't know.  C+? B-?

My overall opinion of the service: This one is tricky too.  I had been following the myglam / myscam drama on YouTube with glee.  It's all kind of entertaining, really.  All these girls, ranting and raving about the service, peeling off their labels to see what's underneath, bitching when their cards aren't credited the second they cancel...I signed up anyway.  This is what I mean about Michelle Phan being a business genius.  The Glam Bag is 95% cheapo crap with one or two nice things here and there, and people keep paying.  I can't tell you how many times people are like "I hate it, Michelle is the devil, she kicked my puppy, this is a scam...I'll give it one more month".  If I knew nothing whatsoever about the history, my only complaints would be about the packaging, and the fact that they don't seem to pay any attention whatsoever to your beauty profile when selecting the samples for your bag.  B-

Birchbox Review
The Look Bag Review

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 2012 The Look Bag Review

This month only, I will be reviewing every subscription service box I receive, just for kicks.  If this isn't your thing, hang in there, there will be a lot of them - I am totally obsessed with subscription services right now.  I blame Superfreaky1RU and beautyfoolreview for sucking me in with their entertaining YouTube reviews.  Birchbox was a gift from my awesome hubs, all other subscriptions were paid for with my own money (unfortunately).  

May 2012 The Look Bag: Beauty MAY-hem!

Date of arrival: May 14, 2012 (The Look Bag will always come on or around the 14th of the month). 

Packaging: The Look Bag comes in a bubble wrap envelope.  The bag itself is a peachy-pink organza bag; nothing too fancy, and definitely reusable.  I believe that the first Look Bag came in a box, and then the company responded to feedback that customers wanted more environmentally-friendly packaging.  I respect that, but I will say that my bag was clinking like crazy when I picked it up, and at least one YouTube video showed that the serum had leaked all over the contents of the bag.  I keep waiting for a video to pop up where someone's nail polish is broken.  C+

Contents:  The Look Bag comes with a card with little fun facts about the brands and products.  The descriptions are a bit more detailed than, say, Birchbox, but there is no information on how much the full sized product costs.  
This one also came with a random card that talks about different scents, apropos of nothing...perhaps they could kill less trees by eliminating the random stuff, or use the savings to buy some tissue paper for fragile samples?
I received two polishes from The New Black's Spring 2012 Runway Color Barometer Collection, a limited edition L'Oreal Paris Wear Infinite Pressed Eyeshadow in Sweet Chemise, naked princess naked shine lip glosses in barely nude, barely blush, barely coco, and barely coral, a Kelly Teegarden Organics Even Tone and Brightening Serum, and 5 packets from the Erno Laszlo Hollywood Collection.

Mini Product Review:

I chose to try out the L'Oreal eyeshadow over Urban Decay's Primer Potion, with a little Urban Decay liner in Corrupt (the color I was too lazy to look up last time) and some Bad Gal Lash mascara by benefit.  It's a nice shade to wear alone from lid to brow to brighten up the eyes (as I did here), and would also make a good highlight color for the brow bone and inside corner of the eye.  It's not super pigmented though - I really packed it on and it's hard to see in the pictures.  I'm probably spoiled by my Urban Decay, benefit, and Too Faced shadows.  

On the lips I have the barely blush naked princess gloss.  How adorable are these itty bitty baby lip glosses?  It's a nice gloss - smooth, not too sticky, pretty color.  My only complaint is that it kind of smells like candy.  Not the good kind, either.  The fake, candy-scented candy.  The smell goes away after a bit though.  

Natural light on the left, direct sunlight on the right:

The nail polish is just okay.  After the first coat, I was a little worried because I had tons of bubbles (top pic below), but it evened out with a second coat.  They also seem to have a packaging problem - both of my bottles say "Gold Grenade" on them, but Amazon tells me my colors are most likely Mint Tea Shimmer and Horchata Cream.  If you got a Look Bag and don't know what your colors are, the 8 colors in this collection are: Gypsy Rose (pink), Just Shocking (red), Orange Crush (orange), Electrical Banana (yellow), Mint Tea Shimmer (green), Heliotrope (blurple), Midnight Blue (midnight blue) (haha) and Horchata Cream (pictured below).  Sorry my cuticles are disgusting.  

