Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 2012 Glam Bag Review

This month only, I will be reviewing every subscription service box I receive, just for kicks.  If this isn't your thing, hang in there, there will be a lot of them - I am totally obsessed with subscription services right now.  I blame Superfreaky1RU and beautyfoolreview for sucking me in with their entertaining YouTube reviews.  Birchbox was a gift from my awesome hubs, all other subscriptions were paid for with my own money (unfortunately).  

May 2012 Glam Bag: Love is in the Air

Date of arrival: May 15, 2012

Packaging: The Glam Bag comes in an adorable pink bubble wrap mailer.  The samples always come in a little makeup bag - too small to actually be useful for housing makeup, but I'd use it to hold coupons or pencils or let Adriana play with it.  This month's bag is a blue satin bag with pink lipstick kisses.  I would give myglam an A+ on packaging if it weren't for the smell.  It's as bad as they say on YouTube - reminds me of my good old days dissecting cadavers.  Everything in the bag stinks; hopefully the makeup will go back to normal after airing out a bit.  C

Contents: This month's Glam Bag came with some Miss Beauty Nail Bling, Philosophy's love sweet love, Studio Gear Complete Color Intensely Professional Lipstick in Falling Leaves, and concealer and eyeliner myglam brushes.  According to the card (above), these are the last two brushes.  

A few other items of interest regarding the card - the descriptions are very short, with no information about how to purchase a full size or how much it costs.  The cards always have one or more of the myglam stylists on there, looking fabulous.  This month is featuring Bethany. Embarrassing fact: I am kind of obsessed with her.  She is really cute, and her YouTube videos are really well done.  To the point that I wonder if Michelle Phan kidnapped her as a child and trained her to be a superguru appealing to the younger generation.  Michelle is kind of a business genius, even if you don't agree with her methods.  I wouldn't put it past her.    

Mini Product Review: I just couldn't bring myself to try the nail bling.  These are going in a closet until Adriana's nails are big enough.  The love sweet love perfume is exactly that - super sweet.  Also not my thing - the scent and the nail bling are just way too young for me.  The lipstick, however, reads old.  I'm giving it to my mom.  It's kind of a shame, really.  The formula is great, and it hasn't wiped off after 3 hours.  It's probably a perfectly acceptable color for someone else, I just don't like it for me, especially for spring.  The brushes stink like the bag, I'm airing them out and will pitch them or give them to Adriana to paint with if they still smell.  
In addition to the too-dark lipstick, I'm wearing Urban Decay's primer potion and eyeliner (corrupt again), shadow from the Too Faced summer eye palette, benefit's bad gal lash, dandelion blush, and hello flawless foundation and powder.  

Value:  Most of the value in the bag comes from the lipstick - they are 3 for $88.69 on amazon.     But even a $30 lipstick isn't worth anything if you don't keep it.  For that matter, I'm pretty much not keeping any of this, so the value TO ME is $0.  But I'm sure there is someone out there who loved everything, so I'd still give it a B+ and keep my personal opinions out of it.  

My overall opinion of the bag: I am really struggling with this one.  Swap out the "bling" for a cute cheetah print and the lipstick for a soft nude or pink, and I'd be pleased with the bag.  Adriana and my mom are going to love the stuff I'm giving them. I don't know.  C+? B-?

My overall opinion of the service: This one is tricky too.  I had been following the myglam / myscam drama on YouTube with glee.  It's all kind of entertaining, really.  All these girls, ranting and raving about the service, peeling off their labels to see what's underneath, bitching when their cards aren't credited the second they cancel...I signed up anyway.  This is what I mean about Michelle Phan being a business genius.  The Glam Bag is 95% cheapo crap with one or two nice things here and there, and people keep paying.  I can't tell you how many times people are like "I hate it, Michelle is the devil, she kicked my puppy, this is a scam...I'll give it one more month".  If I knew nothing whatsoever about the history, my only complaints would be about the packaging, and the fact that they don't seem to pay any attention whatsoever to your beauty profile when selecting the samples for your bag.  B-

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Swistle said...

Ooo, I'll bet that lipstick would be really nice in fall/winter.

Brooke said...

I can totally understand not liking a perfectly otherwise-nice product for yourself. I think the lipstick is very nice on you and agree with Stwistle that it could be good in a later season. I'm digging these reviews - I signed up for Birch Box after reading that review last week (or whenever it was)

Suzanne said...

I am going to sign up for at least one of these beauty subscription things after all your reviews - is there a way to give you credit?

Also, you keep taking about YouTube reviews and I am totally fascinated because as far as I'm concerned the only stuff on YouTube is music videos and teenagers doing stupid stuff like car surfing.

Saly said...

My bag didn't smell too bad, and I had a different color of lipstick--that I like! So it was a win for me.

Thanks again for sending it! YAY!

Sheryl-Superfreaky1ru said...

Omg, this was the funniest read! She kicked my puppy, I'll give it another month? Genius! BTW, those lippies are being discontinued and are only $7.50 on the Studio Gear website if you want to pick up a few in some colors you like. Thanks for the laugh!

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