Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Diniwilk Stew

  • After nearly a month of craziness, I'm back home with my family full time.  I have to go back to Columbus Thursday night, but I'll be home before dinner so the girls won't even know I was gone (I hope).  The other big case is going to be delayed, so maybe we will settle and I won't have to go back down at all.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!
  • Do you have any idea how gross your house gets when you are only there on the weekends?  Justin is a great dad and he certainly did more housework than expected, but it's still just not the same when one parent is gone for extended periods of time.  It will take me a freaking month to recover.  
  • One thing that always cracks me up when I'm away is checking out the girls' outfits whenever Justin sends a pic.  No wonder he doesn't like to send me anything - I laugh 100% of the time.  He either dresses them from head to toe in solid pink or lets them wear pajama tops and/or bottoms in public.  But, like, not intentionally.  He honestly didn't know this wasn't a regular t shirt until I pointed out that it says sleepy on it.  Multiple times. 

I am the laughingstock of daycare!
  • Lucy is sick right now and that picture is making me sad, even though it was taken a week ago and she was just cranky, not sick.  She also has ringworm, presumably from daycare.  So glad she slept shirtless on the couch for much of yesterday, in an effort to keep her fever in check.  Is your skin crawling now too?
  • I have to counteract the sad picture with a happy one.  How cute is Adriana?  I'll have you know that I actually FIT in that Death Cab shirt just a few years ago.  
Pants are for suckers.

  • One more pic, for good measure: 

Straight vs. curly
  • While I was gone, I was trying to back up all of the pictures from my iPhone and camera to my MacBook Pro, and then back THAT up on my external hard drive.  You know, like a responsible photo-obsessed parent.  However, we all know that things do not go well when I try to be responsible.  I managed to 1) break my reasonably new laptop when I was only halfway through the backup process (kernel panic, apparently) and 2) leave the memory card from my camera in the hotel bed when I checked out.  I had a major meltdown when I thought the card was missing for good, but the front desk, security, and housekeeping staff from the hotel all pitched in until they found it.  Well played, Renaissance Hotel.  I am baking them cupcakes.  It's still TBD whether I will be able to recover my hard drive, and if not, what all is missing.  I'm trying really hard not to think about that.
  • Back your shit up.  Right now.  Seriously.
  • I'm not kidding, do it.  I'll wait.  
  • ... 
  • With all of the laptop shenanigans, I wasn't able to do all of my beauty subscription box reviews I wanted to do in May, so I'm doing them in June.  The first few boxes will therefore repeat.  I'm kind of pissed, as I had some funny pictures and some really great boxes in May.  The June ones are rolling in already though, so I'd rather just start fresh. 
  • Since I have two Glam Bag subscriptions (don't ask), and to make up for my lack of timely reviews, I am hosting a giveaway, to be posted with my June Glam Bag review - be on the lookout!


Suzanne said...

Caroline has those sleepy jammies!!!! Jammie twins!!!!

I am very sorry about your laptop.

Heather said...

Tory has those jammies, too and I seriously laughed out loud when I read the photo caption. Good thing infants can't read ... none of her friends even knew her shirt said Sleepy :)

ps... Audrina is growing up so much! She looks so tall in the black t-shirt photo!

Navigating the Mothership said...

I also LOLed at the photo of Lucia. Haaaa.

My husband is so pro pjs for the kids in public. Or bringing Oliver in a t-shirt and a diaper even. And I'm left going um....no?

Shalini said...

K is totally jealous of that DCFC t-shirt. He's a total fanboy! You two can bond. (Once I saw Ben G. out and about! I hid behind a garbage can until he passed--very exciting!)

Heather said...

ACK! I totally spelled Adriana's name incorrectly in my comment post - I'm sorry! I hate when people do that to Tory.

Jessica said...

I know exactly how gross the house gets when you're only there on weekends. Plus, we went out of town for two of the weekends in between weeks of business trips and WOW. Every surface is covered in filth or piles of junk.