Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 2012 BeautyBox Five Review

June 2012 BeautyBox Five

The deets: BeautyBox 5 is yet another subscription service.  You can get monthly ($12), quarterly ($30), or annual ($100) subscriptions, and each box comes with 4-5 samples.  They have a referral program in which you get a free box for referring 5 customers - if you want to use my referral link, click here.  BB5 is still pretty new; I think this was only their 5th or 6th box.  This was easily the best box they have had so far, so I'm excited to share it with you.

Date of arrival: My box came on June 20, 2012.

Packaging: BB5 has super cute packaging - an aqua box with chocolate brown crinkly paper, and the contents are usually in a white or aqua organza bag.  The box is TEENY - smaller than any other subscription service I get.  I guess they aren't planning on very large samples.  One thing that was different this month is that they used to just give us a little business card that said thanks for doing business with BB5.  Now they have a postcard that describes the products and lists the full sized retail price.  I like the cute little graphics on the card.  A-
Contents: First up we have the Everyday Minerals Girl Friday Blush.  It came with a little card with a 15% discount code for online purchases ("box15") on one side, and instructions on the other side (the blush works just like bare minerals but they say sprinkle, whirl, infuse, glide instead of swirl, tap, buff).  
Next up we have The All Natural Face Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow in Warm Honey.  It came in a little baggie with an applicator and a 20% discount code for online purchases ("BEAUTY") through July 31, 2012.  
The box also contained a pack of blum naturals Oil Absorbing Facial Tissues, blinc eyeliner in black, and a Comodynes Easy Peeling towelette. 
Mini product review:  I gave away the oil blotting tissues, since rosacea means I have super dry skin.  I'm saving the towelette for the weekend in case I have a bad reaction, also for rosacea-related reasons.  I'm glad Comodynes has moved away from sending tanning towelettes in every single beauty box - something new to try.  

I am wearing the blush, eyeshadow, and eyeliner today.  

The All Natural Face Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow in Warm Honey is super pretty.  I used 2 colors from the Lorac Unzipped palette with it - the matte tan shade as a base, and the matte brown in the crease.  The Warm Honey is on the lid.  It's a gorgeous bronze with little teeny tiny flecks of reds, greens, and golds.  For 20% off $3.50, I'd definitely buy this again.  A

This is actually my second blinc eyeliner - I think I got a brown one from Birchbox a while back and put it aside since I don't often wear brown.  I opened the tube and was shocked that it was a liquid - for some reason I was expecting a pencil.  This was literally the first time I have ever braved a liquid eyeliner in my life, and I panicked and screwed it up on one eye.  They eyeliner hasn't smudged all day, which was a little bit unexpected because it claims to "slide off like a second skin", with no makeup remover required.  You use warm water and a little pressure and the whole line comes off.  Creeeeeeeeepy.  I think this would be a great eyeliner for someone who is used to liquid liner, but is a little problematic for newbies like me (it was a hard to fix my mistake, I felt like I just kept screwing it up worse).  However, I'm still giving it an A because I don't think it's blinc's fault I fail at makeup.  

Finally, we have the Everyday Minerals Girl Friday Blush.  I haven't used mineral makeup in a long time, I totally forgot the golden rule - a little goes a long way.  I started taking pictures to share here and realized I was looking a little whorish, and had to go over the top with my powder to tone it down.  The color was really pretty and natural looking, as long as it's done with a light hand.  A- 
I'm not a crackhead.  Rosacea makes your eyes bloodshot 24/7.  As does sleeping in your contacts.  
Value: Unfortunately, BB5 is rarely worth much more than the $12 you pay for it.  This month's box was worth a sad $13.86.  D-

Overall impression of the box: This was by far the best box I've gotten from BB5.  I was DEEPLY OFFENDED by my first box from them, which was all crappy foil packets.  The second had a mask, so they won my heart a little on that one.  This one was full of fun makeup to try, so I am happy.  Pay attention, sample boxes - we like makeup!  Just give us makeup, even CHEAP makeup, and we won't bitch!!!  B

Overall impression of the service: I think it's getting better.  I feel kind of bad for BB5 because I think they really are trying, and they were blindsided by the fact that people hated the foil packet box.  I remember Superfreaky1RU saying that she talked to the VP for like 2 hours about what customers wanted out of a sample box, and I really think that they took her (and others') feedback to heart.  There were some packets last month, but there were either a few of each or several products to try.  Like The Look Bag, I'm probably going to have to cancel, but I'm kind of sad because I think we are going to see some real improvement from BB5 in the months to come.  C-


CityGirl said...

New follower here! Really great post on BB5 - I'm excited to receive my box now! Being in Canada, it takes about 2 and a half weeks after it ships to receive it, so I always look for spoilers because I can't wait! If you want, check out my blog at

mattabellax3 said...

I understand that BB5 is new but I'm still not sure about them. Like you said it is barely worth over $12. I just cancelled myglam because of that. Yes they had 1 great month since I subbed, but I still hated the consistency.