Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reader Question: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go, and why?

I didn't forget about the reader questions from my giveaway...I still plan to answer them all at some point in time.  Today's question comes from both Megan and Saly, who want to know my vacation plans for after I win the lottery.  

This one is tricky, I have SO MANY PLACES I would want to go!  

I think the most obvious answer is that I would go on an amazing tour of Italy with my mom, brother, and Justin (and the girls, if they were old enough, and whoever else wanted to go).  I'm Italian, I love Renaissance era art, we have family there, etc.  However?  To be totally, completely honest?  This trip sounds really tiring to me right now.  I simply don't have the energy.  Maybe in a few years when I'm less exhausted.

If I were to go on this trip TODAY, I'd really just want a beach, a pool with a swim up bar, a stack of books, and my hubs (the girls can stay with grandma and grandpa).  There are two dream hotels that I just can't decide between.  

The first link, Le Petit Hotel in St. Martin, was sent to my by my real life friend B back when I was honeymoon shopping.  Hopefully she doesn't mind that I'm sharing it here, because I think this is the kind of place that is super charming as long as not TOO many people know about it.  Still, how amazing does that look?

The second place was another one that I fell in love with when I was researching honeymoon options.  How cool is The Caves Resort in Negril, Jamaica? Another real life friend, A, actually stayed in either that hotel or one right next to it a year or two ago.  She was describing the place and I was like OMG I KNOW THAT HOTEL!  A said it was just as amazing as it looks.  

Some day I WILL go on both of these trips, but that's just not feasible now.  Until then, we will be enjoying our annual trips to South Carolina with my parents, brothers, etc.  This year we are going to Hilton Head, and the condo my mom rented looks really nice.  It will be a great way to relax and regroup after all of the work craziness (we aren't going until September).

What is your dream vacation?    

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Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

This is going to sound kind of douchey, but my dream vacation is similar to the one my husband and I take every year. It's to the same ski resort, the same ski resort where we got married, in fact. I've been going there since I was little and I love everything about it - the skiing, obvs... the restaurants... the views... the spa... It's pretty amazing. I would just go there for a long time, rather than a week. And I would go with TONS of (non existent at this point) money so I could stay in a really fancy hotel/condo and go to the spa every other day and ski on the days in between and eat at ALL the restaurants and have wine AND dessert at every meal. And I too would take lots of books with me and it would be relaxing and beautiful and amazing.