Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Does anyone know why my blog is wonky?  I didn't change anything and the header is gone and all of my sidebar stuff is on the bottom.  When I go into the templates, it shows that the layout I want is selected.  It doesn't let me drag any of the stuff on the bottom over to the side.  I have no idea what is wrong and am not skilled in the html.  Any feedback would be HUGELY appreciated.  Hopefully the hubs can figure it out and all will be right again soon.  
My screenshot: No header or sidebar

Update: GAH, hubs sent me a screenshot from his computer and it looks screwed up there too, but in COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WAYS.  His header and sidebar are there, but the font is all bolded and ugly and the sidebar stuff is in the wrong order and some parts are overwriting others.  Has this ever happened to anyone else? 
Justin's screenshot: Different font and jacked up sidebar


Saly said...

Well, it looks completely normal to me, so I'm assuming you fixed it?

Laura Diniwilk said...

NO! WTH, I wonder if the problem is my work computer? No header and sidebar stuff on the bottom when I view it in both internet explorer and google chrome, and it has never done that before.

Swistle said...

I see The Diniwilks across the top; I can't remember if you had a picture as part of that or not. I see sidebar stuff in a different order than usual. I'll bet Blogger is messing around with stuff again.

Saly said...

Ok, now your sidebar looks jacked up to me too. I'm moving to Wordpress. Blogger is just too much hassle.

Jessica said...

Did you fix? Everything looks completely normal to me.