Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Recap / Which Beauty Box Should I Subscribe To?

Would you believe it?  We have now made our way through every beauty sample box I subscribe to.  Not included are Cravebox and KLUTCHclub (reviews coming soon) and Influenster Vox Box; this is a beauty box only post.  Also note that I haven't received my QVC Test Tube yet, but it's enough like the New Beauty one that I don't feel bad posting this and linking to the review later.  

As I reminder, the boxes I subscribe(d) to are:

So, as of right now, I have my annual subscriptions to Birchbox and My Glam, Julep Maven (I have some free boxes coming my way (THANK YOU!!!) and plan to skip months that don't amaze me once those run out), BeautyFix and the Test Tubes, and Sample Society (one more box and then I'm cancelling).  

I cancelled my extra Glam Bag, the Look Bag, Beautybox 5, Beauty Army, GlossyBox.  I might do a post on how to cancel / what the customer service was like since I know a lot of googlers are looking for that information.  

So, which beauty subscription box should you subscribe to?  Well, it depends.  

For those on a tight budget: Glam Bag and Birchbox are your best bet if you are only looking to spend $10.  I'd go with Glam Bag if you are younger and/or just want makeup, and Birchbox if you want to be exposed to a lot of different products you might not be aware of otherwise.  I personally prefer Birchbox, but myglam seems to be working through the kinks and can really be a contender.  Since I have annual subscriptions to both, I plan on letting them face off against each other for the rest of the year, so I'm going to continue to do reviews on those two boxes.

The Look Bag and BeautyBox 5 might get past their growing pains, and they might not.  Of the two, I have the most hope that the Look Bag will succeed, so go with that one if you already have BB and GB and need a third.  Beauty Army is only fun for about 2 months before it gets repetitive, so I'd skip it.  [UPDATE July 18, 2012: Just got an email that the Look Bag has been discontinued.  Boo.]

For those with a larger budget: If you don't want to waste your time with the cheaper bags and like to gamble in the hopes of getting some high end makeup, try GlossyBox or Sample Society.  I'm cancelling both due to budget constraints, but it's with a bit of a heavy heart.  I keep thinking that they will both send out amazing things the second I'm gone.  However, they just haven't been worth it for me so far, at least not with their hefty price tags.  

For those looking for the most value: Hands down, BeautyFix.  $20 for $300 of products!!!!  Amazing.  I never did a real review of either box, but you can tell from my value posts just how fantastic this service is.  It's heavy on the skin care stuff, BUT you get $25 for filling out product surveys, which you can use to buy makeup and add to your value.  I am planning on switching all of my skincare routine over to dermstore products, so I will be saving tons of money on stuff that is in my regular routine.  

For those looking for the most product: Also BeautyFix, but the Test Tubes are great too.  The Test Tubes, especially the QVC one, also have a little more variety as far as they types of products (you don't just get a million skincare things), so I'd pick that if I were more interested in full size makeup than full size skincare.  Birchbox often includes a full size product too, but since they have 30 boxes each month, it's kind of a crapshoot, and then you run the risk of getting pissy when someone else has a better box than you.  

I can say that I DO NOT recommend doing what I did and subscribing to ALL of these bad boys.  It was fun for a while, but I'm going to have to go on makeup lockdown and just USE these things lest they all expire.  Hoarding: it's a disease.  

I think ONE box is plenty if you aren't a makeup junkie.  It's fun to get something in the mail, especially if it has cute packaging.  Before I spun out of control, I found that my Birchbox was curbing my random target spend - instead if ME buying $10 worth of crap I didn't need, someone else was doing it for me!  Bonus!  

If you ARE a makeup junkie, you might want to do just ONE of the monthly boxes, as well as the Test Tubes.  The extra dollars you will save will be much better spent on one or two full size products you love.  Skincare junkies or people who want to experiment with anti-aging products should just get BeautyFix, they will have everything you need.  

One final recommendation: the allure Fall Beauty Box.  I'd recommend this to anyone, honestly.  Tons of full size products at a great value ($39.99).  Go to YouTube and search for the summer box and look at all of the crap you get.  AMAZING.  It goes on sale July 24, and you have to be QUICK to get it, it sells out within hours.  

If you had to pick one, what would you subscribe to?  Which review was your favorite?  (That second question is kind of self-indulgent, I know, but I did a lot of work on these and I'm genuinely curious).  


Jessica said...

I am so glad you introduced me to the Beauty Fix box. I love it. I think I'd probably go with just that, if I didn't like the social aspect of the Birchbox so much. I like comparing boxes and talking about what we think. I don't mind "off" months (like February with the lip tattoos and stick-on eyeliner) because that makes it more fun to talk about! So I'm going to stick with both Birchbox and BeautyFix.

I agree with you - I prefer boxes with full-size samples. I also prefer skincare stuff, thought that's not what I would have thought when I started getting these things. Even though I wear makeup every day, it takes me forever to use stuff up so I have plenty of makeup. The skincare stuff I go through faster and I think the premium quality is making a big difference in my skin.

Do you know what time on July 24 the Allure box go on sale? Why does it have to be a weekday? Ugh.

I should probably go through all the reviews again to pick my favorite (yay!). I loved them.

PinkieBling said...

These reviews have been awesome. Thanks so much for doing them! I currently subscribe to Birchbox and Julep (thanks to you!), and because I am a makeup junkie, I'm going to sign up for Test Tubes. I'm definitely going to try for the Fall Beauty Box, too. YAY! I already have a skincare line that I love, so the skincare-heavy services aren't as much fun for me.

I loved all the reviews, but Julep was my favorite because it's a little bit different and I'm a sucker for nail polish, PLUS they had that awesome first-month deal.

Erin said...

I'm with PinkieBling, I like Julep and had never heard of it till you posted! I had a gift subscription to Birchbox for a few months but honestly, I didn't love it. I didn't use a lot of the products because my skin takes a while to get used to new cleansers/moisturizers, and the sample sizes are just enough to get me INTO the breakouts that come from changing my routine up, without being enough to get me past that period to see how my skin really fares with them.

Stacey Kaplan said...

I've read alot about the test tube but I can't find it anywhere. Is it just from QVC?

Stacey Kaplan said...

I've read alot about the test tube but I can't find it anywhere. Is it just from QVC?

Laura Diniwilk said...

Hi, Stacey! Click on the link above next to new beauty test tube that says "Summer". The links in that post take you to the new beauty test tube website. I love both versions!