Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2012 Julep Maven American Beauty Review

July 2012 Julep Maven American Beauty Box: It's Your Time To SPARKLE 

I was really excited when I saw the options for this month.  Julep announced that they would be sending a free polish to everyone - America the Beautiful or O Canada, depending on where you live.  Other than It Girl, each of the boxes came with a lip gloss and matching polish (a trend I noticed in MAC's Hello Sailor line as well), plus a glittery polish.  I bounced back and forth between the American Beauty box, which had blush colored gloss, and the Boho Glam box, which had coral colors.  I ended up doing the American Beauty, but I got the coral gloss and polish as add-ons (you have the option to add on two additional items each month at $4.99 each).   

The deets: You can read more about the Julep Maven program here or here.  Also, I have to forewarn you that a lot of my pictures this month are crappy since my only free time has been when it's stormy or late at night, so you might want to check out the Julep blog for swatches.

Date of arrival: Friday, June 29 (I think - my days are all running together).

Packaging: This box was 4th of July themed, so we had red, white, and blue crinkly paper, silver star tissue paper, and red ribbons.  Cute!  A

 Contents:  This month's box came with fireballs, which will be gifted to the husband (cinnamon = the devil).  From top to bottom, we have America the Beautiful, Yumi (pink opalescent multi-dimensional glitter), Lynn (nude blush pearl), and Peony lip gloss.  The lip gloss came in a box, while the polishes were bubble-wrapped.  I included pictures with and without flash so you could see the sparkles better.  
Mini product review: I am saving America the Beautiful for the 4th, so I tried a couple of coats of Lynn with an extra two coats of Yumi on my accent finger.  I probably should have done a third coat of Lynn since it wasn't as opaque as I wanted.  It's even prettier in person than it is here; very girly.  I think it's amusing that I am so into blushes and corals right now, since my normal thing is dark, vampy colors.  No consistency issues this time, woohoo!  A for Yumi, B for Lynn.  
Overall impression of the box: Another solid effort by Julep!  I love that they included both a free polish and a lip gloss as the extras, I'd much rather have those than another hand lotion or whatever.  A

Value: This box was free for me due to referrals (thank you!!!!), but it's normally $19.99.  The three polishes were worth $42 and the lip gloss is $18, for a $60 value.  With the add-ons (which haven't come yet), it's another $9.98 for $32 of polish, bringing the grand total to $29.97 for $92 worth of product.  On my previously discussed value scale, that makes this a B-

Overall impression of the service: I really do love Julep Maven.  When I signed up, I honestly thought I'd get my box for a penny and then cancel, but they keep sucking me in.  I suspect this happens with most people, since they keep offering the penny boxes.  Love the golden and mystery boxes, love the free polishes, love the referral programs, love the excellent customer service (I had to call them because I couldn't tell if a coupon code worked, it was a good experience).  I still think that the individual polishes aren't worth the full price due to consistency issues and the fact that they are half the size of OPI, but the subscription program seems to be a good value.  A

If you want to sign up, I get a free month for every 2 of you who sign on and stay with Maven for 30 days - here is the referral link, if you want to use it.  Right now you can get your first box for a penny if you use the code COLOR2012.  ONE PENNY!!!


Lacey said...

One penny!? I'm in! I will likely cancel in thirty ONE days, but I get stuff for a penny and you get a half of a free box, win/win! ;)

CityGirl said...

oooh, I love Yumi - I got that as an add-on and America as well. Would love to see a swatch of America!

Jessica said...

Wow, I'm having some bad luck here! You got your Julep box on Friday? Mine hasn't come yet!

Lacey - if you remain a member for 30 days, I think you'll have to pay for a box. Your one penny box isn't a monthly one. I got my introductory box and a week later the July boxes shipped (and charged). Obviously, I could have chosen to skip July or cancel altogether, but like Laura, I got sucked in! I do still intend to cancel after July, but I wanted that America the Beautiful one:)

Laura Diniwilk said...

Jess - Not to get you all excited, but that COULD mean you are getting a golden box. Which would be just about the BEST NEWS EVER, since this month is amazing. I know mine came a day or two later than everyone else's that month. What does your shipping notification say? I seem to remember from makeuptalk that the larger boxes ship differently from the smaller ones, and that the people who got the AMAZING mystery boxes didn't get them til after everyone else.

Laura Diniwilk said...

Jess (again) - UGH and now I'm getting all nervous that maybe since you got an intro box you won't get July...are you sure you aren't going to miss the month since you already got a different box? I guess if you were charged for both that's probably not the case, but if I were you I'd give Julep a call just to be safe. I hope it comes today and you get your America polish in time for the holiday!

Jessica said...

Don't worry! I'm definitely getting a July box. I got the "if you want to change your style or skip this month" email on the 23rd and the shipping notification on the 27th. Cross your fingers for a gold box! Though I'm wondering if maybe I just live farther from the shipping poing than you? Or maybe my post office sucks!

Also, I finally got a shipping notification from BeautyFix yesterday. I forgot tomorrow is a holiday, so hopefully I have it by Friday (instead of Thursday).

Jessica said...

That's supposed to say shipping *point*.

Jessica said...

Crap. I checked my shipping notification and the tracking says it was out for delivery on Saturday. I worried about that. We were out of town and I reeeealy hope it didn't get stolen out of my mailbox.

The tracking doesn't say whether it WAS delivered, but if it wasn't, shouldn't I have at least gotten it yesterday? Uggggggggh.

Beauty and the Scientist said...

I was most impressed by the lip creme and I hope they include them in future boxes.
I've been reading your past post and I just love them, great blog :)

Alexandria said...


I glad that you loved the July box. And I loved your informative post! Did you end up getting the August as well? If so, which box did you chose?

Julep Maven Team

Check out the Julep blog:

Laura Diniwilk said...

Hi, Alexandria! I did get the August box, I'm rocking Sienna in today's Day in the Life post!