Wednesday, July 11, 2012

June (July?) 2012 Glossybox Review

June / July 2012 Glossybox: Summer Simplicity

Date of arrival: July 5, 2012

The deets: Glossybox is a service that is wildly popular in the UK and ton of other countries.  I was on the waiting list for months before they actually came to the US, because I'm a nerd like that.  They sent out their first box to a bunch of YouTubers and beauty bloggers, and it had full size samples, but the boxes since then (this is the second) have been pretty run of the mill.  Which is kind of crazy, since this service is $21, and most other beauty boxes are $10. They have a points program called Glossydots, where you can earn 20 points for each sample survey you fill out (1000 points gets you a free box).  I think they also have a referral program, but you have to email them the email addresses of people you have referred, much too complicated for my taste.  

Packaging: Glossybox has, hands down, the best packaging in the business.  The outer box has a perforated strip so you can actually open the damn thing without breaking a nail.  The inner box is nice and big, sturdy, and is beautiful.  I didn't take a picture of the inside, but you can see it on the bottom right corner of the picture below.  The samples are nestled in the ubiquitous black crinkle paper and wrapped in tissue paper with a pretty bow.  Simply gorgeous.  A++

Contents: The card is very informative with little blurbs about each item, the price of a full size,  a reminder that you can get Glossydots, an explanation about the theme, and contact information and social media links.  New this month was a GlossyMag, which is kind of similar to what is provided in the Sample Society box content-wise, but with more pictures and product information.  Note that the card says June 2012, but that magazine says July 2012.  Hence my confusion about which month's box this actually is.  
First up were the full size beautyADDICTS mascara, a Wells Professionals Enrich Moisturizing Treatment (a hair mask), and First Aid Beauty's Smooth Shave Cream (all things I don't have a million samples of!)
Next we have a Kinerase Restructure Firming Cream, the SheaTerra Organics Ultimate Moisturizing Body Cream in Marula, and the bonus item, which was A Perfume Organic's Urban Organic fragrance.   
Pro tip: If a product has to slap on a sticker that says NEW! it probably isn't.
Mini product review: So far I have tried out the shave cream, the body cream, and the perfume.

The First Aid Beauty Smooth Shave Cream was just kind of meh.  I was excited about it because I've seen the brand around and I wanted to try their stuff, and because I do a lot of traveling for work and love the idea of a tube instead of a can.  It did the trick, my legs were as smooth as an Italian girl's legs can get, but it was a teeny bit sticky compared to shave gels and there was no fragrance whatsoever.  At $15.00 for 6.8 oz, I wouldn't pay for the full size.  I really wish they gave us the Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask instead, because that sounds intriguing.  C  for the product, A for the packaging.  

This is the second SheaTerra Organics body cream I've received in a sample box (I got the Bananas and Baobabs scent in my first BeautyArmy box, and it smelled SO GOOD, like banana cream pie).  The marula scent took me a while to place, but as soon as I figured out what it reminded me of, I couldn't stop smelling it.  Italian cookies all the way, like vanilla and anise and yumminess. It's a much thicker texture than expected from a "whipped shea butter", but it absorbs nicely in the skin and kept my hands feeling soft all day.  If I had an unlimited budget, I'd buy every single scent.  Seriously, I don't even know how I'd pick if I were to buy one, they all sound freaking amazing.  OOH and you can buy the little ones for $6 here.  This might be part of my Christmas gift for all of the ladies in my family.  A+     

The Urban Organic scent was just bizarre.  The card says it's "A sweet lemon sorbet with bourbon, tangy lime peel, basil, ginger and smoky vetiver. A daytime perfume, fresh and citrusy, lavender and grapefruit make the most delicious combination."  However, when I tried it on, I thought "basil, basil, basil, OH EW GROSS LEMON CHEMICAL SMELL".  Someone on the Superfreaky1ru YouTube Freaky People Page (best source EVER for beauty deals) mentioned it smelled like pine sol, and that is EXACTLY what it smells like once the basil scent fades.  I would not repurchase.  D

Value:  A sad $40.63 for a $21 box.  If this was a $10 box it would only be worth $19.63, which is a D+

Overall impression of the box: If I were a mascara junkie and the mascara was awesome (not sure yet), I'd consider it a win because the mascara pays for the box and you get to try out 5 extra good-sized samples with it.  However, from a sample box perspective, this simply isn't worth it.  There are a lot of boxes out there that offer more bang for your buck.  I am happy with the variety of products and the full sized makeup item, I'm just not convinced my money wouldn't be better spent elsewhere.  B-

Overall impression of the service: Good sized samples, lots of variety, good brands, but probably not worth the $21.  If we are paying $11 extra dollars for beautiful packaging and a magazine, I'd rather just get a plain cardboard box.  

Also of note: Glossybox is currently in a little bit of hot water, because they have been billing us more and more quickly each month (see my billing history below).  As if that's not bad enough, they billed for the July box before we even received the June one, since most people didn't get their June box until July 5th or later.  It's a little frustrating, since most subscribers are sample addicts like me and are just giving this expensive box a month or two before deciding whether or not it's worth keeping.  I thing it's bad business to charge for the next box before we have had a chance to see if we are satisfied with the current one, and in an oversaturated market, a move like that might lose them some customers.  C


Jessica said...

I'd be tempted to cancel and ask for a refund just to see how their customer service is from that angle. Plus, since it will take some finangling to cancel, you can make sure they're clear on why you're canceling. Although I suppose they have some sort of no-refund policy and will make you get a July box anyway?

Laura Diniwilk said...

If you look at the FAQ on their website, they clearly state that if you have already been charged for the next month, you are screwed. And I kinda want one more month; my plan was to get 3 months of each box to fully evaluate them.

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

I love this series. But the credit card charging thing is crappy. Really, really crappy.