Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 2012 The Look Bag Review

June 2012 The Look Bag: June Beauty Boom!

The deets: The Look Bag is (was???) a subscription service offered by The Look Store, which supposedly offers celebrity beauty picks.  I am fairly certain they do not actually consult with celebrities, but whatever.  Cheap makeup!  You would think that the Look Store would carry products that are featured in the Look Bag, but that does not appear to generally be the case.  The bag is $10 a month and normally has decent enough samples, but there aren't really any perks to the program (no referral program, points for reviewing the products, magazine subscriptions, extras, etc.)  

I can't tell if it's going out of business or if they are revamping the program so that it's bigger and better, but the program is suspended for the time being.  I have a call in to customer service to see if existing members are going to be affected; will keep you posted.  

Date of arrival: The Look Bag is supposed to come on the 14th of each month, mine didn't get here until the 18th.  

The packaging: In addition to the standard bubble wrap mailer, the organza bag was secured in an extra layer of bubble wrap.  I think this was the cause of the delay this time; they were responding to concerns about broken items last month.  A+ for taking customer feedback seriously.  
Based on this month's card, I think they are now sending standardized bags to everyone (only shades differ) and then having the last product be personalized based on your beauty profile.  

Contents: My bag included the Korres Sunflower & Evening Primrose Shadow in Golden, Snowberry Cellular Regeneration Night Cream, Atopalm Intensive Moisturizing Cream, and Korres Wild Rose Brightening and Moisturizing Cream.
Mini product review: Since this month's bag was so cream intensive and I have enough creams to last me until 2062, I haven't tried anything out yet.  I did swatch the Korres eyeshadow though, it's a pretty golden color.  I'm kind of sad that it's so close to the color I got last time, but it's a higher quality shadow, so I can't complain too much.  One thing that is kind of annoying is that the shadow is discontinued - Korres doesn't make eyeshadow anymore.  It's bad enough when a company sends out last season's shades a la Glam Bag, but once amazon sells out, I won't be able to buy this product at all.  I subscribe to these services with the intent of finding new cool products to buy, so it's kind of a waste of a sample.  Then again, I'd rather have a full sized discontinued shadow than a teeny foil packet of something I could buy.  Whatever.  

Value: You know that you're spoiled by a lot of fantastic beauty subscription services when a $26.46 bag that you paid $10 for doesn't really impress you.  Worth the money though.  C

Overall impression of the bag: Too many moisturizers, but they (sort of) explained it on the card.  I was happy to see the Korres stuff, I am new to the brand but I like what I've tried out so far.  I am disappointed that they are sending discontinued stuff though, that's lame.  I wasn't angered by the bag (that sounds silly, but I have been deeply offended in the past), it was just kinda meh.  C

Overall impression of the service: I like the Look Bag, but I'm probably going to have to cancel since I subscribe to so many now.  If this was the only service I had, I'd be happy with it, but I am getting to the point that I really can't justify the expense of these anymore.  :(  I'm sure as soon as I cancel they will revamp it and it will be amazing.  
Another uncooperative model.  Good thing she's cute.


Emily said...

This has nothing to do with the Look Bag, but I love your reviews of all your subscriptions. You've convinced me to give a couple of them a try (I'm a bit of a sample junkie, too).

whigrose said...

Just got an email from them on July 18 that they are calling it quits on the Look Bag. It really makes me mad because I just signed up and this was going to be my first month. They said if you were charged already, you would get a bag, but if you weren't charged, you wouldn't be charged and would not get a bag. Sooo, I guess I'm getting bumpkis! Wish I'd never gotten involved with them in the first place. As far as I'm concerned, I kind of hope they stay out of business since they can't bother to send something to ALL their customers like they should. Oh well. (PS--Ironically, just got an email from Kara's Way as well that they are calling it quits. I know I paid them for a bag, so I'm hoping I'll get it. But with them, they plan on re-launching in October with a store and different policies based on customer feedback, so I may give them a second chance, unlike the Look Bag).

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