I didn't try out the Kelly Teegarden Serum, but I tried a couple of the Erno Laszlo packets.  I generally am offended by foil packets of any sort in a deluxe sample box, but this is how you do foil packets right.  I am excited to try out all five products and see how they interact.  Last night I put on the Instant Eye Repair (inspired by Ava Gardner).  I didn't notice amazing results after just one use, but it felt soft afterwards.  This morning I tried the Morning Beauty Rescue (inspired by Marilyn Monroe).  It's a gel that has a neat pearlescent glow to it.  I was a little worried I'd vampire sparkle afterwards but I didn't really notice anything.  I topped that off with the Refresh Moisture Infusion.  It was a lightly scented lotion, nothing special, and it doesn't have any suncreen (which is funny because, according to the card, Erno Laszlo invented suncreen).  This is where my issue with foil packets comes in.  After just one try (which is about what you can squeeze out of these bad boys - maybe 2 for the eye stuff), I'm not even convinced any of these products DID anything, so there is no way in hell I'd drop $125 on the set.   The goal of a sample should be that we buy the product afterwards, yes?  So give us enough to make an educated decision!

Value: Here is my spreadsheet, but I totally SWAGged it (Scientific Wild Ass Guess).  The Erno Laszlo packets and the Kelly Teegarden sample weren't marked.  I feel like I had a problem calculating the value of my last Look Bag too - the products aren't well known enough to all be on Amazon, and (oddly) they aren't even all in the Look Store.  I think I was low-balling it though, for what it's worth.  C+

Overall Impression of the Bag: Let's be honest...I really wanted this bag to fail, so I could cancel it with no regrets.  Unfortunately, it exceeded my expectations.  Despite the fact that I still probably wouldn't repurchase any of the items, it was still a fun bag.  What's a girl to do? B

Overall Impression of the Service: This is only my second Look Bag, so I don't have a lot of history.  I wish they would improve their packaging (especially because my dickhead mail carrier insists on jamming the bag through our mail slot instead of leaving it in the screen door).  They should also give enough information to know what the product is worth.  Otherwise, I can't really complain.  The products might not be as well known or high end as Birchbox, but they do a good job with what they send.  This box might appeal to you eco friendly or vegan folks out there - I don't know if it's specifically part of their mission, but I've noticed that seems to be a theme with a lot of the products. B- 

UPDATE: I called the Look Bag customer service to see if I could get a referral link.  They called me back within a few hours (good customer service) and left a message explaining that they didn't have a referral program at this time because "there is no real payback on it".  I find the fact that they actually said that to a customer hilarious.  


Among other degrees, I have a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and a Master of Science in Biology (concentration in reproductive biology).  Genetics has always been extremely fascinating to me.  I would find my mind wandering as I perused my text books, wondering how my DNA would combine with my future husband's, creating these tiny little humans that have my hair, his eyes, and grandma's toes.  Or whatever.

When Adriana was a newborn, it cracked me up to see this tiny baby who had my dark hair and eyes, but made these FACES that were so undeniably JUSTIN it was ridiculous.  99% of the time, his family completely ignored the fact that she is basically a mini-me, going on and on about how much she looks like her daddy.  As she's gotten older, she mimics a lot of my expressions, and I look at her and see me.  The only thing she's missing is my hair color - her dark wavy hair fell out, and was replaced with fine, silky, lighter brown hair.  

Lucia, on the other hand, has been all Justin from day one, and doesn't seem to be changing.  If I wasn't there for the birth, I would wonder if she was a result of budding, or perhaps grown in a test tube made entirely of Justin's DNA.  I stare at her little face with those big blue eyes and wonder where I am in there.  Even her curls seem to be disappearing as she gets older, so I'm not sure if she will have a lighter version of my hair or if it will be more like Justin's.  The only trait of mine she definitely inherited is her need to constantly rotate her feet in circles.  I do that too, drives Justin nuts when we are trying to sleep. 

This handsome little fellow cheesing for the camera is my nephew.  He looks A LOT like Adriana - they could be siblings, not cousins.  

Someone's hair is long enough to pull up!

Who do your kids look like?  Does it bother you if your kids don't look like you?  Do you agree that Justin and I each have a kid clone, or do you see us both in each girl? 

Friday, May 11, 2012

May 2012 Birchbox Review

This month only, I will be reviewing every subscription service box I receive, just for kicks.  If this isn't your thing, hang in there, there will be a lot of them - I am totally obsessed with subscription services right now.  I blame Superfreaky1RU and beautyfoolreview for sucking me in with their entertaining YouTube reviews.  Birchbox was a gift from my awesome hubs, all other subscriptions were paid for with my own money (unfortunately).  

