Monday, June 18, 2012

How to get the most value out of your BeautyFix Summer 2012 box

It's BeautyFix time again!  I talked about how to get the most value from your Spring Box here.  

BeautyFix is similar to the subscription services I've been reviewing this month, but it's quarterly, you get to pick your own samples (8 of them), and many of them are full sized. It's run by DermStore, so many of the products are skincare related. It's $49.99 a quarter, but first time users can use the code BFBLOG to get $30 off.  Existing members can use the code BFMKUP to get $20 off (I had to call beautyfix at 1-800-213-3376 to get them to apply it though, since it didn't look like it worked on my end).  

The boxes are supposed to yield about $100 of product - not bad for a $20 or $30 investment. However, if you are a smart shopper, you can get even more bang for your buck.  The 8 products I chose this month are worth a whopping $257.  If you review products, you get another $25 to use at dermstore on a $50 purchase, which I used to make butter london polishes more affordable.  

I updated the spreadsheet I showed you last time to include the 12 or so new products offered this quarter.  I had to guess the value of the products highlighted in pink, but I know they are near the top of the pack (assuming the Murad ones are full sized - I saw a video and that appears to be the case).  

I am most excited to try the stila set and correct and all of the 3 lab stuff.  I will be adding that to my box every month since it's a fantastic skin care line that I'd never be able to afford otherwise.  I'll let you know how it works when I get my box (it shipped lightning fast last time).    

They don't do referral programs, but I can't encourage you enough to sign up.  BeautyFix and TestTube are my all time favorite subscription services - love, love, love it.  

I left off stuff that's worth less than $10, since this post is about maximizing your value.  Click to enlarge.


Elizabeth said...

Ok, you totally talked me into it. Now I have to tally up how much mine was worth. Thank you for the info!

Jessica said...

You're getting me hooked on all kinds of subscription services. I just ordered this one! I can't wait until it comes. It seems like it will be way better than most, especially with the discount code.

Saly said...

I love this one too! And i need it because I can't live without my Nick Chavez conditioner.

oh, hello friend. said...

Hi! Stumbled here from a google search .. I am really intrigued by this subscription! Thank you so much for all the tips about beauty fix - I got all the top products on your list and saved $30 too! Wish they had a referral system, would have loved to give you the referral credit. Depending on how the products turn out, I may get a subscription for my mom! Hope you keep these lists coming every month. Thanks again :)

Jessica said...

Ugh, BeautyFix is driving me CRAZY. I placed an order June 19th and the system apparently ate it. I checked the website today, as it hadn't come yet, and they said I didn't have an account. I made a new account and the website wouldn't let me place an order.

So I call customer service, they go through the whole order process (I'm glad I wrote down what I ordered last week!)...and the system wouldn't let them finalize it. Oh, and also the #1 product I wanted has gone out of stock in the last week.

Finally, the supervisor somehow managed to push it through. They say it should be here Thursday and my discount was applied. I reeeeealy hope so.