Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 2012 The Look Bag Review

This month only, I will be reviewing every subscription service box I receive, just for kicks.  If this isn't your thing, hang in there, there will be a lot of them - I am totally obsessed with subscription services right now.  I blame Superfreaky1RU and beautyfoolreview for sucking me in with their entertaining YouTube reviews.  Birchbox was a gift from my awesome hubs, all other subscriptions were paid for with my own money (unfortunately).  

May 2012 The Look Bag: Beauty MAY-hem!

Date of arrival: May 14, 2012 (The Look Bag will always come on or around the 14th of the month). 

Packaging: The Look Bag comes in a bubble wrap envelope.  The bag itself is a peachy-pink organza bag; nothing too fancy, and definitely reusable.  I believe that the first Look Bag came in a box, and then the company responded to feedback that customers wanted more environmentally-friendly packaging.  I respect that, but I will say that my bag was clinking like crazy when I picked it up, and at least one YouTube video showed that the serum had leaked all over the contents of the bag.  I keep waiting for a video to pop up where someone's nail polish is broken.  C+

Contents:  The Look Bag comes with a card with little fun facts about the brands and products.  The descriptions are a bit more detailed than, say, Birchbox, but there is no information on how much the full sized product costs.  
This one also came with a random card that talks about different scents, apropos of nothing...perhaps they could kill less trees by eliminating the random stuff, or use the savings to buy some tissue paper for fragile samples?
I received two polishes from The New Black's Spring 2012 Runway Color Barometer Collection, a limited edition L'Oreal Paris Wear Infinite Pressed Eyeshadow in Sweet Chemise, naked princess naked shine lip glosses in barely nude, barely blush, barely coco, and barely coral, a Kelly Teegarden Organics Even Tone and Brightening Serum, and 5 packets from the Erno Laszlo Hollywood Collection.

Mini Product Review:

I chose to try out the L'Oreal eyeshadow over Urban Decay's Primer Potion, with a little Urban Decay liner in Corrupt (the color I was too lazy to look up last time) and some Bad Gal Lash mascara by benefit.  It's a nice shade to wear alone from lid to brow to brighten up the eyes (as I did here), and would also make a good highlight color for the brow bone and inside corner of the eye.  It's not super pigmented though - I really packed it on and it's hard to see in the pictures.  I'm probably spoiled by my Urban Decay, benefit, and Too Faced shadows.  

On the lips I have the barely blush naked princess gloss.  How adorable are these itty bitty baby lip glosses?  It's a nice gloss - smooth, not too sticky, pretty color.  My only complaint is that it kind of smells like candy.  Not the good kind, either.  The fake, candy-scented candy.  The smell goes away after a bit though.  

Natural light on the left, direct sunlight on the right:

The nail polish is just okay.  After the first coat, I was a little worried because I had tons of bubbles (top pic below), but it evened out with a second coat.  They also seem to have a packaging problem - both of my bottles say "Gold Grenade" on them, but Amazon tells me my colors are most likely Mint Tea Shimmer and Horchata Cream.  If you got a Look Bag and don't know what your colors are, the 8 colors in this collection are: Gypsy Rose (pink), Just Shocking (red), Orange Crush (orange), Electrical Banana (yellow), Mint Tea Shimmer (green), Heliotrope (blurple), Midnight Blue (midnight blue) (haha) and Horchata Cream (pictured below).  Sorry my cuticles are disgusting.  

I didn't try out the Kelly Teegarden Serum, but I tried a couple of the Erno Laszlo packets.  I generally am offended by foil packets of any sort in a deluxe sample box, but this is how you do foil packets right.  I am excited to try out all five products and see how they interact.  Last night I put on the Instant Eye Repair (inspired by Ava Gardner).  I didn't notice amazing results after just one use, but it felt soft afterwards.  This morning I tried the Morning Beauty Rescue (inspired by Marilyn Monroe).  It's a gel that has a neat pearlescent glow to it.  I was a little worried I'd vampire sparkle afterwards but I didn't really notice anything.  I topped that off with the Refresh Moisture Infusion.  It was a lightly scented lotion, nothing special, and it doesn't have any suncreen (which is funny because, according to the card, Erno Laszlo invented suncreen).  This is where my issue with foil packets comes in.  After just one try (which is about what you can squeeze out of these bad boys - maybe 2 for the eye stuff), I'm not even convinced any of these products DID anything, so there is no way in hell I'd drop $125 on the set.   The goal of a sample should be that we buy the product afterwards, yes?  So give us enough to make an educated decision!

Value: Here is my spreadsheet, but I totally SWAGged it (Scientific Wild Ass Guess).  The Erno Laszlo packets and the Kelly Teegarden sample weren't marked.  I feel like I had a problem calculating the value of my last Look Bag too - the products aren't well known enough to all be on Amazon, and (oddly) they aren't even all in the Look Store.  I think I was low-balling it though, for what it's worth.  C+

Overall Impression of the Bag: Let's be honest...I really wanted this bag to fail, so I could cancel it with no regrets.  Unfortunately, it exceeded my expectations.  Despite the fact that I still probably wouldn't repurchase any of the items, it was still a fun bag.  What's a girl to do? B

Overall Impression of the Service: This is only my second Look Bag, so I don't have a lot of history.  I wish they would improve their packaging (especially because my dickhead mail carrier insists on jamming the bag through our mail slot instead of leaving it in the screen door).  They should also give enough information to know what the product is worth.  Otherwise, I can't really complain.  The products might not be as well known or high end as Birchbox, but they do a good job with what they send.  This box might appeal to you eco friendly or vegan folks out there - I don't know if it's specifically part of their mission, but I've noticed that seems to be a theme with a lot of the products. B- 

UPDATE: I called the Look Bag customer service to see if I could get a referral link.  They called me back within a few hours (good customer service) and left a message explaining that they didn't have a referral program at this time because "there is no real payback on it".  I find the fact that they actually said that to a customer hilarious.  


Swistle said...

*happy sigh*

I LOVE the wee little lip glosses!

Elizabeth said...

I don't know who these jerks are where this isn't their thing but I find all this makeup stuff highly entertaining, I just watched an hour of You Tube reviews, thank you for filling my very boring day.

Navigating the Mothership said...

I'm totally pondering getting one of these subscriptions even though I so rarely put on make up these days. Look at you and your bad-influence self. Damn girl. :)

Heather said...

SWAG (scientific wild ass guess) ... I love it. I'm totally stealing that!

Rentrop said...

I love my look bag! :)

Morrisa said...

This is my second Look Bag as well and so far I am pleased also.