May 2012 Birchbox: Gossip Girl Edition

Date of arrival: May 10, 2012

Packaging: This month's packaging is slightly different, courtesy of the Gossip Girl theme.  The outer box normally comes in bright pink and packaging, this month it was black and pink.  The inside box had a fancy gossip girl sleeve over the normal brown box, and this month's tissue was yellow and pink.  Overally, the Birchbox packaging is really nice.  You could absolutely reuse the boxes (maybe for storing your lovely samples) but I just threw all of mine out in a fit of decluttering.  B

Contents: As per usual, the box came with a card describing the goodies...
4 samples (Algenist Anti-Aging moisturizer, Arquiste Flor y Canto perfume, beautyblender blendercleanser, and stila sparkle waterproof liquid eye liner)...
...and 1 Birchbox extra (a Gossip girl themed notecard).  
Mini product review: I have tried two of the four products so far.  

The Flor y Canto perfume is heavenly; I would absolutely buy the full size if it wasn't 165 bones.  I am bad at identifying scents beyond "floral" or "citrusy", but Birchbox tells me that it includes Mexican tuberose, magnolia, and plumeria.  I have no way of knowing whether it "evokes an Aztec summer festival in Tenochtitlan circa 1400" (wtf?) but it smells nice and didn't turn gross after interacting with my body chemistry (I'm looking at you, Kate Spade Twirl).  A+ for scent, F- for price

The stila eye liner is the star of the box, in my opinion.  I have been interested in trying out liquid  liner after years of sticking with a less scary pencil.  I had so much fun playing with it that I even tried a winged look.  It's much prettier in person than I was able to capture with my phone.  It's sparkly, but not obnoxiously so.  It was also a full size product, not a sample.  Birchbox rules.  I put it on around 7 this morning, and it's not even slightly smudged near midnight.  I will definitely be purchasing another stila liner in black, sans sparkles.  A+

In case you are wondering, I am wearing urban decay primer potion, foxy, naked, and buck from the naked and naked2 palettes, and benefit bad gal lash mascara.  I also have a brown urban decay 24/7 pencil on the bottom lash line (too lazy to check the color, but it's a double sided pencil with either zero or perversion on the other half).  The orangey pics are bathroom lighting, the pinky ones are outdoors.  

Value: Here is a handy dandy spreadsheet showing the box value compared to the price.  This month's box was approximately $52.31, compared to the $10 monthly subscription fee.  I double checked all of the stated values with amazon, and Birchbox isn't overcharging.  I should note that the blendercleanser units are a guess - it might only be a half ounce, dropping the box value to $50.52.  Either way, amazing value.  A+

Overall opinion of the box: This was probably one of my favorite boxes (the teen vogue one was another favorite - apparently I have young taste).  I have to admit, I was a little disappointed after initially thinking I was getting a beautyblender itself, only to find the cleanser in there.  I can't really complain though, and my brushes could use a more thorough cleaning than my standard casual swipe with a baby wipe (gross, I know). I could do without the gossip girl card extra, but the rest of the samples were great.  A+

Overall opinion of the service: I have been getting Birchbox since December 2011, and I have been really happy with...hmm...all but 2 of the boxes.  The 2 I didn't love, I still liked.  The boxes always come on time and I've never had any reason to call customer service.  I feel like Birchbox is one of the few subscription services that is not having any problems - they consistently deliver.  There's a good mix of hair, skin, and makeup products.  There's always at least one thing that I'd never in a million years buy outside the sample, but it's fun to try nonetheless (like those crazy ass winged eyeliner stickers, or this sparkly eye liner, for that matter). This is definitely the box you should get if you just want to dabble in the subscription service world.  Just be careful - it's addicting.  A-

UPDATE:  I totally forgot I can get credit if you sign up because of me.  If you want to order Birchbox through my referral link, I get 50 points (100 points = $10 in the Birchbox store).  Thanks! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reader Question: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go, and why?

I didn't forget about the reader questions from my giveaway...I still plan to answer them all at some point in time.  Today's question comes from both Megan and Saly, who want to know my vacation plans for after I win the lottery.  

This one is tricky, I have SO MANY PLACES I would want to go!  

I think the most obvious answer is that I would go on an amazing tour of Italy with my mom, brother, and Justin (and the girls, if they were old enough, and whoever else wanted to go).  I'm Italian, I love Renaissance era art, we have family there, etc.  However?  To be totally, completely honest?  This trip sounds really tiring to me right now.  I simply don't have the energy.  Maybe in a few years when I'm less exhausted.

