Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 2012 Julep Maven Golden Box (!!!)

June 2012 Julep Maven Golden Box

The deets: Julep Maven is one of the more unique boxes I subscribe to.  For one, it's a nail polish box, not a general beauty or lifestyle box.  I am pretty much obsessed with nail polish, so this is just about the last thing I need in my life, but I couldn't resist at least trying it out after I saw some YouTube videos featuring really unique colors (like Hayden (I think), a really cool neon peach).  Everyone seems universally happy with both the formula and the customer service, as well as the perks.  You take a little quiz that determines your style (I was an It Girl the first time, and American Beauty the second time).  For $19.99 a month, you get 2 nail polishes and some kind of manicure/pedicure type product (unless you are an It Girl, in which case you get 3 polishes).  A week or so before shipping, they send you an email and you can change your style if you don't like the colors, or you can skip the box or ship it to a friend.  I think it's pretty cool that there is no obligation to get boxes you won't use.  They do this thing in which some lucky people (like this girl right here)(OMG) get a golden box, which has all of the polishes for that month, not just 2.  They also periodically offer mystery boxes, where you pay $19.99 and get anywhere from $60 to $200 of products.  Basically, it's a really fun box and a well-run, customer-friendly service. 

Date of arrival: Julep comes so early I think I got the June box at the end of May.  I was out of town, so I don't know the exact date. 

Packaging: The Julep boxes are normally small and black.  Imagine my surprise when I got home from a week away to see that instead of a black Julep box, I had a mo-fo-ing big old GOLDEN BOX.  I may or may not have completely freaked out.  I had a card for each style and fun, pretty gold and orange packaging.  The nail polishes were all bubble wrapped under the tissue paper - nothing in danger of breaking.  A

Contents: At first I thought the pixi stix were really clever - made by wonka, golden ticket, golden box, but apparently everyone got them and I'm not special.  Everyone also got both a sunscreen AND a lip balm this month, which is pretty cool.  I haven't used the sunscreen yet, but the minty lip balm smells amazing and feels good on the lips.  The golden box had 10 (!!!) nail polishes, which I couldn't resist arranging into a pretty rainbow, because I am 5.  From top to bottom, we have:
  • Lauren, hot tropical pink creme (Classic with a Twist)
  • Rose, a juicy, watermelon red creme (Bombshell)
  • Sasha, fresh, cantaloupe melon creme (It Girl)
  • Daisy, a bright lemon yellow creme (Boho Glam)
  • Courteney, key lime green creme (American Beauty)
  • Robin, robin's egg blue creme (Boho Glam)
  • Claire, sky blue creme (Classic with a Twist)
  • Morgan, frosty grape purple (Bombshell and It Girl)
  • Lily, a sizzling fuschia creme (American Beauty)
  • Sandra, friendly, frosted magenta (It Girl)
Mini product review: Miss Adriana, while squiggly, was more than happy to model for me.  I had a little trouble with the formula on the blues, green, yellow, and orange (possibly because Julep polishes are big 4 free). Not sure if it was because I was rushing in an effort to finish before she mashed them into the carpet or what, but it seemed a little thick - nothing a little nail polish thinner couldn't fix, though.  The thicker ones actually seemed to look the nicest once dry.  My very favorites were the orange and red (toes 3 and 4 from the left, Sasha and Rose).  I think I'd give them an A for color (so springy/summery and fun), but a B- for formula.

Smudgy rainbow toes!

Future nail polish hoarder
Value: The polishes are small (.27 fl oz) and at $14 a pop, I wouldn't buy them on their own.  This box was worth $174 for the 10 polishes ($140), the balm ($6), and the sunscreen ($28), so I obviously made out like a bandit.  Non-golden boxes would be worth $62 (or $42 if you got the It Girl), so they are definitely worth it if you would actually pay $14 for those teeny bottles.  Generally the beauty product alone is worth more than the $19.99 for the box, so even if they are inflating their prices, it's a good value.  A+++++ 

Overall opinion of the box: Um, duh.  I couldn't have been happier or more excited.  GOLDEN BOX!!! A+++++

Overall opinion of the service: I would recommend this service even if Julep hadn't made my month by sending me a golden box (they don't know about this blog, btw - diniwilk is not my real last name).  A

If you want to sign up, I get a free month for every 2 of you who sign on and stay with Maven for 30 days - here is the referral link, if you want to use it.

I got my first box for a penny after looking around for some codes.  Try using the code SHAREONJUNE or maybe SHAREONJUN.  MAVEN5 and WELCOMEMV5 have worked in the past for $5 boxes.  I don't know if any of these will still work, but it's worth a shot. 
****UPDATE: The lovely Erin found the right code - if you enter COLOR2012, you can get your first box for a penny.  No obligation to buy anything else.****

The promo code for the June Mystery Box is JUNEMYSTERY. 


Erin said...

I just signed up! The current box-for-a-penny code is COLOR2012.

Amy said...

I signed up for the penny box. Thanks for your review. I figured for a penny it was worth a try.