Friday, July 13, 2012


I think this originated with Holly?  But I thought you all might want a break from subscription boxes for a minute (I know I do), so I'm stealing it, and would like to encourage you to do the same.  

Rocking out to books on tape, since I travel to Columbus so frequently.  Just finished Karma's Law.  Any suggestions for my next one?  I like thrillers / mysteries.  
Enjoying my girls right now, both are in a cute/sweet phase.  
Watching Big Brother and following along on hamsterwatch (SPOILERS), because I'm hardcore.
Drinking mostly water - no pop in our house for a couple of weeks now, which is new.
Wondering if this week is ever going to end, OMG.
Waiting until exactly 5:00 go I can go pick up my girlies.
Feeling tired from my loooooooooong trip back from Columbus this afternoon, which involved getting off the highway for some Taco Bell only to realize that a) Taco Bell is only good when you're drunk, and b) the entrance was closed, resulting in a 40 minute detour.
Reading Just Kids by Patti Smith for book club - it's much better than anticipated.
Dying to get the new Too Faced The Return of Sexy palette, but I just bought Urban Decay Smoked and I can't justify both.  
Loving our new sprinkler, I will post adorable kid pics soon.
Surprised that it was pretty easy to get back into the swing of things doing the couch to 10K after a major health scare after week 1.
Planning on doing a whole lot of nothing this weekend, just relaxing with the girls while Justin is out of town visiting friends.  
Excited for the Blathering...I know it's still so far away but every day someone says something that gets me excited all over again.  


Jessica said...

1. I don't need a break from subscription services! I'm happy to read other stuff from you, yes (of course!), but I would love even more subscriptions. Let's spend ALL your money!!

2. I'm glad *someone* else likes mysteries/thrillers like me. It seems everyone on Twitter/my blog world prefers YA and I am not a fan.

Hillary said...

I really liked Just Kids. It had a sort of fairytale feel to it, I thought.