If I were to go on this trip TODAY, I'd really just want a beach, a pool with a swim up bar, a stack of books, and my hubs (the girls can stay with grandma and grandpa).  There are two dream hotels that I just can't decide between.  

The first link, Le Petit Hotel in St. Martin, was sent to my by my real life friend B back when I was honeymoon shopping.  Hopefully she doesn't mind that I'm sharing it here, because I think this is the kind of place that is super charming as long as not TOO many people know about it.  Still, how amazing does that look?

The second place was another one that I fell in love with when I was researching honeymoon options.  How cool is The Caves Resort in Negril, Jamaica? Another real life friend, A, actually stayed in either that hotel or one right next to it a year or two ago.  She was describing the place and I was like OMG I KNOW THAT HOTEL!  A said it was just as amazing as it looks.  

Some day I WILL go on both of these trips, but that's just not feasible now.  Until then, we will be enjoying our annual trips to South Carolina with my parents, brothers, etc.  This year we are going to Hilton Head, and the condo my mom rented looks really nice.  It will be a great way to relax and regroup after all of the work craziness (we aren't going until September).

What is your dream vacation?    

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Diniwilk Stew

  • Yep, 2 Diniwilk Stews in a row.  I gotta start somewhere though.
  • After months of google reader (and now blogger) not supporting the old version of Internet Explorer (which we have at work), Lacey mentioned that she worked around this problem by installing google chrome.  I pointed out that my work requires an IT admin password to install anything, but tried it anyway. IT FREAKING WORKED!!!  Lacey is a genius.  
  • Don't get too excited though - work is SO BUSY that it's not like I will be reading blogs and writing posts all day long.  But it's nice to know that I CAN, if I wanted to.  
  • Life in general has been pretty overwhelming lately.  Or, at least, it would be if I wasn't letting pretty much everything slide except basic survival skills.  As I mentioned, work has been insane, so I'm putting in all these extra hours and have been travelling back and forth to Columbus a lot.  Starting mid-May, I will be spending 4 straight weeks down there, only seeing my family on the weekends (UGH UGH UGH).  I LOVE the work - it involves spending lots of time doing analysis, writing, and hanging out in courtrooms.  If you haven't gathered (here or by my comments elsewhere), I do regulatory type work in the energy industry.  I'm not a lawyer, but I do a lot of legal stuff (writing comments and testimony on behalf of our company, working to shape legislation, etc.).  Basically, I am a giant nerd for enjoying my job in the slightest.  I just wish it didn't get so crazy whenever there are big cases.  
  • Examples of things I have let slide: package sending (I AM SO SORRY, OTHER LAURA!!!), hygiene (myself and my children's), bloggy stuff, working out, cooking, cleaning, instagramming, photo a day challenge, watching tv, reading, book club, basically every area of my life that is remotely enjoyable.  
  • Examples of things I have not let slide: work, quality time with the girls and hubs, chocolate eating, watching makeup tutorials on youtube, sample whoring.  Okay, I guess I kept some of the enjoyable stuff.  
  • If you pay attention to me on twitter, you will know that my sample whore situation is completely out of control.  I will be posting some nerdy spreadsheets comparing the different sample services I belong to - good times!  I also want to do an April Favorites of random beauty crap and other things I bought that I love.  Does this interest anyone, or are you meh about it?  Basically I want to know the following: if I talk about makeup to you, is that the equivalent of you talking about crossfit to me?   
  • I think I mentioned last time that Lucy is finally sleeping.  I, however, apparently will need about 10 years to catch up on all of the missed sleep.  I go to bed when the girls do at least 50% of the time, if not more.  This is the first year of my life where I feel my age (if not older).  I really should go back to eating better and working out, but that requires too much effort.  
  • I can't remember if I said this already or not, but my body crapped out right at the 8 month mark AGAIN, and I didn't meet my breastfeeding goals.  SIGH.  More on this later too, if it's not too depressing to write. 
  • Even though everything else is crazy, the girls are just awesome.  Even when they are being a pain in the ass (ADRIANA), they really do make me so happy.  I finally feel like I have this two kids thing under control, for now.  Justin just needs to go get the snipperoo before we have another one to add to the mix (DEAR GOD NO).
  • That's all for now.  If you are reading this, thanks for sticking around when I get busy and disappear.  It means a lot to me!